Directory of W3C Invited Experts

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W3C Invited Experts are individuals who are invited by a chair of a Working Group to participate in that Working Group. The chair and the W3C staff must agree that the individual brings particular expertise to the group prior to inviting the individual to participate.

Please read more about principles and instruction in the about page.


Photo of Patricia Aas

Patricia Aas

Patricia participates in:


Joseph Abhayaratna

Joseph participates in:

Photo of Jake Abma

Jake Abma

Jake participates in:


Yuriy Ackermann

Yuriy participates in:

Photo of Glenn Adams

Glenn Adams Consultant

Glenn participates in:

Photo of Isaac Agudo

Isaac Agudo

Isaac participates in:

Photo of Cristiano Aguzzi

Cristiano Aguzzi

Cristiano participates in:

Photo of Riccardo Albertoni

Riccardo Albertoni

Riccardo participates in:


Abdulrahman Alkhelaifi

Abdulrahman participates in:


Jim Allan

Jim participates in:

Photo of Christopher Allen

Christopher Allen Blockchain & Decentralized Identity Architect

Christopher Allen is an entrepreneur, technologist, and educator who specializes in collaboration, security, and trust. As a technical pioneer, he’s initiated cross-industry collaborations and created industry standards that influence the entire internet. Though he’s worked within numerous privacy and security sectors, Christopher’s recent emphasis has been on engines of trust such as blockchain, smart contracts, and smart signatures, with special emphasis on decentralized sovereign identity. Christopher’s focus on internet trust began as the founder of Consensus Development. There, he worked with Netscape to develop SSL and co-authored the IETF TLS internet draft that is now at the heart of all secure commerce on the World Wide Web. More recently he facilitated a design workshop on Rebooting the Web of Trust, which generated several white papers about the next generation of internet privacy, security, and identity software. He is currently Principal Architect at Blockstream, leading blockchain standards efforts.

Christopher participates in:

Photo of Matitiahu Allouche

Matitiahu Allouche

Matitiahu participates in:


Niklas Andreasson

Niklas participates in:

Photo of Rachel Andrew

Rachel Andrew

Rachel participates in:


Ashish Ashutosh

Ashish participates in:

Photo of Malika Aubakirova

Malika Aubakirova

Malika participates in:

Photo of Luc Audrain

Luc Audrain

Luc participates in:



Tavmjong Bah

Tavmjong participates in:


Sina Bahram President

Sina Bahram is an accessibility consultant, researcher, speaker, and entrepreneur. He is the founder of Prime Access Consulting (PAC), an inclusive design firm whose clients include technology startups, research labs, Fortune-500 companies, and both private and nationally-funded museums. Sina has a strong background in computer science, holding undergraduate and graduate degrees in the field. As a recognized expert in accessibility, Sina enjoys collaborating with both colleagues in the field and individuals of diverse professions to devise innovative and user-centered solutions to difficult real-world problems. In 2012, Sina was recognized as a White House Champion of Change by President Barack Obama for his work enabling users with disabilities to succeed in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) fields. In 2015, the international accessibility community recognized Sina as an Emerging Leader in Digital Accessibility at the annual Knowbility Community Heroes of Accessibility Awards. In 2017, Sina served as the invited co-chair of the 2017 Museums and the Web conference.

Sina participates in:

Photo of Bruce Bailey

Bruce Bailey

Bruce participates in:

Photo of Daniele Bailo

Daniele Bailo

Daniele participates in:

Photo of Shirisha Balusani

Shirisha Balusani

Shirisha participates in:

Photo of Vlad Baluta

Vlad Baluta

Vlad participates in:

Photo of James Barclay

James Barclay

James participates in:

Photo of Amelia Bellamy-Royds

Amelia Bellamy-Royds

Amelia participates in:

Photo of David Benoit

David Benoit CTO

David participates in:


Bhoomika Bhagchandani

Bhoomika participates in:

Photo of Zoë Bijl

Zoë Bijl Mx.

