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ACTION-1 (edit) closed Add item 2708 to errata for WCAG 2.0 Michael Cooper 2009-02-19
ACTION-2 (edit) closed Add item 2708 to errata for WCAG 2.0 Michael Cooper 2009-02-19
ACTION-3 (edit) closed work on scripting techniques starting this summer Cynthia Shelly 2010-06-01
ACTION-4 (edit) closed - to review technique submissions David MacDonald 2009-02-19
ACTION-5 (edit) closed Add to agenda later \"Amount of Accessibility Support needed before we list something as sufficient\" Loretta Guarino Reid 2009-03-05
ACTION-6 (edit) closed Add this example to F70 for XHTML with a note that it would NOT fail for HTML. Christophe Strobbe 2009-03-05
ACTION-7 (edit) closed Revise proposal to reflect a standard process for all externally submitted techniques. Loretta Guarino Reid 2009-03-19
ACTION-8 (edit) closed Review examples and suggestions from survey on \"Providing text descriptions...\" (see Sofia Celic-Li 2009-03-19
ACTION-9 (edit) open Draft advisory technique, \"Opening new windows and tabs only when best from an accessibility perspective\" David MacDonald 2009-03-19
ACTION-10 (edit) pending review Draft a server-side technique based on Alex Li 2009-03-19
ACTION-11 (edit) pending review Revise SCR18 test procedure to focus on client-side validation Sofia Celic-Li 2009-03-19
ACTION-12 (edit) closed Write a response to submitter for issue \"Avoiding confusion in navigation\" David MacDonald 2009-04-02
ACTION-13 (edit) closed Write a response to submitter for \"reducing user errors\" David MacDonald 2009-04-02
ACTION-14 (edit) closed Write a response to submitter \"Making the functionality of content predictable\" David MacDonald 2009-04-02
ACTION-15 (edit) closed Add \"Screen Readers lack emphasis\" - as a related resource to G138 Ben Caldwell 2009-04-02
ACTION-16 (edit) closed Draft advisory technique for \"send a confirmation to the user\" Loretta Guarino Reid 2009-04-02
ACTION-17 (edit) closed Remove \"Assisting the user in making corrections by providing links to each error (future link)\" Ben Caldwell 2009-04-02
ACTION-18 (edit) closed Draft response to \"provide metadata about the delivery unit\". Loretta Guarino Reid 2009-04-02
ACTION-19 (edit) closed Submit harsh language speaking against using image replacement techniques and encouraging the use of real text Cynthia Shelly 2009-04-02 Ready to survey
ACTION-20 (edit) closed Reply to popup link technique submitter Loretta Guarino Reid 2009-04-02
ACTION-21 (edit) closed Include \"Highlight search terms\" as an advisory under guideline 2.4. Ben Caldwell 2009-04-02
ACTION-22 (edit) closed Add \"Use sounds to focus user's attention\" an advisory technique for 2.2.1 and 3.3.1 Ben Caldwell 2009-04-02
ACTION-23 (edit) closed Draft Blinking via JavaScript and CSS as sufficient technique for 2.2.2 Christophe Strobbe 2009-04-02
ACTION-24 (edit) closed Review Andi Snow-Weaver 2009-04-30
ACTION-25 (edit) closed Add a link to the bottom of the WCAG note documents "To send public comment regarding this page" Michael Cooper 2010-02-28
ACTION-26 (edit) closed Add technique (name only) as per Bugzilla (Allow user to control max no. of flashes per second) Michael Cooper 2010-02-28
ACTION-27 (edit) closed to rewrite G164: Providing a stated period of time after submission of the form when the order can be updated or canceled by the user--- to make it 'by the user online' Andi Snow-Weaver 2009-04-30
ACTION-28 (edit) closed Redraft based on discussion Ben Caldwell 2009-04-30
ACTION-29 (edit) closed Make proposal to address survey comments for Providing server-side validation and alert (implementation details and examples) James Nurthen 2009-05-14
ACTION-30 (edit) closed Include topic of W3C note on AT push items on next Wagenda Loretta Guarino Reid 2009-05-14
ACTION-31 (edit) closed Lead a WCAG review of ATAG due by Jun 11, Sophia to join Bruce Bailey 2009-05-28
ACTION-32 (edit) closed Discuss with David Todd to amend the example with snips of code and put on a separate wiki page... Andi Snow-Weaver 2009-05-28
ACTION-33 (edit) closed And Christophe to work on additional boilerplate language about accessibility support Loretta Guarino Reid 2010-02-28
ACTION-34 (edit) closed Create WCAG public work status page Michael Cooper 2010-02-28
ACTION-35 (edit) closed Improve tracking of techniques and responses for those submitted through tech submission form Michael Cooper 2010-02-28
ACTION-36 (edit) closed Assemble Section508 survey results into a single document for review. Bruce Bailey 2009-07-02
ACTION-37 (edit) closed Update errata as per Michael Cooper 2009-08-20
ACTION-38 (edit) closed Propose editorial cleanup to proposal in issue 2724 and 2742 Andi Snow-Weaver 2009-08-20
ACTION-39 (edit) closed Update User agent note for H85 Ben Caldwell 2009-08-20
ACTION-40 (edit) closed Try to come up with a better example 4 for H30 Sofia Celic-Li 2009-08-20
ACTION-41 (edit) closed Fix the ARIA techniques which are already available Michael Cooper 2010-02-28
ACTION-42 (edit) closed Create test case with assistance from David. Ben Caldwell 2009-09-03
ACTION-43 (edit) closed Look at and add to understanding document (related content in G54) information about sign language Katie Haritos-Shea 2009-09-03
ACTION-44 (edit) closed Split two techniques into separate techniques Andrew Kirkpatrick 2009-09-03
