ISSUE-139: More clearly warn that "generalized RDF" is non-standard (David Booth)


More clearly warn that "generalized RDF" is non-standard (David Booth)

RDF Concepts
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Markus Lanthaler
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Section 7 defines the notion of "generalized RDF", triples and datasets,
but does not adequately warn that "generalized RDF" is non-standard.
Case in point: this has already led to some discussion in the JSON-LD
group about whether "generalized RDF" is a form of standard RDF.

I suggest rewording section 7 to the following, using a "NOTE" call-out:
<p>It is sometimes convenient to loosen the requirements
on <a>RDF triple</a>s. For example, the completeness
of the RDFS entailment rules is easier to show with a
generalization of RDF triples. </p>

<p>A <dfn>generalized RDF triple</dfn> is an RDF triple
generalized so that subjects, predicates, and objects
are all allowed to be IRIs, blank nodes, or literals.
A <dfn>generalized RDF graph</dfn> is an RDF graph of
generalized RDF triples, i.e., a set of generalized RDF
triples. A <dfn>generalized RDF dataset</dfn> is an RDF
dataset of generalized RDF graphs where graph labels can
be IRIs, blank nodes, or literals.</p>

<p class="note" id="note-generalized-rdf"> Any users of
generalized RDF triples, graphs or datasets need to be
aware that these notions are non-standard extensions of
RDF and their use may cause interoperability problems.
There is no requirement on the part of any RDF tool to
accept, process, or produce anything beyond standard RDF
triples, graphs, and datasets. </p>


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Markus Lanthaler, 22 Oct 2013, 13:43:03

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