Zoë participates in:

Photo of John Birch

John Birch Strategic Partnerships Manager

John participates in:


Brian Birtles Representative Director at Birchill

Brian participates in:

Photo of Philipp-Alexander Blum

Philipp-Alexander Blum


Philipp-Alexander participates in:

Photo of Laura Brady

Laura Brady

Laura participates in:


William Brown

William participates in:

Photo of David Browning

David Browning

David participates in:

Photo of Pavlo Buidenkov

Pavlo Buidenkov

Pavlo participates in:


Donna Bungard

Donna participates in:

Photo of David Burns

David Burns Mr

David participates in:


Photo of Jon Callas

Jon Callas Director of Technology Projects

Jon participates in:

Photo of David Carlisle

David Carlisle

David participates in:

Photo of Laura Carlson

Laura Carlson

Laura participates in:

Photo of Amy Carney

Amy Carney Accessibility Specialist

Amy participates in:

Photo of Nicolò Carpignoli

Nicolò Carpignoli

Nicolò participates in:


Corinne Cath-Speth

Corinne participates in:

Photo of Sukriti Chadha

Sukriti Chadha

Sukriti participates in:

Photo of David Chadwick

David Chadwick Emeritus Professor of Information Systems Security

David was Professor of Information Systems Security for 15 years at the University of Kent, UK, until he retired in February 2020. Upon his retirement he was honoured with the title Emeritus Professor. He still keeps his university email address and academic relationship, although he is no longer a salaried member of staff. Upon retiring from the university, David became CEO of Verifiable Credentials Ltd (VCL), a university spin-out whose objective is to evangelise Self Sovereign Identity (SSI) based on the twin W3C standards FIDO2 and Verifiable Credentials, without mandating either blockchains or DIDs. In May 2021 VCL was acquired by Crossword Cybersecurity PLC.

David participates in:

Photo of Matthew C. Chan

Matthew C. Chan

Matthew C. participates in:


Yijun Chen

Yijun participates in:

Photo of David Clarke

David Clarke

David participates in:

Photo of Jean-Philippe Côté

Jean-Philippe Côté Professor & Artist

Jean-Philippe participates in:

Photo of Franck Cotton

Franck Cotton

Franck participates in:

Photo of Simon Cox

Simon Cox Research Scientist

Simon participates in:

Photo of Dave Cramer

Dave Cramer

Dave participates in:


Andrew Cunningham Manager, Research and Development

Andrew participates in:


Photo of Deborah Dahl

Deborah Dahl

Deborah participates in:

Photo of Lubna Dajani

Lubna Dajani

Lubna participates in:

Photo of Leonard Daly

Leonard Daly Owner - Daly Realism

Leonard participates in:

Photo of Makx Dekkers

Makx Dekkers

Makx participates in:

Photo of Jennifer Delisi

Jennifer Delisi

Jennifer participates in:

Photo of Mehmet Oguz Derin

Mehmet Oguz Derin

Mehmet Oguz participates in:

Photo of Ian Devlin

Ian Devlin Web Developer

Ian participates in:


Mike Dolan CTO

Mike participates in:


Sam Dooley

Sam participates in:

Photo of Nick Doty

Nick Doty

Nick Doty worked on privacy in Web standards, acting until December 2015 as the team contact for the Tracking Protection Working Group and Privacy Interest Group.

Nick is also a graduate student at the UC Berkeley, School of Information where he occasionally teaches the Information Organization Lab and does research on Internet privacy.

Nick participates in:


Sylvie Duchateau

Sylvie Duchateau worked for 15 hears in the field of web accessibility at Association BrailleNet, France, where she trained people, helped write outreach documents on web accessibility, talked at confrences, translated documents. She has been participating in EOWG Education and Ooutreach Working Group since 1999. She has also coordinated the French Authorised Translation of WCAG 2.0. Sylvie is still training, doing outreach and talks about Web Accessibility and has been working for the company Access42 since 2014.

Sylvie participates in:

Photo of Randall Duchesneau

Randall Duchesneau

Randall participates in:

Photo of Kim Duffy

Kim Duffy

Kim participates in:

Photo of Martin Dürst

Martin Dürst Aoyama Gakuin University

Martin is a full Professor at the Department of Integrated Information Technology of the College of Science and Engineering at Aoyama Gakuin University, chairs the W3C Internationalization Interest Group, and regularly participates in discussions in W3C and the IETF about Internationalization and Web technology in general.

Martin joined the W3C team at Keio-SFC in December 1997 to work on Internationalization, on a position as Project Associate Professor at the Graduate School of Media and Governance. From November 2002 to March 2004, he was a Visiting Scientist at MIT/CSAIL.