ACTION-45 (edit) closed Add related techniques to this technique Andrew Kirkpatrick 2009-09-03
ACTION-46 (edit) closed Look at G149 and G165 and G195 to see if either apply to Flash and need examples in those techniques or separate techniques Andrew Kirkpatrick 2009-09-03
ACTION-47 (edit) closed Investigate how what to do re: explaining techniques in code as well as with regard to the Flash authoring tool Andrew Kirkpatrick 2009-09-03
ACTION-48 (edit) closed Figure out what the complete set of Flash techniques proposed for next TR update would be Andrew Kirkpatrick 2009-10-15
ACTION-49 (edit) closed Send Flash scoping info to the mailing list Andrew Kirkpatrick 2009-10-29
ACTION-50 (edit) open Harmonize description of H2 with Flash technique combining adjecent buttons Michael Cooper 2010-02-28
ACTION-51 (edit) closed Write generic user agent notes for flash and PDF Andrew Kirkpatrick 2009-12-10
ACTION-52 (edit) closed Change XSLT to accommodate situations like situations like <code><el>input</el> <att>type</att>="submit"</code> Michael Cooper 1970-01-01
ACTION-53 (edit) closed Look at the issue of change of context, wrt links in the doecument and come back with proposal Iyad Abu Doush 2009-12-10
ACTION-54 (edit) closed Add an option to the test procedure, to confirm that the expansion text is present in the pdf file. Loretta Guarino Reid 2010-02-28
ACTION-55 (edit) closed Revise per discussion and resubmit for survey. Andrew Kirkpatrick 2009-12-10
ACTION-56 (edit) closed Example files need to be added as example 3, and applicability section needs editing. Andrew Kirkpatrick 2009-12-24
ACTION-57 (edit) closed Example files need to be added as example 3, and applicability section needs editing. Andrew Kirkpatrick 2009-12-24
ACTION-58 (edit) closed Add an example showing use of tooltip, so long as the tooltip appears when tabbed to. Andrew Kirkpatrick 2009-12-24
ACTION-59 (edit) closed Change title of H90 per resolution Michael Cooper 2010-02-28
ACTION-60 (edit) closed Fix the text procedure to be similar in structure to SCR2 ( and Ben Caldwell 2009-12-24
ACTION-61 (edit) closed Add example showing how to assign reading order with Acrobat command for simple pages. Andrew Kirkpatrick 2009-12-24
ACTION-62 (edit) closed Modify examples to explain steps more, and add PDF source detail from spec Andrew Kirkpatrick 2009-12-24
ACTION-63 (edit) closed Remove description from this and H42 ( to make a new general technique. Andrew Kirkpatrick 2009-12-24
ACTION-64 (edit) closed Add reference to PDF spec for language Andrew Kirkpatrick 2009-12-24
ACTION-65 (edit) closed Check if language in word documents can be transferred automatically Andrew Kirkpatrick 2009-12-24
ACTION-66 (edit) closed Check to see if there is a specific submit button for PDF/XFA or not Andrew Kirkpatrick 2009-12-24
ACTION-67 (edit) open Create visual examples of G18... Michael Cooper 2010-02-28
ACTION-68 (edit) closed Draft a response to Wayne Dick's comments Ben Caldwell 2010-01-21
ACTION-69 (edit) closed Write up additional responses to WAI-ARIA #115 and #211 Loretta Guarino Reid 2010-01-21
ACTION-70 (edit) closed Andrew to review Sufficient Flash Technique for SC 2.4.4, 2.4.9: Supplementing button labels with additional text Andrew Kirkpatrick 2010-02-04
ACTION-71 (edit) closed add new example 1 (move current to Example 2) and strip down Example 1 to be non-dynamic button to Andrew Kirkpatrick 2010-02-11
ACTION-72 (edit) closed Review example and test files and save files to maximize backward compatibility Andrew Kirkpatrick 2010-02-11
ACTION-73 (edit) closed Restructure example 1 to make it easier to understand ( Andrew Kirkpatrick 2010-02-11
ACTION-74 (edit) closed Change flash movies to flash content where appropriate Andrew Kirkpatrick 2010-02-18
ACTION-75 (edit) open Create failure technique for SC 2.2.4 about alerts to warn of impending timeout, a legitimate way to meet 2.2.1 at A but a failure of 2.2.4 at AAA Michael Cooper 2010-02-18
ACTION-76 (edit) closed Create a Flash technique parallel to SCR20 to cover key events in ActionScript Andrew Kirkpatrick 2010-02-25
ACTION-77 (edit) closed document the behavior of the autolabelling technique with JAWS, send results to Andrew Andrew LaHart 2010-03-04
ACTION-78 (edit) closed document the behavior of the autolabelling technique with JAWS, send results to Andrew Ben Caldwell 2010-03-04
ACTION-79 (edit) closed document the behavior of autolabelling technique with JAWS, send results to Andrew Sofia Celic-Li 2010-03-04
ACTION-80 (edit) closed Research JAWS issues with autolabelling technique Andrew Kirkpatrick 2010-03-04
ACTION-81 (edit) closed get the existing ARIA techniques updated to current ARIA Andrew LaHart 2010-04-30
ACTION-82 (edit) closed Send email to Michael and Ben to check on the discoverability of a Flash technique if we add this to a CSS technique. Loretta Guarino Reid 2010-04-08
ACTION-83 (edit) open Re-write Understanding SC3.3.4 technique for Situation D (and perhaps E) to meet option 2 of success criteria. James Nurthen 2010-04-22
ACTION-84 (edit) closed Propose revised common User Agent notes for ARIA Andrew LaHart 2010-04-22
ACTION-85 (edit) closed Work with Sofia and Drew to develop aria-live examples James Nurthen 2010-04-29
