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ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-1 (edit) closed Begin a wiki page of background reading for wg members Eric Stephan 2014-02-21
ACTION-2 (edit) closed Lee to work with bernadetteloscio to create skeleton of uc document Deirdre Lee 2014-02-21
ACTION-3 (edit) closed Add to use case wiki Yaso Córdova 2014-02-28
ACTION-4 (edit) closed Can add an entry about too if that sounds useful (it's about dutch gov data registers) Christophe Gueret 2014-02-28
ACTION-5 (edit) closed Add use cases arising from palo alto to wiki at Steven Adler 2014-02-28
ACTION-6 (edit) closed Add a use case for to the use cases wiki Eric Stephan 2014-02-28
ACTION-7 (edit) closed Will put the types of modules in the wiki Yaso Córdova 2014-02-28
ACTION-8 (edit) closed Will create a scope for the modules Yaso Córdova 2014-04-04
ACTION-9 (edit) closed Reflect his e-mail on scope in the use cases wiki Makx Dekkers 2014-02-28
ACTION-10 (edit) closed Will explain why is importat to talk about acccess to data is on the web and why data preservation is out of the scope of this group Manuel Tomas Carrasco Benitez 2014-02-28
ACTION-11 (edit) closed Add dbpedia use case the the wiki (in the relevant format) Bernadette Farias Loscio 2014-03-21
ACTION-12 (edit) closed add a section of the notes page of the wiki to have topics (government, dbpedia, cultural heritage, etc.) Bernadette Farias Loscio 2014-03-21
ACTION-13 (edit) closed Add notes on the case into the use cases wiki Yaso Córdova 2014-03-21
ACTION-14 (edit) closed Work with Yaso to summarise api discussion on the ,mailing list Carlos Laufer 2014-03-28
ACTION-15 (edit) closed And deirdrelee to prepare a first version of extraction Bernadette Farias Loscio 2014-03-28
ACTION-16 (edit) closed Distil uri vs api discussion into general challenges as far as possible Carlos Laufer 2014-04-04
ACTION-17 (edit) closed Contact leigh dodds wrt exchangeable licences etc. Phil Archer 2014-04-08
ACTION-18 (edit) closed Talk to paul groth about how prov-o could be used in providing assessment of dataset quality Antoine Isaac 2014-04-08
ACTION-19 (edit) closed Create mailing list for vocabulary work Phil Archer 2014-04-08
ACTION-20 (edit) closed Document the situations/scenarios for the data usage vocab in the ucr Bernadette Farias Loscio 2014-04-08 Use Cases & Requirements Document
ACTION-21 (edit) closed Create first draft of ucr in respec Deirdre Lee 2014-04-08
ACTION-22 (edit) closed Work with bernadette to ensure that each requirement links back to a use case Deirdre Lee 2014-06-13
ACTION-23 (edit) closed Look up requirements documents for vocabularies such as prov-o, data cube, skos Bernadette Farias Loscio 2014-04-08
ACTION-24 (edit) closed Draft uml diagram for vocab(s) Phil Archer 2014-04-08
ACTION-25 (edit) closed Prepare skeleton best practice wiki pages for each emerging best practice, including its id Carlos Iglesias 2014-04-08
ACTION-26 (edit) closed Review paul groth's paper and report to the wg Antoine Isaac 2014-04-18
ACTION-27 (edit) closed I will create a wiki page with a small paragraph and pointers to the work on archiving Manuel Tomas Carrasco Benitez 2014-04-18
ACTION-28 (edit) closed Write some other examples that are no open data Eric Stephan 2014-06-13 Use Cases & Requirements Document
ACTION-29 (edit) closed Describe a new use case for Carlos Laufer 2014-05-02
ACTION-30 (edit) closed Come back with schedule to the wg Bernadette Farias Loscio 2014-05-09
ACTION-31 (edit) closed Do mapping between the best practices and challenges and the requirements and add concrete examples Carlos Iglesias 2014-05-09
ACTION-32 (edit) closed Write email on discoverable data vs data catalogues Hadley Beeman 2014-05-16
ACTION-33 (edit) closed Contact tomas carassoco re working on uri bps Phil Archer 2014-05-16
ACTION-34 (edit) closed Coordinate with antoine about the data quality effort Bart van Leeuwen 2014-05-16
ACTION-35 (edit) closed Contact bernadette and eric stephan to coordinate about the data usage effort Hadley Beeman 2014-05-16
ACTION-36 (edit) closed Start the process of creating a uri design document (email thread or wiki pages) with the other contributors Newton Calegari 2014-05-16
ACTION-37 (edit) closed Start the process of creating a technical factors document with the other contributors Yaso Córdova 2014-05-16
ACTION-38 (edit) closed Start the process of creating a document on the best practices on the provision of metadata Carlos Laufer 2014-05-16
ACTION-39 (edit) closed Summarize the ideas (create categories) from the mailing list on the wiki page for guidance on metadata Carlos Laufer 2014-05-23
