ACTION-263: Assess compatibility of dqv with data cube by 2016-04-15

Assess compatibility of dqv with data cube by 2016-04-15

Riccardo Albertoni
Due on:
April 15, 2016
Created on:
March 14, 2016
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Related notes:

In order to double-check the compatibility between dqv and RDF data cube required in this action, we have considered the example [2], turned it into a ttl [3] and validated it with
- the computex validator [4], which works on an extension of rdf datacube,
- a simple tool we have developed in-house deploying the RDF dataCube normalization algorithm and checking the integrity constraint (from IC-1 to IC-19) .

The following changes have been included in the DQV working draft as result of the validation,
A- ranges have been added to properties that are indicated as DimensionProperty in the RDF data structure, "as every Dimension must have a declared range". In particular, I have added
-- "dqv:computedOn rdfs:range rdfs:Resource" ( this has been updated also in the DQV ttl)
-- rages for :onProperty :onLanguage in the aforementioned example.
B- since two observations in the same cube can't have the same value for all dimensions, I have added dcterms:date in the data cube structure defined in the example, so that we can distinguish between among repeated quality assessment.

Further considerations pertaining to the RDF Data structure and possible representations of parameters have been included in the wiki [5], and are currently under consideration to sort issue 223 out.



Riccardo Albertoni, 10 Jun 2016, 10:18:01

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