ACTION-86 (edit) closed Update technique "Preventing a keyboard trap in Flash content" to address comments and resubmit Andrew Kirkpatrick 2010-05-06
ACTION-87 (edit) closed Summarize remaining to-dos Andrew Kirkpatrick 2010-05-06
ACTION-88 (edit) closed Ask Judy if it's ok to kill the team-wcag2-implementations list; if so, kill it Michael Cooper 2010-05-13
ACTION-89 (edit) open Coordinate with Shawn about fate of Michael Cooper 2010-05-13
ACTION-90 (edit) closed Revise F52 to make it clear that the new window would also have to receive focus in order for it to be a failure of 3.2.1. Sofia Celic-Li 2010-05-20
ACTION-91 (edit) closed Take ARIA techniques issue to the WAI coordination group Loretta Guarino Reid 2010-05-20
ACTION-92 (edit) open Create a failure technique for CSS animations Michael Cooper 2010-05-26
ACTION-93 (edit) closed And David to review the Media Accessibility Requirements for HTML5 (and Loretta if she has time) Katie Haritos-Shea 2010-06-17
ACTION-94 (edit) closed Send Ben a list of non-Flash techniques he would like to see included with Flash Andrew Kirkpatrick 2010-06-17
ACTION-95 (edit) pending review Replace <noscript> in SCR19 with something else Ben Caldwell 2010-06-28
ACTION-96 (edit) open Create FAQ on contrast Gregg Vanderheiden 2010-06-28
ACTION-97 (edit) closed Should probably replace example in SCR32 with one that is not specific to forms in the future Ben Caldwell 2010-06-28
ACTION-98 (edit) closed Propose resolution for H69 David MacDonald 2010-07-01
ACTION-99 (edit) closed Use example 4 to write up 'giving users advanced warning when opening a new window' David MacDonald 2010-07-01
ACTION-100 (edit) closed Send How to Meet wish list to Ben. Andrew Kirkpatrick 2010-07-01
ACTION-101 (edit) closed Send michael rundown of files and what to link to for each technique Andrew Kirkpatrick 2010-07-01
ACTION-102 (edit) closed Clean up PDF documents and notify if there are any issues found in the html source. Andrew Kirkpatrick 2010-07-22
ACTION-103 (edit) closed Contact Gez to get a sufficient technique for Situation B for SC 4.1.2 Ben Caldwell 2010-07-22
ACTION-104 (edit) closed Add three ARIA techniques around name, role, value to Situation B for SC 4.1.2 Andrew LaHart 2010-07-22
ACTION-105 (edit) closed Use to survey group for meeting availability through end of September Michael Cooper 2010-07-22
ACTION-106 (edit) closed review ATAG 2.0 Daman Wandke 2010-08-23
ACTION-107 (edit) closed review ATAG 2.0 Ben Caldwell 2010-08-23
ACTION-108 (edit) closed review ATAG 2.0 David MacDonald 2010-08-23
ACTION-109 (edit) closed review ATAG 2.0 Sofia Celic-Li 2010-08-23
ACTION-110 (edit) closed Create test page and post to GL for members to test against browser/AT combinations Ben Caldwell 2010-08-26
ACTION-111 (edit) open Write up a new failure relating to popups, overlays, and viewports. Katie Haritos-Shea 2010-10-07
ACTION-112 (edit) closed Send revised proposal on issue 2860 to list and send response if no objections. Loretta Guarino Reid 2010-10-28
ACTION-113 (edit) closed Investigate categorizing test procedures. Michael Cooper 2010-10-28
ACTION-114 (edit) open Write a general technique on quality link text drawing from Mary's notes, and H30 and other sources... David MacDonald 2010-11-11
ACTION-115 (edit) closed Create a skip link type technique in Silverlight, with a button which will take the user to a landing on the other side of the content Wolf Schmidt 2010-11-11
ACTION-116 (edit) closed Investigate Silverlight failure of including non-focusable content. Loretta Guarino Reid 2011-01-20
ACTION-117 (edit) closed Investigate Silverlight failure of including non-focusable content. Wolf Schmidt 2011-01-20
ACTION-118 (edit) open Create technique on page numbering to deal with roman numerals, etc. Andrew Kirkpatrick 2014-09-20
ACTION-119 (edit) closed Copy all techniques for 2.1.1 to 2.1.3 and make sure the techniques also reference back to 2.1.3 Michael Cooper 2011-02-03
ACTION-120 (edit) closed Confirm that screen reader can actually read the displayed page number Andrew Kirkpatrick 2011-02-10
ACTION-121 (edit) closed Review the wording of test procedure Wolf Schmidt 2011-02-10
ACTION-122 (edit) closed Revise test procedure for F61 Chris Beer 2011-02-17
ACTION-123 (edit) closed Revise response Loretta Guarino Reid 2011-02-17
ACTION-124 (edit) closed Revise (alternatives and labels) see WG notes in Adam Solomon 2011-02-17
ACTION-125 (edit) closed Draft a section about testing techniques for the Introduction to Techniques, relates to comment 2445 Michael Cooper 2011-02-24
ACTION-126 (edit) closed Reword H71 for comment LC2448 Loretta Guarino Reid 2011-02-24
ACTION-127 (edit) closed Look into the issue surrounding 2437 comment, and get back to the working group.. Adam Solomon 2011-02-24
ACTION-128 (edit) closed Work on clarifying the Test procedure for this technique Adam Solomon 2011-03-03
ACTION-129 (edit) closed Work with David and Adam to draft a discussion of some of the implications of any WCAG decision on what is and is not web content. Chris Beer 2011-06-30
ACTION-130 (edit) closed Work with david and loretta and james to add more specific details on the HTML5 text alternatives document Chris Beer 2011-06-30
ACTION-131 (edit) closed Document technique starting from, using comments in James Nurthen 2011-07-07