ACTION-40 (edit) closed Start the versioning document/research with newton Flavio Yanai 2014-05-23
ACTION-41 (edit) closed Add skos recommendations into controlled vocabularies Mark Harrison 2014-05-23
ACTION-42 (edit) closed Improve bp - uri document with new references Newton Calegari 2014-05-30
ACTION-43 (edit) closed Add data usage notes to wiki Eric Stephan 2014-05-30
ACTION-44 (edit) closed Arrange call for vocabs from the doodle poll and to tell the rest of the wg Antoine Isaac 2014-06-06
ACTION-45 (edit) closed Review ucr with closed data in mind Eric Stephan 2014-06-13
ACTION-46 (edit) closed Generate/collate further use cases concerning iot, transport, privacy Yaso Córdova 2014-06-13
ACTION-47 (edit) closed Discuss with eric data usage meaning for the use case requirements, and for the vocabulary and finding consensus in the group Bernadette Farias Loscio 2014-06-20
ACTION-48 (edit) closed Will talk with other members to improve this versioning doc. in the next week i'll meet with flavio to discuss about it Newton Calegari 2014-06-20
ACTION-49 (edit) closed Follow the DAURI doc proposed by tomas (bp - uri doc) Newton Calegari 2014-06-20
ACTION-50 (edit) closed Organise a discussion by email on Bernadette Farias Loscio 2014-06-20
ACTION-51 (edit) closed Work with sumitpurohit to put a wiki page together showing other examples of closed data that may not be in the ucr Eric Stephan 2014-06-27
ACTION-52 (edit) closed Update tracker products Phil Archer 2014-06-27
ACTION-53 (edit) closed Write down on the wiki about the talk about data usage vocabs Bernadette Farias Loscio 2014-07-03
ACTION-54 (edit) closed Write to write up definitions on intrinsic metadata Mark Harrison 2014-07-04
ACTION-55 (edit) closed Seek feedback on json-ld version of dcat schema, using, for example with Eric Stephan 2014-07-17
ACTION-56 (edit) closed Ask yaso to help configure the github repo for the new docs Phil Archer 2014-07-17
ACTION-57 (edit) closed Invite markus lanthaler to a future vocabs call Phil Archer 2014-07-31
ACTION-58 (edit) closed Find out more about adding multilingual labels to a json-ld context file by 2014-08-21 Antoine Isaac 2014-07-31
ACTION-59 (edit) closed Ask yaso to think about offering a tutorial on using github for editors, use of gh-pages etc. Phil Archer 2014-07-31
ACTION-60 (edit) closed Continue this discussion by e-mail Mark Harrison 2014-08-01
ACTION-61 (edit) closed Work through ucr issues Deirdre Lee 2014-08-01
ACTION-62 (edit) closed Add use-case about OS UK need to track data-usage Phil Archer 2014-08-15 ISSUE-16
ACTION-63 (edit) closed Discover where the 46 fit in the deliverables Yaso Córdova 2014-08-22
ACTION-64 (edit) closed Begin wiki page where we can collect cases where each tech is most appropriate Sumit Purohit 2014-08-22
ACTION-65 (edit) closed Set time for a tutorial on github for editors, use of gh-pages etc. Yaso Córdova 2014-08-22
ACTION-66 (edit) closed Set up a call to help editors get started Phil Archer 2014-08-26
ACTION-67 (edit) closed Ask for remote participation (phone) at tpac Hadley Beeman 2014-08-29
ACTION-68 (edit) closed Establish goals for tpac for the best practices, with bernadette Caroline Burle 2014-08-29
ACTION-69 (edit) closed Review the document on controlled vocabulary and feed back to mark Antoine Isaac 2014-08-29
ACTION-70 (edit) closed Contact vagner, nathalia and yaso about technical factors timelines and goals before tpac Hadley Beeman 2014-08-29
ACTION-71 (edit) closed Work out goals for data quality vocab by tpac Antoine Isaac 2014-08-29
ACTION-72 (edit) closed Contact the editors who aren't here to ask what they want to accomplish by tpac Hadley Beeman 2014-08-29
ACTION-73 (edit) closed Write to steve and seek help with developing use cases for data usage Eric Stephan 2014-09-11
ACTION-74 (edit) closed Write to yaso to seek help with developing use cases for data usage Bernadette Farias Loscio 2014-09-11
ACTION-75 (edit) closed Write a use case that captures the thing about recognition of efforts made by data publishers Phil Archer 2014-09-11
ACTION-76 (edit) closed Create a template for data usage Eric Stephan 2014-12-05
ACTION-77 (edit) closed Check with antoine about feedback re action 54 Mark Harrison 2014-09-19
ACTION-78 (edit) closed Work on action 58 re summary of json-ld and multilingual language tags Mark Harrison 2014-09-19
ACTION-79 (edit) closed Review the comuri paper Phil Archer 2014-09-26
ACTION-80 (edit) closed Review the comuri Carlos Iglesias 2014-09-26
ACTION-81 (edit) closed Review comuri document Newton Calegari 2014-09-26
ACTION-82 (edit) closed Review comuri doc Sumit Purohit 2014-09-26