Prior to joining W3C, he was at the University of Zurich, Department of Computer Science, and was an active particpant within the HTML and CSS Working Groups as an invited expert on internationalization.

Martin obtained his masters degree from the University of Zurich in computer science, business administration, and Japanese studies. He has a Ph.D from the University of Tokyo in computer science with a thesis on compression and progressive transmission of images.

Martin participates in:



Michael Elledge Usability Specialist

Michael participates in:


Kathy Eng

Kathy participates in:


Jim Evans

Jim participates in:



David Farmer

David participates in:

Photo of David Fazio

David Fazio Founder, President

Mr. Fazio is the Founder, and President of Helix Opportunity, a disability-related business, and organizational, development consulting firm that was funded by the California Department of Rehabilitation. His life’s work focuses on eliminating the unintentional stigmatization of individuals by their differences. David survived a traumatic brain injury at the age of 13 when an arterioveunuous malformation in the right parietal line of his brain became an aneurysm and ruptured into a softball size hemorrhagic stroke. It left him completely paralyzed on the entire left half of his body, and completely blind in the left half of each eye. He is an expert in neuro-psychological, and cognitive, user experience design.

David participates in:

Photo of Caitlin Fennessy

Caitlin Fennessy

Caitlin participates in:


Matthew Finkel

Matthew participates in:

Photo of Detlev Fischer

Detlev Fischer Accessibility consultant

Detlev participates in:

Photo of Dónal Fitzpatrick

Dónal Fitzpatrick

I am presently a lecture (Assistant Prof.) at the School of Computing Dublin City University. In 1999 I received my Ph.D. from the School of Computer Applications Dublin City University; the title of my thesis being "Towards Accessible Technical Documents: Producing Braille and Spoken Output from LaTeX Documents". In 2000, I was awarded the prestigious Fulbright Fellowship to continue work in the area of accessible mathematics, and also to investigate how GIS data could be made usable by blind people. In 2001, I returned to DCU to take up the faculty position alluded to above. Both my teaching and research activities revolve around accessibility. Presently, I teach undergraduate courses in web design and HCI. In both modules, I base the content and assessment around the notions of Universal Design. I have been Principle Investigator on several national and EU grants. the most recent of these (Enhanced Government Learning EAGLE) was a multi-million Euro grant to introduce online training to local authorities across the EU.

Dónal participates in:

Photo of John Foliot

John Foliot Principal Accessibility Consultant

I am a 21 year veteran of Digital and Web Accessibility, living and working in Lanark, Ontario, Canada. (Last Updated 2020/11/01)

John participates in:

Photo of Betsy Furler

Betsy Furler

Betsy participates in:


Photo of Ananya Gangavarapu

Ananya Gangavarapu

Ananya participates in:


Alistair Garrison CEO / Founder


Alistair participates in:

Photo of Armin Gerl

Armin Gerl

Armin participates in:


Robert Gibb

Robert participates in:

Photo of Becky Gibson

Becky Gibson Becky

Becky participates in:

Photo of Alejandra Gonzalez Beltran

Alejandra Gonzalez Beltran Dr

Alejandra participates in:


Lennart Grahl

Lennart participates in:

Photo of Paul Grenier

Paul Grenier Developer

Paul participates in:

Photo of Adrian Gropper

Adrian Gropper

Adrian participates in:


Photo of Charles Hall

Charles Hall Chief Accessibility Officer

Helping humans help humans through accessible technology. Designing since 1988. Developing since 1993. Entrepreneur since 1996. Agencies since 2000. Accessibility since 2008. W3C CGs since 2013. Mentoring since 2014. Speaking since 2016. Local Government Advisor since 2020. UX throughout. Recently: Senior UX Architect, MRM Learning Ambassador, MRM Member, Global Diversity Coalition, McCann Worldgroup

Charles participates in:

Photo of Daniel Hardman

Daniel Hardman

Daniel participates in:


Rae Hayward

Rae participates in:

Photo of Luke Herbert

Luke Herbert

Luke participates in:

Photo of Michael Herman

Michael Herman

Michael participates in:

Photo of Mathieu Hofman

Mathieu Hofman

Mathieu participates in:

Photo of Scott Hollier

Scott Hollier Chief Executive Officer, Centre For Accessibility Australia

Dr Scott Hollier specialises in the field of digital accessibility and is the author of the book ‘Outrunning the Night: a life journey of disability, determination and joy’. With a Ph.D. in Internet Studies and senior management experience across the not-for-profit, corporate and government sectors, Scott is an internationally-recognised researcher and speaker. Scott’s roles include CEO and co-founder of the Centre For Accessibility Australia, holds academic positions at Edith Cowan University and the University of South Australia, and is an Invited Expert for the W3C Accessible Platform Architectures Research Questions Task Force. In addition, Scott is legally blind and as such has both a professional and personal understanding of the importance of accessibility.