ACTION-132 (edit) closed Draft response to using input from Loretta Guarino Reid 2011-07-07
ACTION-133 (edit) closed Write documentation for w3c comment tool Michael Cooper 2011-07-07
ACTION-134 (edit) closed Explore generalizing PF comment tool for WCAG use Michael Cooper 2011-07-07
ACTION-135 (edit) open Draft a "how to write a good WCAG technique" document Michael Cooper 2011-07-07
ACTION-136 (edit) open Revise f9 for future discussion David MacDonald 2011-08-04
ACTION-137 (edit) open Draft an advisory technique of how to create hidden text and what are the advantages and disadvantages of doing so. James Nurthen 2011-08-11
ACTION-138 (edit) closed Contact Liddy Nevile and Charles McCathieNevile about metadata solutions in education Katie Haritos-Shea 2011-08-11
ACTION-139 (edit) open Write a note for 1.1.1 understanding in order to clarify that buttons need not have all of their context as part of their label - they need only make sense within their context. James Nurthen 2011-08-11
ACTION-140 (edit) closed Draft suggestions for adding INPUT of type text for failure of 3.2.2 (perhaps also new HTML input types too....) Adam Solomon 2011-08-25
ACTION-141 (edit) closed Rewrite the resolution for LC-2500 Adam Solomon 2011-08-25
ACTION-142 (edit) closed Draft wording for techniques intro that we can't guarantee all UA info current Loretta Guarino Reid 2011-09-08
ACTION-143 (edit) open Get added to WCAG FAQ that we can't guarantee all UA info current Michael Cooper 2011-09-08
ACTION-144 (edit) closed Investigate a technique using dt, dl in the way recommended in LC 2540 and other ways Adam Solomon 2011-09-08
ACTION-145 (edit) closed Update the technique and bring back to the group... new code, and UA notes Andrew Kirkpatrick 2011-09-15
ACTION-146 (edit) closed Work LC-2545 into a technique including a visual graphic that shows how hue can be used to distinguish a bar chart, without pattern... Gregg Vanderheiden 2011-09-15
ACTION-147 (edit) closed Draft introductory material for techniques about 1) (alternate) mechanisms must conform themselves; 2) examples may not mean all SC; 3) "must" in tech applies to technique, not SC Michael Cooper 2011-09-15
ACTION-148 (edit) closed Research LC-2549 to see if other AT will provide alternate presentation of tagged pdf (visually) Andrew Kirkpatrick 2011-09-15
ACTION-149 (edit) closed Correct link to make sure the current link works, and change title of document to "PDF and Accessibility" Andrew Kirkpatrick 2011-09-15
ACTION-150 (edit) closed Create failure technique for SC 3.2.2 to address coment LC-2492 Detlev Fischer 2011-12-15
ACTION-151 (edit) closed Craft a paragraph to address the concern in comment LC-2565, then send to Michael to put in techniques abstract, intro, quickref, and intro to tech-specific techniques where existant Mary Utt 2011-09-29
ACTION-152 (edit) closed Add class attribute to cross reference links between guidelines, understanding, and techniques to support special styling if desired Michael Cooper 2011-09-29
ACTION-153 (edit) closed Contact Adam to find out why there is a diconnect on LC-2569 James Nurthen 2011-10-06
ACTION-154 (edit) closed Talk with Will Walker re: plugins for navigating James Nurthen 2011-10-13
ACTION-155 (edit) closed Do more research on keyboard navigation re H69 Adam Solomon 2011-10-13
ACTION-156 (edit) closed Put together response to Issue LC-2501: I feel that the 2 sufficient techniques should be 'and' not 'or' Loretta Guarino Reid 2011-10-13
ACTION-157 (edit) closed Edit text of Issue LC-2513: Conflict between alternative options 1-4 and F69 Adam Solomon 2011-10-13
ACTION-158 (edit) closed Work with John Kirkwood on technique for issue 2545 Gregg Vanderheiden 2011-10-13
ACTION-159 (edit) closed Add an example from G131 of a label for an interactive control Adam Solomon 2011-10-20
ACTION-160 (edit) open Propose an example/technique for 2.4.6 for a label for a non-interactive control Adam Solomon 2011-12-15
ACTION-161 (edit) closed And Gregg to to revisit the response for clarification. Loretta Guarino Reid 2011-10-20
ACTION-162 (edit) open Provide detailed proposed edits related to comment LC-2513 and run past WG on list for objections, otherwise presumed consent Adam Solomon 2011-10-27
ACTION-163 (edit) closed File issue of CAPTCHAs depending on language awareness (or not) to PFWG Michael Cooper 2011-10-27
ACTION-164 (edit) open Add another example to F69 for the DIV overflow case James Nurthen 2011-11-03
ACTION-165 (edit) closed Ask Gregg about the issues with the test procedure for F69 Loretta Guarino Reid 2011-11-03
ACTION-166 (edit) open Write new technique for 1.4.4 failure for CSS related to failure related to zoom. James Nurthen 2011-11-17
ACTION-167 (edit) closed Contact Detlev about potentially writing some Failures Loretta Guarino Reid 2012-02-02
ACTION-168 (edit) closed Look at understanding 1.4.5 to add an explanation that anything that can be zoomed passes... David MacDonald 2012-03-15
ACTION-169 (edit) open Re-explore specificifity of the "join" options for TFs under WGs Judy Brewer 2012-04-19
ACTION-170 (edit) closed Make proposals for how other groups will interface with the WCAG2ICT TF Alex Li 2012-04-19
ACTION-171 (edit) closed Update first paragraph under "Approach" section per Michael's comment. Peter Korn 2012-04-19