ACTION-83 (edit) closed Get ibm team to look at comuri doc Steven Adler 2014-09-26
ACTION-84 (edit) closed Send email to tomas about dataset versions document Newton Calegari 2014-09-26
ACTION-85 (edit) closed Respond to antoine's comments and update intro on making uri sets accessible Mark Harrison 2014-09-26 Best practices document(s)
ACTION-86 (edit) closed Investigate face-to-face venues and dates for early 2015 Yaso Córdova 2014-09-30
ACTION-87 (edit) closed Add a use case from the rda discussions (for the data usage vocabulary) Phil Archer 2014-10-03
ACTION-88 (edit) closed Prepare ucr document for vote to publish for next week Deirdre Lee 2014-10-03
ACTION-89 (edit) closed Create a use case on the research community Sumit Purohit 2014-10-03
ACTION-90 (edit) closed Create first draft of agenda for negotiations (time zones, conflicts with data shapes wg, etc) Hadley Beeman 2014-10-10
ACTION-91 (edit) closed Suppress detail of bio2rdf use case and incldue link as laufer suggests Phil Archer 2014-10-10
ACTION-92 (edit) closed Gather closed-data requirements from the buildingeye, wind and gs1 use cases, and match requirements to any other use cases Eric Stephan 2014-10-07
ACTION-93 (edit) closed Finish gs1 closed-data use case with phila Mark Harrison 2014-10-14
ACTION-94 (edit) closed Work with use case editors on finding a way to find use cases for uri persistence Manuel Tomas Carrasco Benitez 2014-10-10
ACTION-95 (edit) closed Check zakim booing for tpac Phil Archer 2014-10-17
ACTION-96 (edit) closed Set on the vocabulary call agenda of what we plan on delivering for tpac Eric Stephan 2014-10-17
ACTION-97 (edit) closed Send out invitation for feedback on published uc document Deirdre Lee 2014-10-17
ACTION-98 (edit) closed Sent an email to tpac registered people about uc document Deirdre Lee 2014-10-24
ACTION-99 (edit) closed Derive requirements from share-psi workshop, including the one about metadata federation from spain, cf action-32 Phil Archer 2014-10-24
ACTION-100 (edit) closed Send deirdre's text to all of our attendees to tpac (incl guests) Hadley Beeman 2014-10-31
ACTION-101 (edit) closed Review Sumit Purohit 2014-10-31 Data Usage Vocabulary
ACTION-102 (edit) closed Review Lewis Mcgibbney 2014-10-31 Data Usage Vocabulary
ACTION-103 (edit) closed Review Caroline Burle 2014-10-31
ACTION-104 (edit) closed Review Phil Archer 2014-10-31
ACTION-105 (edit) closed Create wiki page seeking input on f2f meeting venue for brasil Caroline Burle 2014-10-31
ACTION-106 (edit) closed Add a requirement for a suitable format (as per jenit's suggestion) Phil Archer 2014-11-06
ACTION-107 (edit) closed Clarify rformatlocalize according to questions in the f2f discussion Phil Archer 2014-11-06
ACTION-108 (edit) closed Amend/expand r-granularitylevels to cover laufer's question about inheritance —metadata for the data itself and for the dataset Phil Archer 2014-11-06
ACTION-109 (edit) closed Work with Annette to write a use case about real-time and bulk data Eric Stephan 2014-11-06
ACTION-110 (edit) closed Remove r-multiplerepresentations as a duplicate of r-formatmultiple Phil Archer 2014-11-06
ACTION-111 (edit) closed Merge r-citable with the data usage requirements Phil Archer 2014-11-06
ACTION-112 (edit) closed Research and report ways that technical best practices have been tested Newton Calegari 2014-11-07 Best practices document(s)
ACTION-113 (edit) closed Check the scoping criteria against the deliverables/commitments in our charter Hadley Beeman 2014-11-07 Best practices document(s)
ACTION-114 (edit) closed Complete use case and requirements for data enrichment. related to issue-72 Adriano Pereira 2014-11-07 Data Enrichment Scope
ACTION-115 (edit) closed Investigate how wcag can be an example for our bp document Eric Stephan 2014-11-07 Best practices document(s)
ACTION-116 (edit) closed Develop into something that we can reuse and make more like a best practice Phil Archer 2014-11-07
ACTION-117 (edit) closed Explore the use cases that might clarify the need for uri and url design Phil Archer 2014-11-07
ACTION-118 (edit) closed Review the urls in data primer Ig Ibert Bittencourt Santana Pinto 2014-11-07
ACTION-119 (edit) closed to review the urls in data primer Phil Archer 2014-11-07
ACTION-120 (edit) closed Create an example about metadata description Carlos Laufer 2014-11-07 Best practices document(s)
ACTION-121 (edit) closed Look at linked data bp at and to talk with mark h and antoine to see if the controlled vocab section fits with the data vocabs Ig Ibert Bittencourt Santana Pinto 2014-11-07 Best practices document(s)