Scott participates in:

Photo of Adrian Hope-Bailie

Adrian Hope-Bailie CEO

Adrian participates in:

Photo of Sarah Horton

Sarah Horton

Sarah participates in:

Photo of John Hudson

John Hudson

John participates in:


Christina Hulka

Christina participates in:


Photo of Thomas Jäckle

Thomas Jäckle Senior Expert for Eclipse Ditto

Project lead and active committer of the Open Source "Digital Twin" project Eclipse Ditto. DevOps Engineer with current focus on Java, Akka, Kubernetes, Docker.

Thomas participates in:


Dael Jackson

Dael participates in:


Tomasz Jakut

Tomasz participates in:

Photo of Krzysztof Janowicz

Krzysztof Janowicz

Krzysztof participates in:

Photo of Ken Jones

Ken Jones

Ken participates in:



Madlaina Kalunder

Madlaina participates in:

Photo of Sam Kanta

Sam Kanta Dr

Sam participates in:

Photo of Deborah Kaplan

Deborah Kaplan

Deborah participates in:

Photo of Gregg Kellogg

Gregg Kellogg

Gregg participates in:


Brad Kemper

Brad participates in:

Photo of Albert Kim

Albert Kim

Highly competent and collaborative design engineer with seasoned knowledge about the psychology of human behavior and a passion for accessibility, inclusive design, and human-centered design.

Albert participates in:

Photo of John Kirkwood

John Kirkwood Digital Inclusion Director

John participates in:


John Klensin

John participates in:

Photo of Jeff Kline

Jeff Kline

Jeff participates in:


Irene Knapp

Irene participates in:

Photo of Lars Knudsen

Lars Knudsen

Lars participates in:


Tatsuo Kobayashi Mr.

Tatsuo participates in:


Toshi Kobayashi

Toshi participates in:

Photo of Jirka Kosek

Jirka Kosek

Jirka participates in:

Photo of Michael Koster

Michael Koster System Architect

Michael participates in:


Piotr Koszulinski

Piotr participates in:

Photo of Konstantinos Kotis

Konstantinos Kotis Postdoctoral research scientist

Konstantinos Kotis (ORCID https://orcid.org/0000-0001-7838-9691) owns a B.Sc. in Computation from University of Manchester (UMIST), UK and a Ph.D. in Information Management (Knowledge Representation & Management) from the University of the Aegean, Greece. He is currently an assistant professor at the Dept. of Cultural Technology and Communication of the University of the Aegean, a member of the Intelligent Systems Lab, and a research associate of the Dept. of Digital Systems of the University of Piraeus (a member of the AI lab). He is currently leading the Semantic Web and IoT research group of i-Lab (https://i-lab.aegean.gr/groups/semantic-technologies-group/). His research interests include but not limited to Knowledge Engineering, Semantic data management, Semantic IoT, Semantic CH, KG-based AI chatbots. He has published more than 60 papers (h-index:16, >1200 citations) in peer-reviewed international journals (incl. IJDST, KAIS, ILE, IJKEDM, FGCS, IEEE IS, IJWGS, IJMSO, Applied AI) and conferences (incl. ESWC, ISWC, KSEM, IJCAI, VLDB) and served as reviewer and reviewer in several journals and conference events (incl. IEEE IS, IEEE TKDE, ACM TIoT, KAIS, JWS, J.UCS, IJDMMM, ICTAI, IJCAI). He has also participated in several national and international projects, including among them, Grid4All (FP7, 2008), iCore (FP7, 2012), Internet of Things (Finnish Tivit/Tekes, 2012), AMINESS (Greek Research & Technology General Secretary. 2014), datAcron (H2020, 2016), Time Machine (H2020, 2019)). For more, visit http://i-lab.aegean.gr/kotis

Konstantinos participates in:

Photo of Manolis Koubarakis

Manolis Koubarakis

Manolis participates in:

Photo of Tom Kralidis

Tom Kralidis

Tom participates in:

Photo of Richard Kranendonk

Richard Kranendonk

Privacy Geek and DPO for hire. Looking for the right co-founders to develop tools for facilitating Privacy by Default and by Design in organisations, and make regulatory compliance less dull.