ACTION-172 (edit) open Bailey and David to provide recommended edits to the group on “Techniques for providing useful text alternatives.” Bruce Bailey 2012-05-10
ACTION-173 (edit) closed And Cherie to work on proposal for Andrew Kirkpatrick 2012-06-07
ACTION-174 (edit) closed Work with Bruce, Loretta, Cherie, David to review PDF/UA to WCAG2 mapping Andrew Kirkpatrick 2012-06-07
ACTION-175 (edit) closed Work with Bruce, Michael, Loretta, and James to draft new proposal for 4.1.1 Peter Korn 2012-07-12
ACTION-176 (edit) open Create a Note for the WAI-ARIA techniques so that examples which seem to contradict the "use semantic elements" statement in the aria spec can refer to James Nurthen 2012-09-16 HTML & ARIA Techniques TF
ACTION-177 (edit) closed Write up language for WCAG2ICT support for 3.1.1 that explains the conformance if the OS is set to one language, the application doesn't support that and falls back to another, and has no way to inform user that there is a desynchronicity Michael Cooper 2012-08-16
ACTION-178 (edit) closed Clarify role of inheritance in 3.1.2 Understanding Document with respect to nested elements. Peter Korn 2012-08-16
ACTION-179 (edit) closed Work with Kathy on improved process diagram for the Evaluation Methodology process flow Michael Cooper 2012-09-13
ACTION-180 (edit) open Make suggested editorial changes to 3.4.2 regarding Sufficient Techs Gregg Vanderheiden 2012-09-13
ACTION-181 (edit) open Work with alex to rewrite proposal on real-time event addition Gregg Vanderheiden 2012-10-11
ACTION-182 (edit) closed Gregg and alex work on rewording WCAG2ICT proposal: user controllable Loretta Guarino Reid 2012-10-11
ACTION-183 (edit) closed Provide new proposal for floated lists (H48) Adam Solomon 2012-10-11
ACTION-184 (edit) closed Prepare a second example for SCR18 showing how to use a single onsubmit alert to report several validation errors in one go Michael Cooper 2012-10-11
ACTION-185 (edit) open Add a banner to old WCAG documents pointing to latest versions Michael Cooper 2012-10-18
ACTION-186 (edit) closed Add a link to techniques and understanding, probably in footer, that points to latest version of that page Michael Cooper 2012-10-18
ACTION-187 (edit) open Propose a restructuring of Understanding 1.1.1 David MacDonald 2013-01-17
ACTION-188 (edit) closed Find a way to make sure the intro to a technology of techniques is findable from individual technique pages Michael Cooper 2013-01-17
ACTION-189 (edit) closed Draft techniques for picture alt Gian Wild 2013-01-24
ACTION-190 (edit) closed Run tests on alt=¨ ¨ to input whether we should remove mention of it from F30 James Nurthen 2013-01-24
ACTION-191 (edit) closed Migrate to wiki and incorporate edits from into a second round proposal Michael Cooper 2013-01-24
ACTION-192 (edit) closed Noodle with Loretta and Andrew a navigation mechanism related to comment LC-2669 Gregg Vanderheiden 2013-02-07
ACTION-193 (edit) closed Draft charter based on discussion 12 April 2013 and send to chairs for review Michael Cooper 2013-04-19
ACTION-194 (edit) closed Send mail to Andrew and Joshue to get a question on the WCAG agenda about meeting times James Nurthen 2013-04-22
ACTION-195 (edit) closed Work with Loretta and Gregg on restructuring text terminal proposal Peter Korn 2013-05-07
ACTION-196 (edit) closed Rewrite WCAG2ICT change to introduction in the 3rd person removing some of the detail about what the committee considered before consensus, no references to task force Peter Korn 2013-05-07
ACTION-197 (edit) closed Add survey item for next week for modification to definition of structure to errata. Andrew Kirkpatrick 2013-05-21
ACTION-198 (edit) closed Write paragraph to explain why references to conformance criteria are not needed in WCAG2ICT Peter Korn 2013-05-21
ACTION-199 (edit) closed Follow up with Judy about the scope of the Charter, if it covers both web and non web technologies. Joshue O'Connor 2013-05-21
ACTION-200 (edit) closed Add discussion of web technologies to survey Joshue O'Connor 2013-05-21
ACTION-201 (edit) closed Send WCAG editorial strategy proposal to editors for discussion Michael Cooper 2013-05-22
ACTION-202 (edit) closed Propose initial timeline and plan for progressing work on new charter, once approved. Andrew Kirkpatrick 2013-06-19
ACTION-203 (edit) open Revisit removing the tabindex check from test procedure step 3 in F59 Adam Solomon 2013-06-13
ACTION-204 (edit) open Look at fixing changing LC-2632: SCR37: Creating Custom Dialogs in a Device Independent Way David MacDonald 2013-06-25
ACTION-205 (edit) closed Review WIKI techniques list and that Captions and summary are reflected on the list Andrew Kirkpatrick 2013-06-25
ACTION-206 (edit) closed Revise Loretta Guarino Reid 2013-06-27
ACTION-207 (edit) closed Review LC-2751 more closely Joshue O'Connor 2013-07-02
ACTION-208 (edit) closed Add issue to the Note Post WCAG 2 doc Andrew Kirkpatrick 2013-07-02
ACTION-209 (edit) closed Respond with Sailesh Joshue O'Connor 2013-08-13
ACTION-210 (edit) closed Set up institutional memory in WIKI Michael Cooper 2013-08-13
ACTION-211 (edit) closed Add in page examples to h45 with comments about current support Andrew Kirkpatrick 2013-08-27