ACTION-122 (edit) closed Wotk with sumit to write at least a description of the best practice(s) around data formats Eric Kauz 2014-11-07 Best practices document(s)
ACTION-123 (edit) closed Write a description for the beginning of the metadata section Carlos Laufer 2014-11-07 Best practices document(s)
ACTION-124 (edit) closed Write description as intro to vocab section of bp doc Ig Ibert Bittencourt Santana Pinto 2014-11-07 Best practices document(s)
ACTION-125 (edit) closed Review doc about dataset version and look up for standards about dataset version Newton Calegari 2014-11-07 Best practices document(s)
ACTION-126 (edit) closed Put the topic of combining the comuri work with the best practices on the agenda for 14 nov's call Hadley Beeman 2014-11-07 Best practices document(s)
ACTION-127 (edit) closed Write description of data identification section Phil Archer 2014-11-07 Best practices document(s)
ACTION-128 (edit) closed Bring out the versioning issues in his use case (ref issue 69) Eric Stephan 2014-11-14
ACTION-129 (edit) closed Write a use case focusing on versioning (ref issue 69) Annette Greiner 2014-11-14
ACTION-130 (edit) closed Review issues around ucr and contact individual use case authors to review them in the light of current issues and create relevant actions Deirdre Lee 2014-11-21
ACTION-131 (edit) closed Will write about resource version Manuel Tomas Carrasco Benitez 2014-12-05 Best practices document(s)
ACTION-132 (edit) closed Will write an email about what he understandes about the discussion on the uri document and mtcarrasco work to be put on the bp document Ghislain Auguste Atemezing 2014-12-05
ACTION-133 (edit) closed to write example about metadata Sumit Purohit 2014-12-12
ACTION-134 (edit) closed send email to the group asking for clarification about glossary and vocabulary Christophe Gueret 2014-12-12
ACTION-135 (edit) closed Send email to the group asking for clarification about glossary and vocabulary Annette Greiner 2014-12-12
ACTION-136 (edit) closed Create a wiki page to begin a glossary of terminology Bernadette Farias Loscio 2015-01-30
ACTION-137 (edit) closed Find a venue for u.s. f2f meeting Eric Stephan 2015-02-13
ACTION-138 (edit) closed find a venue for lisbon f2f meeting Steven Adler 2015-02-13
ACTION-139 (edit) closed Write to european wg members to see who will go to lisbon Phil Archer 2015-02-20
ACTION-140 (edit) closed BP editors to create a timeplan for the bp document Caroline Burle 2015-02-27
ACTION-141 (edit) closed Coordinate with chairs to establish timetable for f2f meeting Deirdre Lee 2015-02-27
ACTION-142 (edit) closed Investigate the comment tracker tool Phil Archer 2015-03-13
ACTION-143 (edit) closed Work with caroline to update the timeline to show when/how they'll integrate the feedback received Newton Calegari 2015-03-13
ACTION-144 (edit) closed Work with newton and carol to include multilingualism in the best practice document as per resolution of issue-142 Bernadette Farias Loscio 2015-03-20 Best practices document(s)
ACTION-145 (edit) closed Review the bp document and check his previews suggestions Carlos Iglesias 2015-03-27
ACTION-146 (edit) closed Examine Different Aspects of Feedback Sumit Purohit 2015-04-17 Data Usage Vocabulary
ACTION-147 (edit) closed to add a bp for structural metadata Bernadette Farias Loscio 2015-04-20 Best practices document(s)
ACTION-148 (edit) closed Include a definition of 'a standard' in the glossary Yaso Córdova 2016-04-01 Glossary/Scope
ACTION-149 (edit) closed Include the standard resolution in the scope page on the wiki Deirdre Lee 2015-04-20 Glossary/Scope
ACTION-150 (edit) closed Write to andrea perego informing of the new text Bernadette Farias Loscio 2015-04-20 Best practices document(s)
ACTION-151 (edit) closed Follow up on resolution that phil proposed Antoine Isaac 2015-04-20
ACTION-152 (edit) closed Follow up on the resolution re starting with the ods list, makx's list etc, working towards fpwd asap Antoine Isaac 2015-04-20 Quality & Granularity Vocabulary
ACTION-153 (edit) closed Look at completeness as one of the quality dimensions Antoine Isaac 2015-04-20 Quality & Granularity Vocabulary
ACTION-154 (edit) closed Add the definitions of dataset, vocabulary and metadata in the glossary, noting that the boundaries are not always distinct (or helpful). Yaso Córdova 2015-04-20 Glossary/Scope
ACTION-155 (edit) closed Write to danbri in response to comment 3006 Phil Archer 2015-04-21 Best practices document(s)
ACTION-156 (edit) closed Change should to must in Deirdre Lee 2015-04-21 Use Cases & Requirements Document
ACTION-157 (edit) closed Work with hadleybeeman to revise the bp on and make new suggestions Phil Archer 2015-04-21 Best practices document(s)