Richard participates in:

Photo of Peter Krautzberger

Peter Krautzberger

Peter participates in:

Photo of Hazel Kuok

Hazel Kuok W3C Evangelist - Southeast Asia Chapter

Hazel participates in:


Photo of Philip Laszkowicz

Philip Laszkowicz Creative Technologist

Philip participates in:


Bastien Latge

Bastien participates in:

Photo of Vladimir Levantovsky

Vladimir Levantovsky

Vladimir participates in:


Lisa LeVasseur

Lisa participates in:


Edward Lewis

Edward participates in:


Wenhe Li

Wenhe participates in:

Photo of Paul Libbrecht

Paul Libbrecht Prof Dr

Recycled mathematician, teaching and developing Informatics. Home page, publications and blog: http://www.hoplahup.net/paul/

Paul participates in:


Peter Linss

Peter participates in:

Photo of Peter Lowe

Peter Lowe

Peter participates in:


Photo of Blair MacIntyre

Blair MacIntyre Professor

Blair participates in:


Tom Mahieu

Tom participates in:

Photo of Giorgio Maone

Giorgio Maone

Giorgio participates in:


Célestin Matte

Célestin participates in:


Katy Mawhood

Katy participates in:


Patrick Meenan Software Engineer (Web Performance)

Patrick participates in:


Maryam Mehrnezhad

Maryam participates in:

Photo of Vicki Menezes Miller

Vicki Menezes Miller

Vicki participates in:

Photo of Jan Miksovsky

Jan Miksovsky

Jan participates in:


Lei Mu Hacker & Founder

Mu Lei known as NalaGinrut has been more than 7 years GNU hacker. He is also an entrepreneur focusing on privacy-respect Web services.

Lei participates in:

Photo of Eric Mwobobia

Eric Mwobobia

Eric participates in:


Photo of Anthony Nadalin

Anthony Nadalin

Anthony participates in:

Photo of Jonathan Neal

Jonathan Neal

Jonathan participates in:


Ciciley Nelson

Ciciley participates in:


Gerhard Nussbaum

Gerhard participates in:


Photo of Tiger Oakes

Tiger Oakes

Tiger participates in:

Photo of Lukasz Olejnik

Lukasz Olejnik

Lukasz Olejnik comes from an information security background. His previous engagements include security engineering work at the Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center and CERN. Lukasz holds a PhD from INRIA (Grenoble) in privacy. His research interests include information and computer security and privacy, especially as applied to online interactions with a special emphasis on the Web, user data disclosure and dissemination problems and privacy-sensitive matters related to Web browser functionalities, as well as Web security. In his research, he analysed user tracking and profiling on the Web. Examples include studies of Web history leaks, as well as privacy and transparency analysis of Real-Time Bidding. Lukasz published his works in venues such as NDSS, ESORICS, WEIS and Phys Rev. He has publications spanning fields such as quantum cryptography and privacy. He co-created the What The Internet Knows About You, a demonstrator of privacy risks related with Web browsing history disclosure via Web browsers. This project included a crucial educational component. Lukasz is also responsible for How Much Are You Worth project, which provided a transparency-aiding browser extensions and was capable of submitting data from users. The data was then leveraged to quantify the value of user data in Real-Time Bidding. Lukasz believes that private matters should stay private, but privacy risks should become public. He can be found on Twitter @lukOlejnik

Lukasz participates in:


Kevin Olotu

Kevin participates in:


Photo of Jason Pamental

Jason Pamental Designer, Strategist, Tinkerer, Typographer

Jason spends much of his time working with clients to establish their typographic systems and digital strategy, helping design and development teams works smarter and faster, and running workshops about all of the above. He is a seasoned design and user experience strategy leader with over 20 years’ experience on the web in both creative and technical roles. Clients range from type industry giants, Ivy League and High Tech, to the NFL and America’s Cup. He also researches and writes on typography for the web: he’s author of Responsive Typography from O’Reilly, articles for .Net Magazine, PRINT Magazine, HOW, Monotype.com, and frequent podcast guest. Author of online courses for Aquent’s Gymnasium platform and Frontend Masters. He’s an experienced speaker and workshop leader, having presented at over 50 national and international conferences. The real story: mainly he just follows Tristan and Tillie around Turner Reservoir, posting photos on Instagram.

