2023; a new era for W3C

With the start of the year 2023 we pass a milestone in the evolution of the global collaboration project that is the World Wide Web Consortium: In our 29th year of operation, we are operating now as World Wide Web Consortium Inc, continuing with Beihang University (China), ERCIM (France), and Keio University (Japan) as partners.

At the broadest level our mission continues unchanged, with the W3C Advisory Board leading a project to renew the expression of that mission.

Our community – our Members, non-Member contributors, Team, and all who use the results of our collective work – will continue to refine their expectations of this project and we will continue to adapt to those expectations.

Our strength derives from the diversity of our global inclusion. This should be our guide as we continue to refine the best arrangement of the elements of this project.

Thank you for your continued engagement in this global effort to maintain one world wide web with equitable access for all its users.

–Ralph Swick, W3C Interim CEO

One thought on “2023; a new era for W3C

  1. Congratulations! I love WWW and dream about collaborate with W3C someday. Salute you from Brazil.

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