ACTION-212 (edit) closed Add "providing a page title which serves as a mechanism to locate a page" as a future technique to future technique list Andrew Kirkpatrick 2013-08-27
ACTION-213 (edit) open Work on adding his additional knowledge about uses of level to this technique. David MacDonald 2013-09-03
ACTION-214 (edit) closed Add survey results from 1.2.1 thru 1.2.3 to instutional memory wiki Kathleen Wahlbin 2013-09-17
ACTION-215 (edit) closed Help provide additional detail for the description about using role=heading in a hierarchy, and an example of same. Kathleen Wahlbin 2013-09-17
ACTION-216 (edit) open Draft possible failure for using role=heading without aria-level to represent a hierarchy of headings. Bruce Bailey 2013-09-17
ACTION-217 (edit) closed Clarify on wcag home page that participation in tfs counts to overall wg participation expectations Michael Cooper 2013-09-24
ACTION-218 (edit) closed Make suggestions on and Andrew Kirkpatrick 2013-09-24
ACTION-219 (edit) closed Provide suggested edits to Joshue O'Connor 2013-10-15
ACTION-220 (edit) closed Handle the transition to handling user agent support notes in a single separate document. Michael Cooper 2013-10-15
ACTION-221 (edit) closed Investigate adding table example to existing table techniques. Joshue O'Connor 2013-10-15
ACTION-222 (edit) closed Provide feedback to andre b. Joshue O'Connor 2013-10-22
ACTION-223 (edit) closed Provide looking at row group and colgroup in html5 Kathleen Wahlbin 2013-10-22
ACTION-224 (edit) closed Get technique submission form to reflect a *formatted* technique back so people can see context of their submission Michael Cooper 2013-10-23
ACTION-225 (edit) closed Port a copy of wcag techniques to github, and figure out how to keep that in sync with our master versions Michael Cooper 2013-10-23
ACTION-226 (edit) closed Add h63 issue to tracker and add response, based on working work disagreeing that scope is always required. Andrew Kirkpatrick 2013-10-29
ACTION-227 (edit) open Work with david on creating clear list of edits for Bruce Bailey 2013-11-05
ACTION-228 (edit) open Work with david on creating clear list of edits for Bruce Bailey 2013-11-05
ACTION-229 (edit) closed Modify example 2 and corresponding live example and text above it for Sailesh Panchang 2013-11-12
ACTION-230 (edit) closed Add example 3 from salish, see email to list David MacDonald 2013-11-19
ACTION-231 (edit) closed Contact the html5 a11y tf regarding issue f65: failure of success criterion 1.1.1 to harmonise our advice Joshue O'Connor 2013-11-26
ACTION-232 (edit) closed Draft response to 2866 Sailesh Panchang 2013-12-10
ACTION-233 (edit) closed Offer paragraph on best practices for Sailesh Panchang 2013-12-10
ACTION-234 (edit) closed Add two examples and paragraph to the technique Andrew Kirkpatrick 2013-12-17
ACTION-235 (edit) closed Create example of * outside the label with aria-required and a paragraph for 6. [start here on 10 dec] aria technique: aria2: identifying required fields with the aria-required property Sailesh Panchang 2013-12-17
ACTION-236 (edit) open Provide live example for example 2 of Alastair Campbell 2013-12-24
ACTION-237 (edit) closed Make sure this topic is on the list for future guidelines. Katie Haritos-Shea 2014-02-25
ACTION-238 (edit) closed Draft changes to f65 and changes to aria 10 on elements that have @alt Loretta Guarino Reid 2014-02-27
ACTION-239 (edit) closed Verify that no change was made to the source docs for lc-2895 Andrew Kirkpatrick 2014-03-04
ACTION-240 (edit) closed Remember to not forget to update the page with how-to information Andrew Kirkpatrick 2014-03-18
ACTION-241 (edit) open Update wg techs wiki with general how to info. Joshue O'Connor 2014-03-18
ACTION-242 (edit) open Get working group to clarify the importance of the sc over techniques, the use of failures, how to use the quick ref doc for evaluators. Joshue O'Connor 2014-03-25
ACTION-243 (edit) open Get wcag wg to clarify a11y support Joshue O'Connor 2014-03-25
ACTION-244 (edit) open Clarify how conformance requirements relate with sc and evalution methods. Joshue O'Connor 2014-03-25
ACTION-245 (edit) closed Look up what the past survey was that indicated that pages could meet accessibility support requirements with different at for different parts of a page Shadi Abou-Zahra 2014-03-25
ACTION-246 (edit) open Work on codifying the logic used for technique test procedures Joshue O'Connor 2014-03-25
ACTION-247 (edit) open Work with kathy on increasing wg knowledge of how AT and IT work together. Joshue O'Connor 2014-04-01
ACTION-248 (edit) closed Reve f24 Jonathan Avila 2014-04-08
ACTION-249 (edit) closed Update technique f24 as proposed Joshue O'Connor 2014-04-08
ACTION-250 (edit) closed Change reference to color contrast to contrast ratio Joshue O'Connor 2014-04-08
ACTION-251 (edit) closed Review instances of colour contrast usage and then reply to eo Joshue O'Connor 2014-04-08
ACTION-252 (edit) open Investigate accessibility support for h53 Wilco Fiers 2014-04-15
ACTION-253 (edit) closed Ping cynthia for some background on scr21 Joshue O'Connor 2014-04-22
ACTION-254 (edit) closed And jon to look at rewriting technique f76 in communication with awk David MacDonald 2014-04-22
ACTION-255 (edit) closed Will suggest a text change for aria7 at a later time Jonathan Avila 2014-04-29 ISSUE-17