Jason participates in:


Despina Pantazi

Despina participates in:


Carlos Pastor Matut

Carlos participates in:

Photo of Kimberly Patch

Kimberly Patch Interface Expert, Writer, Editor, Developer, and Musician

Kim is Mobile Accessibility Task Force Co-facilitator for the AG WG. She uses speech input and developed the Utter Command add-on that speeds Dragon speech input for command-and-control. As lead researcher for Duke University’s Rutherfurd Living History program, Kim architected a system for interactive transcripts. As a consultant, she helped PBS Frontline build a similar system. Kim got her start as a metro reporter in Washington D.C. for UPI and later founded the Internet beat as a Senior Editor at PC Week. Her freelance credits include the AP, Reuters, the Boston Globe, San Jose Mercury News, and Technology Review. She writes the PatchonTech.com blog.

Kimberly participates in:

Photo of Andrea Perego

Andrea Perego Research scientist

Andrea participates in:

Photo of Peter Perlepes

Peter Perlepes

Peter participates in:

Photo of Silvia Pfeiffer

Silvia Pfeiffer Web Media Technology

Silvia participates in:


Mike Pluke

Mike participates in:

Photo of Clemens Portele

Clemens Portele Managing Director

Clemens participates in:



Kris Raich Ing. MSc.

Kris participates in:


Alan Reeve

Alan participates in:

Photo of François Remy

François Remy Layout and accessibility

Previously Program Manager for Microsoft Edge. Graduated Université Libre de Bruxelles.

François participates in:

Photo of Stephen Repsher

Stephen Repsher

Stephen participates in:

Photo of Dónal Rice

Dónal Rice

Dónal participates in:


Simon Rice

Simon participates in:


Kate Roberts

Kate participates in:

Photo of John Rochford

John Rochford

John participates in:


Jan Romann

Jan participates in:

Photo of Natasha Rooney

Natasha Rooney Web Technologist

Natasha participates in:

Photo of Noam Rosenthal

Noam Rosenthal Web Performance Consultant

WebKit reviewer. Formerly participated in building browsers at Nokia, watches at Samsung, and making web sites load fast at wix.com. Contributing to open-source browser engines and to standards to make the web faster.

Noam participates in:


Steven Roussey

Steven participates in:


Christine Runnegar Senior Director, Internet Trust, Internet Society

Christine participates in:

Photo of Peter Rushforth

Peter Rushforth

Peter participates in:



Cybele Sack

Cybele participates in:


Joey Salazar

Joey participates in:

Photo of Felix Sasaki

Felix Sasaki

Felix Sasaki joined the W3C in 2005 to work in the Internationalization Activity until March 2009. In 2012 he rejoined the W3C team as a fellow on behalf of DFKI (German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence). His main field of interest is the application of Web technologies for representation and processing of multilingual information.

Felix participates in:


Kris Shrishak

Kris participates in:

Photo of John Simmons

John Simmons W3C Evangelist - Media & Entertainment, Global

John Simmons is an industry recognized expert on Web media standards. He drove Microsoft’s efforts to define DRM-interoperable encoding, adaptive bitrate streaming, the collaboration with Google, Comcast, Netflix and the W3C for HTML5 Media Extensions and a multi-year Apple collaboration to develop the Common Media Application Format.

John’s standards evangelism across the media and entertainment industry led to the creation of the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) Web Application Video Ecosystem (WAVE) project, a 60-company collaboration to adopt ISO/IEC and W3C standards for streaming media on a global scale.

John received the CTA 2017 Technology Leadership Award for the creation of the WAVE Project and the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) 2019 Emmy Award for the Microsoft, Google, Comcast, Netflix and W3C “Standardization of HTML5, Encrypted Media Extensions (EME) and Media Source Extensions (MSE) for a Full TV Experience”.

Recently retired from Microsoft, John now runs a media standards consulting business from his home in the Cascade Range foothills, east of Seattle, Washington.