ACTION-158 (edit) closed Add preservtion text to scope Deirdre Lee 2015-04-21 Glossary/Scope
ACTION-159 (edit) closed Write a definition of archiving (and preservation) in the glossary (again!) Christophe Gueret 2015-04-21 Glossary/Scope
ACTION-160 (edit) closed Write a bp on preservation in bp doc Christophe Gueret 2015-04-21 Best practices document(s)
ACTION-161 (edit) closed Write bp on topic of what happens to identifiers after data resource is no longer online (e.g. through archiving). wg will then decide if this should be included in bp doc, and if it is, should it be separate bp or merged with another bp Phil Archer 2015-04-21
ACTION-162 (edit) closed Write bp on topic of what happens to identifiers after data resource is no longer online (e.g. through archiving). wg will then decide if this should be included in bp doc, and if it is, should it be separate bp or merged with another bp Phil Archer 2015-04-21 Best practices document(s)
ACTION-163 (edit) closed Work with phil to propose text to replace Hadley Beeman 2015-04-21
ACTION-164 (edit) closed Work with phil to propose text to replace Hadley Beeman 2015-04-21 Best practices document(s)
ACTION-165 (edit) closed Work with dee to propose alternative text for Annette Greiner 2015-04-21
ACTION-166 (edit) closed Work with dee to propose alternative text for Annette Greiner 2015-04-21 Best practices document(s)
ACTION-167 (edit) closed Ensure that the dqv document includes slas as a possible method for expressing quality Riccardo Albertoni 2015-04-21 Quality & Granularity Vocabulary
ACTION-168 (edit) closed Ensure that the dqv document includes slas as a possible method for expressing quality Riccardo Albertoni 2015-04-21
ACTION-169 (edit) closed Create a "possible approach to implementation" showing memento examples Newton Calegari 2015-04-21 Best practices document(s)
ACTION-170 (edit) closed Create a "possible approach to implementation" showing memento examples Newton Calegari 2015-04-21
ACTION-171 (edit) closed to add all public comments to comment tracker Bernadette Farias Loscio 2015-04-21 Best practices document(s)
ACTION-172 (edit) closed to add all public comments to comment tracker Bernadette Farias Loscio 2015-04-21
ACTION-173 (edit) closed Create bp for data enrichment Gisele Pappa 2015-04-21 Best practices document(s)
ACTION-174 (edit) closed Make update to glossary for new data usage terms: citations, data producer, consumer, publisher etc Ig Ibert Bittencourt Santana Pinto 2015-04-24 Data Usage Vocabulary
ACTION-175 (edit) closed Read the citation section on the "dataset descriptions: hcls community profile" document Eric Stephan 2015-04-21 Data Usage Vocabulary
ACTION-176 (edit) closed Incorporating citations in Dataset Usage Vocabulary Phil Archer 2015-05-01 Data Usage Vocabulary
ACTION-177 (edit) closed Putting Dataset Usage Vocabulary in Github Bernadette Farias Loscio 2015-04-24 Data Usage Vocabulary
ACTION-178 (edit) closed Update Dataset Usage Vocabulary Model Bernadette Farias Loscio 2015-04-24 Data Usage Vocabulary
ACTION-179 (edit) closed Identifying Mechanisms Dataset Usage Vocabulary Sumit Purohit 2015-05-01 Data Usage Vocabulary
ACTION-180 (edit) closed Follow up with Laufer on Semantically-Interlinked Online Communities Ig Ibert Bittencourt Santana Pinto 2015-05-01 Data Usage Vocabulary
ACTION-181 (edit) closed Review csv spec Yaso Córdova 2015-05-15
ACTION-182 (edit) closed Review csv spec Carlos Laufer 2015-05-15
ACTION-183 (edit) closed Check uri version bp - is it still there?# Phil Archer 2015-05-15
ACTION-184 (edit) closed Review the existing template and identify any additional fields that could be added to improve the bp Peter Winstanley 2015-07-17
ACTION-185 (edit) closed Create template for feedback on dqv and duv together with all editors Eric Stephan 2015-07-24
ACTION-186 (edit) closed Target specific groups to ask for feedback on duv Eric Stephan 2015-07-24
ACTION-187 (edit) closed Target specific groups to ask for feedback on dqv Antoine Isaac 2015-07-24 Quality & Granularity Vocabulary
ACTION-188 (edit) closed Follow up with daq vocab people Antoine Isaac 2015-07-24 Quality & Granularity Vocabulary
ACTION-189 (edit) closed Update to Data Vocabulary document required based on resolved issues 169, 170, 171, 172 Eric Stephan 2015-07-31 Data Usage Vocabulary
ACTION-190 (edit) closed Send e-mail to the wg summarising the currente state of the bp doc, including tasks and decisions to be taken. Caroline Burle 2015-07-31 Best practices document(s)
ACTION-191 (edit) closed Create examples following his suggestions on action 184 Peter Winstanley 2015-08-14