ACTION-256 (edit) closed Find out when h80 became advisory Andrew Kirkpatrick 2014-05-13
ACTION-257 (edit) closed Propose edit for issue 1 Michael Cooper 2014-05-21 ISSUE-1
ACTION-258 (edit) closed Write a pull quote example for David MacDonald 2014-06-03
ACTION-259 (edit) closed To look into issue-11 Kathleen Anderson 2014-06-10
ACTION-260 (edit) closed Look into issue 11 kathleen Kathleen Anderson 2014-06-10
ACTION-261 (edit) closed And jon_avila to look into issue-15 Kathleen Wahlbin 2014-06-10
ACTION-262 (edit) closed Search for references to acronym in other techniques as well. Michael Cooper 2014-06-10
ACTION-263 (edit) closed Take this proposal to the eo group Michael Cooper 2014-07-01
ACTION-264 (edit) closed Open wiki page for captcha David MacDonald 2014-07-15
ACTION-265 (edit) closed Ping commenter of 2871 for more information Joshue O'Connor 2014-07-29
ACTION-266 (edit) closed Add f17 to the list of techniques that need review/updating Andrew Kirkpatrick 2014-08-05
ACTION-267 (edit) open Draft new text for clarification on placeholder text a la 1.4.3 David MacDonald 2014-08-12
ACTION-268 (edit) closed Add new technique idea to list per lc-2943 resolution Andrew Kirkpatrick 2014-08-19
ACTION-269 (edit) pending review Create wiki page documenting all places for this edit Marc Johlic 2014-08-26 Ready to survey
ACTION-270 (edit) open Edit to improve procedure based on august 26, 2014 call Bruce Bailey 2014-09-02
ACTION-271 (edit) open Work on failures logic reboot Joshue O'Connor 2014-09-10
ACTION-272 (edit) open Ping shadi about the evalwg tool Joshue O'Connor 2014-09-23
ACTION-273 (edit) closed Send collective feedback to shadi Joshue O'Connor 2014-09-30
ACTION-274 (edit) pending review Review description for g4 to ensure that keyboard interface support is included. Andrew Kirkpatrick 2014-09-30
ACTION-275 (edit) closed Review description for g4 to decide if keyboard access mention is sufficiently helpful. Katie Haritos-Shea 2014-09-30
ACTION-276 (edit) closed Setting up a wcag product on bugzilla Michael Cooper 2014-10-01
ACTION-277 (edit) closed Ping shadi about the editorial status etc of the carousel tutorial Joshue O'Connor 2014-10-07
ACTION-278 (edit) closed Send collated feedback to shadi on carousels Joshue O'Connor 2014-10-07
ACTION-279 (edit) open Review whether aria1 and aria2 should be made sufficient (currently advisory) Joshue O'Connor 2014-11-01
ACTION-280 (edit) closed Add idea for placeholder text technique to techniques development list per response at Andrew Kirkpatrick 2014-10-07
ACTION-281 (edit) open Draft proposed rewrites of wcag understanding and techniques abstracts and introductions Michael Cooper 2014-11-15
ACTION-282 (edit) open Raise issue of css technique for generated content fallbacks Michael Cooper 2014-10-13
ACTION-283 (edit) closed Edit based on comments from today's call Andrew Kirkpatrick 2014-10-14
ACTION-284 (edit) open File issue on g202 regarding language distinguishing functionality from control and clarify necessity of keyboard accessibilty David MacDonald 2014-10-21
ACTION-285 (edit) open Work with eric on providing example with css providing sufficient contrast for placeholder text Katie Haritos-Shea 2014-10-21
ACTION-286 (edit) open Work on technique for issue 542 David MacDonald 2014-10-21
ACTION-287 (edit) closed Follow-up on aside technique David MacDonald 2014-10-21
ACTION-288 (edit) closed Update lc-2961/aria7 response if josh doesn't get it done during the call Jonathan Avila 2014-10-28
ACTION-289 (edit) closed Change f68 proposal to add submit and reset button exclusions and add accessible name calc to the description Andrew Kirkpatrick 2014-10-28
ACTION-290 (edit) closed Send out assignments for identifying the themes is identified wcag survey questions Andrew Kirkpatrick 2014-11-02
ACTION-291 (edit) closed Discuss ideas with josh and michael (and eo, etc) about the future role of wcag wg with regard to writing techniques. Andrew Kirkpatrick 2014-11-04
ACTION-292 (edit) closed Check with sailesh regarding github issues accessibility David MacDonald 2014-11-04
ACTION-293 (edit) closed Convene with eric e and others regarding settling on goals and audiences for qrg mod Andrew Kirkpatrick 2014-11-04
ACTION-294 (edit) closed Work with chairs and wg to develop plan for stakeholder discussions around future directions (e.g. a talk at csun, etc) Andrew Kirkpatrick 2014-11-04
ACTION-295 (edit) open Follow up with kathy and kim on touch techs being advisory a la g90 Joshue O'Connor 2014-11-11
ACTION-296 (edit) open Ping the cog a11y tf for feedback on Joshue O'Connor 2014-11-11
ACTION-297 (edit) open Do initial proposal for multi-dimensional categorization of techniques Michael Cooper 2014-11-12
ACTION-298 (edit) closed Add concept of cfc post an agreement in a meeting to the new process proposal Andrew Kirkpatrick 2014-11-25
ACTION-299 (edit) open Revise pricing technique into example for f2 Andrew Kirkpatrick 2014-11-25
ACTION-300 (edit) closed Ping eric and shawn about quickref work and to attend the next weeks wg call Joshue O'Connor 2014-11-26
ACTION-301 (edit) closed Look at lc2952 David MacDonald 2014-12-02
ACTION-302 (edit) closed Complete loop on 2871 Joshue O'Connor 2014-12-02
ACTION-303 (edit) closed Contact lisa about working group review. Joshue O'Connor 2014-12-10