John participates in:

Photo of Varun Singh

Varun Singh CEO

Varun participates in:


Rhys Smith Dr

Rhys participates in:

Photo of Rob Smith

Rob Smith

Rob participates in:

Photo of Trevor F. Smith

Trevor F. Smith Research Engineer

Trevor F. participates in:


Neil Soiffer Senior Scientist

Dr. Soiffer received his PhD in Computer Science from U.C. Berkeley. He was a member of Tektronix's Computer Research Lab, where he created experimental math computation systems, math editors, and tools for embedded systems. Dr. Soiffer moved to Wolfram Research, where he was responsible for a number of user elements that are part of Mathematica, including the WYSIWYG math editor and programmability of Mathematica's notebook interface. He joined Design Science in 2003 and worked on math accessibility in their MathPlayer library which renders MathML both visually, aurally, and in braille. It works with browsers, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, Adobe Reader, and other applications. Dr. Soiffer was a principal architect of MathML, and continues to have an active role in math-related standards. Currently, he is chairing the MathML refresh community group. He chaired the MathML in DAISY committee, was a NIMAS board member, and also a member of the EPUB 3 working group. He continues to be a member of the PDF/UA . He was awarded an NSF SBIR grant to make electronic documents that contain math accessible and along with ETS, was awarded a IES grant to make school materials containing math accessible.

Neil participates in:

Photo of Andrew Somers

Andrew Somers Color Science Researcher

Andrew Somers has a broad base of experience in Television and Film in Hollywood, with major credits listed as public record on iMDB. He's been working with color, images, titles/text, and the related engineering issues since before personal computers were capable of displaying images. He's been at the forefront of digital imaging technology and was involved at the beginnings of Digital Cinema, and has been a part of the evolution of the related technologies ever since.

His specific work the last 21 years has been primarily Visual Effects Development & Supervision, Color Grading, Look Development & Editorial, and Title Design for feature films, including work on films such as the recent live-action Beauty and the Beast for Disney. Additional related work is in web design and other graphic design including book design and other print media.

This experience is coupled with a background in broadcast engineering, related vision and perception research, and coding (C/C++, PHP, Javascript, etc.). His current project is the research & development for a new color theory for a book he's writing on that subject.

His interests here with the Accessibility Working Group, Silver Task Force, and the Low Vision Task Force are partly motivated by his personal struggles with visual impairments. He expects to utilize his extensive background in digital imaging & engineering to provide research and development toward improved standards and guidelines relating to visual accessibility for the WCAG.

Andrew participates in:

Photo of Volker Sorge

Volker Sorge

Volker participates in:


Michael Specter

Michael participates in:

Photo of Rudolf Streif

Rudolf Streif

Rudolf participates in:

Photo of Melanie Sumner

Melanie Sumner

Melanie participates in:

Photo of Miriam Suzanne

Miriam Suzanne

Miriam is a web developer, designer, author, and musician — co-founder of OddBird, Teacup Gorilla, and Grapefruit Lab. She has taught for the Mozilla Developer channel, and is a staff writer for CSS Tricks, co-author of Jump Start Sass, member of the Sass & CSS Remedy core teams, and creator of the Susy and True open source tools.

Miriam participates in:


Lars G. Svensson

Lars G. participates in:


Photo of Andreas Tai

Andreas Tai Engineer

Andreas participates in:


Gérard Talbot

Gérard participates in:


Nick Telford-Reed

Nick participates in:

Photo of Shawn Thompson

Shawn Thompson Digital Web Accessibility Technical Advisor

Shawn participates in:


Ehsan Toreini Dr.

Ehsan participates in:

Photo of Bobby Tung

Bobby Tung W3C Evangelist - Publishing, Taiwan

I started to participate W3C activities with "Requirement of Chinese Text and Layout", an i18n project. Now I'm W3C Evangelist in Taiwan to spread recent W3C standardization activities to Web Industry, and recruit member in Digital Publishing area and Banking, Telecommunications.

Bobby participates in:


David Turner

David participates in:


Photo of Makoto Ueki

Makoto Ueki

Web Accessibility Consultant in Japan. Makoto has been contributing to the JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) Working Group and W3C/WAI AG Working Group as a web accessibility expert. And he has been a chairman of the Web accessibility Committee in Japan (WAIC) since 2012. IAAP - Certified Professional in Web Accessibility (CPWA), Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies (CPACC) and Web Accessibility Specialist (WAS) since 2017.

