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W3C WAI Interactive Update: Guidelines, Emerging Technologies, and New Resources

Join W3C Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) staff in this online session where you can: Get up-to-date on WAI work on WCAG 2.2, conformance, evaluation, emerging technologies, cognitive accessibility, and the next generation of accessibility guidelines. Know how to find and use free online WAI resources for developers, designers, content authors, project managers, policy makers, advocates, […]

La Web en el futuro de la industria

The Web in the future of Industry. This talk will go through the new activities within W3C that are being applied to different industry sectors. The performance of companies is being affected by the cutting edge technologies that enhance processes, increase security and interoperability.

WebVR Panel at VRX Europe conference

During the VRX Europe conference (May 11-12 in London), Dominique Hazael-Massieux chairs a panel on WebVR and its role in the adoption of VR as explored during the Web & Virtual Reality workshop in October 2016, with participants from Unity, Samsung, Mozilla.