ACTION-192 (edit) closed Invite inweb team to next week's meeting to discuss why the doc should/shouldn't be a wg note Caroline Burle 2015-08-21
ACTION-193 (edit) closed Send draft agenda ideas to the chairs Caroline Burle 2015-08-21
ACTION-194 (edit) closed Work through bp doc and see what issues can be resolved before the f2f Caroline Burle 2015-08-21
ACTION-195 (edit) closed Create updated timetable for bp document Bernadette Farias Loscio 2015-08-28
ACTION-196 (edit) closed Create updated timetable for duv in wiki Eric Stephan 2015-08-28
ACTION-197 (edit) closed Analyze the rfc2119 and see if other terms could be used in the document or should we create a maturity model Newton Calegari 2015-09-11
ACTION-198 (edit) closed To reassign products on open issue list Deirdre Lee 2015-09-11
ACTION-199 (edit) closed Update the graph on dqv Riccardo Albertoni 2015-09-18 Quality & Granularity Vocabulary
ACTION-200 (edit) closed Collect examples of qualitative feedback and send them to the group, including 5 star scales Wagner Meira Jr. 2015-10-01
ACTION-201 (edit) closed Add note to dqv document seeking examples from external reviewers Antoine Isaac 2015-10-01 Quality & Granularity Vocabulary
ACTION-202 (edit) closed Share examples around service level agreement activity Giancarlo Guizzardi 2015-10-01 Quality & Granularity Vocabulary
ACTION-203 (edit) closed Add an example with an sla as quality policy, trying to use the same dimensions as metrics and annotations Nandana Mihindukulasooriya 2015-12-05 ISSUE-199
ACTION-204 (edit) closed Take another run at the bp use persistent uris as identifiers Phil Archer 2015-10-01
ACTION-205 (edit) closed Tabulate requirements against the bps that address them Bernadette Farias Loscio 2015-10-02
ACTION-206 (edit) closed Incorporate the glossary in the bp document Newton Calegari 2015-10-02
ACTION-207 (edit) closed Modify the data enrichment best practice to cover data as well as metadata Gisele Pappa 2015-10-02
ACTION-208 (edit) closed Contact oa wg to see whether they would consider adding dqv motivation Antoine Isaac 2016-04-01 QualityAnnotations and motivations
ACTION-209 (edit) closed Contact oa wg to see whether they would consider adding duv motivation Eric Stephan 2016-04-01
ACTION-210 (edit) closed Investigate the relationship between dqv and duv wrt citations that can be considered as a quality annotation Eric Stephan 2016-04-04 Quality & Granularity Vocabulary
ACTION-211 (edit) closed Check what dqv folks have done about issue-93 Caroline Burle 2015-10-16
ACTION-212 (edit) closed Follow up on issue-94 with comsode project Deirdre Lee 2015-10-16
ACTION-213 (edit) closed Look into issue 148 and restart the conversion or close the issue Eric Stephan 2015-10-16
ACTION-214 (edit) closed Create the assignment table for relate people to work on examples Newton Calegari 2015-10-16
ACTION-215 (edit) closed Fix minutes Phil Archer 2015-10-30
ACTION-216 (edit) closed Add note to the bp doc that we are discussing the issue of subsetting data, and identifying those subsets. and that we're talking to the sdw wg about this issue too Bernadette Farias Loscio 2015-11-13
ACTION-217 (edit) closed Write to christophe and ask for help with writing the examples for data preservation Phil Archer 2015-11-13
ACTION-218 (edit) closed Add the example for the data identifiers section Phil Archer 2015-11-13
ACTION-219 (edit) closed Send an email to discuss the suggestion to add the assertion that a dataset's metadata conforms to a standard (like geojson) Riccardo Albertoni 2015-11-20 Quality & Granularity Vocabulary
ACTION-220 (edit) closed Reach out with giancarlo about the Yaso Córdova 2015-12-11
ACTION-221 (edit) closed Create rdf vocab for dqv Phil Archer 2015-12-11
ACTION-222 (edit) closed Will create an rdf vocab (dqv) and put on github Phil Archer 2015-12-11
ACTION-223 (edit) closed Contact michel dumontier about issue-221 Antoine Isaac 2015-12-11
ACTION-224 (edit) closed Send a list of things to be added to/addressed in the duv document Carlos Laufer 2015-12-18
ACTION-225 (edit) closed Put together an agenda for the share-psi/dwbp overlap in zagreb Phil Archer 2016-02-03
ACTION-226 (edit) closed To move the indexes and keep the BP Summary at the top of the doc Newton Calegari 2016-02-12 Best practices document(s)
ACTION-227 (edit) closed Work with antoine on writing section on evolution of duv wrt reuse of namespaces etc. Eric Stephan 2016-04-01 Data Usage Vocabulary
ACTION-228 (edit) closed Fix bpconfig.js to restore contributors to bp doc Phil Archer 2016-02-12
ACTION-229 (edit) closed Send bp editors implementation-questionaire template Phil Archer 2016-03-15