Makoto participates in:


Photo of Rob van Eijk

Rob van Eijk Technologist (DPA, ePrivacy, GDPR)

Rob worked on privacy in the Internet Architecture Board (IAB) Privacy Program. He contributed to the Tracking Protection Working Group, representing the European data protection authorities assembled in the Article 29 Working Party (WP29).

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Photo of Joost van Ulden

Joost van Ulden

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Photo of Gregg Vanderheiden

Gregg Vanderheiden

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Photo of Lea Verou

Lea Verou Invited Expert, CSS WG

Lea is currently working as a Human-Computer Interaction researcher at MIT CSAIL and is an Invited Expert in the CSS Working Group. She previously worked at W3C between 2012-2013 as part of the W3C Developer relations and Web education efforts. She has a long-standing passion for open web standards and enjoys researching, blogging and speaking about them. She has released a number of popular open source tools to help web developers learn and use open web standards.

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Photo of Mark Vickers

Mark Vickers

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Luis Villa

Attorney in private practice, focused on intellectual property. Previously: Deputy General Counsel at Wikimedia; Open Source Initiative board member; author of Mozilla Public License (v 2.0); QA and software team manager at Ximian, Novell, and the Berkman Center at Harvard Law.

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Photo of Michelle Vu

Michelle Vu

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Photo of Rick Waldron

Rick Waldron

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Sam Waller

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Conrad Watt

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Photo of Stephen Watt

Stephen Watt University of Waterloo

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Photo of Michele Williams

Michele Williams Owner, MAW Consulting, LLC

Dr. Michele A. Williams is owner of M.A.W. Consulting, LLC - Making Accessibility Work. Her 16 years of experience include influencing top tech companies as a Senior User Experience (UX) Researcher and Accessibility Consultant, and obtaining a PhD in Human-Centered Computing focused on accessibility. An international speaker, published academic author, and patented inventor, she is passionate about educating and advising on technology that does not exclude disabled users.

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Photo of Johannes Wilm

Johannes Wilm PhD, Anthropology

Johannes (German/Danish/Swedish) has studied social sciences and humanities with a focus on the Americas, Politics, and History in Norway, the UK and Sweden. He has conducted fieldwork in Douglas, Arizona and Nicaragua for extended periods of time and has lived in several Latin American countries. To pay for his other activities, he started doing (open source) web development with and has tried several times to create academic writing systems for non-technically inclined users so that others could take over more of his technical responsibilities in the creation of academic journals. Since 2012 he has worked on the web-based editor Fidus Writer, and in the process he has found that it made a lot of sense to connect with other, larger JavaScript editors to push for improvements in this area and to engage with browser makers through the W3C. Johannes is therefore mainly active in the Editing Taskforce.

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Peter Winstanley Dr

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Photo of Lionel Wolberger

Lionel Wolberger Dr.

Dr. Wolberger is experienced in digital accessibility, has authored patents, holds a PhD in anthropological and ethnographic approaches, and has managed, deployed and secured multi-million dollar systems for Fortune 100 companies used by tens of millions of people on almost every continent. He draws on a background in Agile development, systems architecture, machine learning, product management, InfoSec, Product Security, Blockchain, and Cloud, Dr. Wolberger has co-founded startups and as partner of TLV Startup Hub advised many founders connecting them with investors and corporate partnerships. Serves on W3C committees for Personalization, formerly on Verifiable Claims and Distributed Identifiers. A Privacy by Design ambassador, Cisco Security Ninja, and accomplished presenter on stage and TV, Wolberger enables individuals and groups to achieve their goals.

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Photo of Chris Wood

Chris Wood

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Photo of Tomek Wytrębowicz

Tomek Wytrębowicz

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Photo of Rachel Yager

Rachel Yager W3C Evangelist - Financial Innovation

Dr. Rachel Yager is the founder of FortuneTimes Group (FTG) 运时国际集团 a New York management consulting firm that accelerates international business growth – in startups and Fortune 500 companies – with state-of-the-art business techniques, emerging technologies and global best practice. Dr. Yager is also the founder of SymposiumX which brings together a community of W3C members and industry thought leaders in building the next generation of emerging technologies and standards for financial innovation.

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François Yergeau

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Photo of Sebastian Zartner

Sebastian Zartner

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Photo of Gottfried Zimmermann

Gottfried Zimmermann

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