ACTION-304 (edit) closed Drawn up proposal for accesskeys f17 / lc-2950 Andrew Kirkpatrick 2014-12-16
ACTION-305 (edit) closed Suggest text disclaimer for math section. David MacDonald 2015-02-03
ACTION-306 (edit) open (and joshue) to think about proposals to increase technique submissions, including the need for code standards. Andrew Kirkpatrick 2015-04-21
ACTION-307 (edit) open (and joshue) to think about proposals to increase technique submissions, including the need for code standards. Andrew Kirkpatrick 2015-04-21
ACTION-308 (edit) open Will take on a response for issue #89 Loretta Guarino Reid 2015-05-05
ACTION-309 (edit) open Work with jon on user agent notes related to issue 86 David MacDonald 2015-05-19
ACTION-310 (edit) open Add requirements to the data format page Wilco Fiers 2015-06-08
ACTION-311 (edit) closed Add requirements to the data format page Eric Eggert 2015-06-08
ACTION-312 (edit) open Create xslt that will generate interim json file Michael Cooper 2015-06-08
ACTION-313 (edit) open Look into timeline for sources transition and get back to us Michael Cooper 2015-06-08
ACTION-314 (edit) open Re-emphasize urgency to judy Shadi Abou-Zahra 2015-06-08
ACTION-315 (edit) open Look into to help guide decision Wayne Dick 2015-09-01
ACTION-316 (edit) open Send a quick pointer to aria to take a look at this Michael Cooper 2015-12-08
ACTION-317 (edit) open Send note to list on 102 for comments and see if this can just be closed Michael Elledge 2015-12-08
ACTION-318 (edit) open Horton to look at new technique for disappearing background images. Sarah Horton 2016-01-19
ACTION-319 (edit) closed Work with sarahh, katie, jeanne, alastair, david and others to discuss ideas for how to proceed on wcag and report back on april 5 John Foliot 2016-04-05
ACTION-320 (edit) closed W to prepare mobile a11y wcag extension for wg review Kathleen Wahlbin 2016-04-05
ACTION-321 (edit) open Propose project plan for wcag Michael Cooper 2016-04-21
ACTION-322 (edit) closed Look back to see if we added new input types to h91 Andrew Kirkpatrick 2016-04-26
ACTION-323 (edit) open And andrew to propose overall timeline to drive date planning Joshue O'Connor 2016-06-02
ACTION-324 (edit) open Create wcag wiki page for tf issues Andrew Kirkpatrick 2016-06-02
ACTION-325 (edit) closed And david to lead on sc numbering issue John Foliot 2016-07-05
ACTION-326 (edit) closed Draft message for wider review Michael Cooper 2016-07-07
ACTION-327 (edit) open Ping lisa and update her on outcome of the tf facilitator meeting Joshue O'Connor 2016-07-07
ACTION-328 (edit) open Discuss need for definition changes in wcag at editors meet. Joshue O'Connor 2016-07-12
ACTION-329 (edit) open And awk to work out a way to deal with definition changes. Joshue O'Connor 2016-07-12
ACTION-330 (edit) closed Move 2.1 requirements from w3c/wcag/ (wcag21 branch) to w3c/wcag21/ Michael Cooper 2016-09-01
ACTION-331 (edit) open volunteer to draft a proposal for an entry into the errata document, for review next week Andrew Kirkpatrick 2016-10-25
ACTION-332 (edit) open Look at meaningful sequence may need an update Joshue O'Connor 2016-11-15
ACTION-333 (edit) pending review Draft update to wcag 2.1 frontmatter Michael Cooper 2017-01-19
ACTION-334 (edit) open Ping sc managers on progress and ask them to attend call Joshue O'Connor 2017-01-19
ACTION-335 (edit) open See if auto diff generation possible with git Michael Cooper 2017-01-19
ACTION-336 (edit) open Do the respec extensions for publication Michael Cooper 2017-01-19
ACTION-337 (edit) open Work on a definition of the a/aa/aaa levels Bruce Bailey 2017-03-28
ACTION-338 (edit) open Put together a draft template of structure of supplemental guidance Michael Cooper 2017-07-06
ACTION-339 (edit) open Add issue that we need to update metadata section Lisa Seeman-Horwitz 2017-08-24
ACTION-340 (edit) open Set up mailing list to archive gh comment activity Michael Cooper 2017-10-19
ACTION-341 (edit) closed Write a new definition for "new" for John Foliot 2018-01-09
ACTION-342 (edit) open Take it on reflow failure if it a working example is not needed. Detlev Fischer 2018-12-11
ACTION-343 (edit) closed Will add a note that this will move to a requirement once we have a conformance model defined. Jeanne F Spellman 2019-03-18
ACTION-344 (edit) open Create poll for times, including same day different time. Alastair Campbell 2020-02-12
ACTION-345 (edit) open Will send out agenda and the schedule for the deep dive Rachael Bradley Montgomery 2020-08-05
ACTION-346 (edit) closed Provide visual examples for g195 Sukriti Chadha 2020-11-17
ACTION-347 (edit) open Will look for answer and then schedule time on the ag meeting to talk Rachael Bradley Montgomery 2020-12-09
ACTION-348 (edit) open Explore updates to the understanding and bring back to group Gundula Niemann 2021-01-26
ACTION-349 (edit) open Send email to taskforce facilitators Jeanne F Spellman 2021-02-10
ACTION-350 (edit) open Work on disambiguation of page break and the css properties John Foliot 2021-02-16
ACTION-351 (edit) open Add topic to agenda Rachael Bradley Montgomery 2021-05-12
ACTION-352 (edit) open Set up a blank google doc Jeanne F Spellman 2021-05-21
ACTION-353 (edit) open File github issues on 1.4.1 & 1.4.11 John Foliot 2021-10-26

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