ACTION-230 (edit) closed Create process for gathering evidence of implementations, e.g. wiki, google form Caroline Burle 2016-03-15
ACTION-231 (edit) closed Talk to eric wilde about open comments and reach resolution Annette Greiner 2016-02-19
ACTION-232 (edit) closed Look into reference to ogc in (raised during joint call with sdw) Antoine Isaac 2016-02-24 Best practices document(s)
ACTION-233 (edit) closed Check if the turtle and rdfa examples are validated Newton Calegari 2016-04-01
ACTION-234 (edit) closed Check if the turtle and rdfa examples are validated Newton Calegari 2016-03-04
ACTION-235 (edit) closed Review annette's test for bp8 Newton Calegari 2016-03-04
ACTION-236 (edit) closed Review the voc aspect of bp9 Antoine Isaac 2016-03-04 Best practices document(s)
ACTION-237 (edit) closed Email sdw (and dwbp) to ask about their api work (with regard to examples for bp 10) Annette Greiner 2016-03-04
ACTION-238 (edit) closed Include rdfa to the human-readable example of strucutral metadata (dwbp-example.html) Newton Calegari 2016-03-11
ACTION-239 (edit) closed Check on using an example about real-time data for bp23 Peter Winstanley 2016-03-25
ACTION-240 (edit) closed Work on the bp for enriching data before the f2f Annette Greiner 2016-03-18
ACTION-241 (edit) closed Review bp 22 Hadley Beeman 2016-03-18
ACTION-242 (edit) closed Follow up on issue 220 Newton Calegari 2016-03-18
ACTION-243 (edit) closed Arrange redseign of the challenges diagram Caroline Burle 2016-03-21
ACTION-244 (edit) closed Remove the 2nd line of test section and rewrite the intended outcome of the bp2 provide descriptive metadata Newton Calegari 2016-03-21
ACTION-245 (edit) closed Update bp 11 table to link to the pdf and the gh update. Phil Archer 2016-03-21
ACTION-246 (edit) closed Rewrite bp11, in particular the way the external refs are included Hadley Beeman 2016-03-21
ACTION-247 (edit) closed Fill in the blanks in table at Deirdre Lee 2016-03-21
ACTION-248 (edit) closed Write a bp around accuracy and precision, the pitfalls of false accuracy etc. Phil Archer 2016-03-21
ACTION-249 (edit) closed Answer comment 3051 from eric wilde ( Caroline Burle 2016-03-21
ACTION-250 (edit) closed Update the config on respec with the public mailing address and answer comment lc-3062 ( Newton Calegari 2016-03-21
ACTION-251 (edit) closed Work with ericstephan on creating examples of dataset usage counts in the dqv Riccardo Albertoni 2016-03-21
ACTION-252 (edit) closed Create time table for duv progress/iterations Eric Stephan 2016-03-21
ACTION-253 (edit) closed Add proposed text above in the minutes on 2016-03-14 and close issue 181 Riccardo Albertoni 2016-03-21 ISSUE-181
ACTION-254 (edit) closed Turn the text of issue 11 into a note in the doc Antoine Isaac 2016-03-21 ISSUE-199
ACTION-255 (edit) closed Create an example using prov:wasderivedfrom in the dqv, close issue-222 Riccardo Albertoni 2016-03-21 ISSUE-222
ACTION-256 (edit) closed Add a note saying that new motivations can be defined but that this should be done following the open annotation guidelines Riccardo Albertoni 2016-03-21 QualityAnnotations and motivations
ACTION-257 (edit) closed Add a table describing the resource dqv:qualutyassessment Antoine Isaac 2016-03-21
ACTION-258 (edit) closed Remove the domain from dqv:indimension, move it from section measurement and add it in the dqv diagram and send a email to jeremy. with the new definition of dqv:indimension, where dqv:indimension is a super-property of the inverse of daq:hasmetric Riccardo Albertoni 2016-03-21 QualityAnnotations and motivations
ACTION-259 (edit) closed Add examples showing user feedback for questioning and classification. Riccardo Albertoni 2016-03-21 QualityAnnotations and motivations
ACTION-260 (edit) closed to ensure text makes clear that dimensions anad categories are defined as subclasses of skos:concept Riccardo Albertoni 2016-03-21 ISSUE-205
ACTION-261 (edit) closed Add a note to the effect of the decision about using shacl rather than abstract and sub classes. Antoine Isaac 2016-03-21 ISSUE-204
ACTION-262 (edit) closed Turn an existing paragraph on representing conformance and non-conformance into the note pointing to geodcat-ap Antoine Isaac 2016-03-21 ISSUE-202
ACTION-263 (edit) closed Assess compatibility of dqv with data cube by 2016-04-15 Riccardo Albertoni 2016-04-15 ISSUE-191
ACTION-264 (edit) closed Ensure that the bp doc refers to the example for representing precision and accuracy in the dqv Phil Archer 2016-03-21
ACTION-265 (edit) closed Add line on frag identifiers in best practice 15: provide data in multiple formats Phil Archer 2016-03-22
