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ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-10 (edit) pending review Draft a server-side technique based on Alex Li 2009-03-19
ACTION-11 (edit) pending review Revise SCR18 test procedure to focus on client-side validation Sofia Celic-Li 2009-03-19
ACTION-95 (edit) pending review Replace <noscript> in SCR19 with something else Ben Caldwell 2010-06-28
ACTION-269 (edit) pending review Create wiki page documenting all places for this edit Marc Johlic 2014-08-26 Ready to survey
ACTION-274 (edit) pending review Review description for g4 to ensure that keyboard interface support is included. Andrew Kirkpatrick 2014-09-30
ACTION-333 (edit) pending review Draft update to wcag 2.1 frontmatter Michael Cooper 2017-01-19

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