ACTION-266 (edit) closed Include namespace table at top Bernadette Farias Loscio 2016-03-22
ACTION-267 (edit) closed Attempt to merge the bps on api documetnation Ig Ibert Bittencourt Santana Pinto 2016-03-22
ACTION-268 (edit) closed Add intro to daq in the dqv Antoine Isaac 2016-03-22 Quality & Granularity Vocabulary
ACTION-269 (edit) closed Top creatre wiki page to collect a wish list for a future wg Phil Archer 2016-03-22
ACTION-270 (edit) closed Validate html and accessibility rules of dwbp-example.html Newton Calegari 2016-03-23
ACTION-271 (edit) closed create a dimension for precision in the DQV namespace and example Riccardo Albertoni 2016-03-23 ISSUE-243
ACTION-272 (edit) closed Redo the challenges diagram Phil Archer 2016-04-15
ACTION-273 (edit) closed Provide imperative subtitles for bps 1-19 Phil Archer 2016-04-29
ACTION-274 (edit) closed Provide imperative subtitles for bps 20-37 Annette Greiner 2016-04-29
ACTION-275 (edit) closed Help with the example of bp Deirdre Lee 2016-05-06
ACTION-276 (edit) closed Enhance the examples and incorporate some of the things we discussed today Deirdre Lee 2016-05-06
ACTION-277 (edit) closed Change all the phrases of intedend outcomes to present. e.g. consumers will know that data that is referred to from the current dataset is unavailable or only available under different conditions. Phil Archer 2016-05-06
ACTION-278 (edit) closed Suggest sentence/location for sentence to cover sensitive data in metadata section Eric Stephan 2016-05-13
ACTION-279 (edit) closed Offer text for bp 11 to refer to digital gs1 Eric Kauz 2016-05-13
ACTION-280 (edit) closed Draft standard e-mail that people can use to call for comments Deirdre Lee 2016-05-27
ACTION-281 (edit) closed Work on implementation grid Phil Archer 2016-05-27
ACTION-282 (edit) closed Put together something to collect and manage comments Caroline Burle 2016-06-03
ACTION-283 (edit) closed Look at optimising the test for bp 31. multiple tests? Annette Greiner 2016-06-10
ACTION-284 (edit) closed Reply to andrea to say that we'll include his suggestion to talk about registration and will refer to the duv as an alternative route. always important to say what will be done with the registration data Caroline Burle 2016-06-17
ACTION-285 (edit) closed Offer text for comments 2 and 6 Phil Archer 2016-06-24
ACTION-286 (edit) closed Send out an email calling for an email vote to transition the bp doc to cr. voting will be by email and will close on 12pm boston on tuesday the 28th. Yaso Córdova 2016-07-01
ACTION-287 (edit) closed Set up director's meeting Phil Archer 2016-07-08
ACTION-288 (edit) closed Launch the implementation form on july 4th Newton Calegari 2016-07-08
ACTION-289 (edit) closed Create a list of implementations for duv Bernadette Farias Loscio 2016-07-08
ACTION-290 (edit) closed Write to i18n chairs to confirm we got their comments and will respond next week. Caroline Burle 2016-07-29
ACTION-291 (edit) closed Update the document according to comment 15 and send a message to i18n goup Bernadette Farias Loscio 2016-08-05
ACTION-292 (edit) closed Write a message to i18n group to clarify the comment 13 Annette Greiner 2016-08-05
ACTION-293 (edit) closed Update the document according to comment 16 - explain that the text should be tagged Annette Greiner 2016-08-05
ACTION-294 (edit) closed Add analysis of some well known dataset to the cr exit criteria Bernadette Farias Loscio 2016-08-29
ACTION-295 (edit) closed Add call to action to add implementations Newton Calegari 2016-10-07
ACTION-296 (edit) closed Talk to other editors and send a message to the group listing which bp we need to pay more attention Newton Calegari 2016-10-07
ACTION-297 (edit) closed Contact friendly ac reps to ask for help Phil Archer 2016-11-04
ACTION-298 (edit) closed Update form with new possibilities of answering (partial fail and partial pass) Newton Calegari 2016-11-04
ACTION-299 (edit) closed Get some dates to the director call Phil Archer 2016-11-18
ACTION-300 (edit) closed Editors will address the comments we will receive during pr Caroline Burle 2016-11-18
ACTION-301 (edit) closed Editors to prepare the implementation report Newton Calegari 2016-11-18
ACTION-302 (edit) closed Adding high profile evidences Phil Archer 2016-11-18
ACTION-303 (edit) closed Act on wendy carrera's comments suggested and write to her Phil Archer 2016-12-02
ACTION-304 (edit) closed Talk to comms team about the final rec info Phil Archer 2016-12-19
ACTION-305 (edit) closed Write a blog post and leverage implementation report Phil Archer 2016-12-19

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