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Mark your calendar and register now for another amazing W3C developer meetup! This free event is scheduled on Monday October 22 (from 6:30pm to 10:30pm) on the premises of Université de Lyon, in the 7th district of downtown Lyon (France), near square Jean Macé. We're particularly excited to be back in Lyon to meet and discuss again with Web designers and application developers from Lyon and Greater Lyon.

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We are taking advantage of the presence of world renowned experts to build a great evening of demonstrations, presentations and discussions. With special thanks to Université de Lyon, W3C Member, for hosting the event!

A partnership between W3C and La Cuisine du Web

In addition to our strong relationship with Université de Lyon, we are really happy to partner with La Cuisine du Web (Lyon's Webdevs cluster) since their annual Blend Web Mix conference is happening the same week. As a recognition of this partnership, our W3C developer meetup is part of BlendWebMix OFF.

The W3C international community is in Lyon for a week to attend the annual W3C TPAC (Technical Plenary /  Advisory Committee) event. Over 550 people are gathering to coordinate the development and adoption of Web standards in W3C's working groups, community groups, the Advisory Board, the Technical Architecture Group, etc.

One of the major values we hear from participants of our developer meetup as part of the TPAC week is around the opportunities for developers and standardistas to mingle and exchange on the current status and the future the Web platform. So, what's planned for this year's W3C developer meetup?

Everyone loves demos!

Doors opens at 6pm, and the show starts at 6:30 with cool demonstrations of Web technologies in action - a combination of technologies already in deployment as well as technologies still under exploration and prototyping. This is a unique opportunity to discover technologies you may not have heard of, and discuss with their designers and implementors on use cases to which they're applicable and how to get them deployed in real conditions.

Confirmed demos include: Immersive Web (AR/VR), Machine learning for the Web (WebML), MapML, Web of Things, WebAuthn, CSS Houdini, WebAudio, Web Payments, WebVMT, and IOv2. Follow us on our @w3cdevs twitter account where to find teasers about these demos between now and the event.

Some of the demos will be available again after the talks over drinks and snacks, from 9 to 10:30pm.

A great line-up of speakers

Collage of Lyon's devmeetup speakers

From 7:30pm until 8:45pm, we will listen to a series of five talks given by experts on CSS, privacy, internationalization, and Web documentation.
  • Rachel Andrew, the well-known prolific author of CSS books (most recently, the New CSS Layout), Editor in Chief of Smashing Magazine and Invited Expert to the CSS Working Group, will present her perspectives on the New CSS Layout.
  • Manuel Rego, free software developer working for the Spanish consultancy Igalia, will share his experience on how to best participate in standardization efforts, in particular in the CSS Working Group.
  • Ali Spivak, who is Head of Developer Ecosystem at Mozilla, will tell us her vision of how the work on Web Documentation for MDN intersects with W3C and developer needs.
  • Tristan Nitot, VP Advocacy for the France-based Qwant search engine (formerly at Mozilla and Cozy Cloud), will present his perspectives on making the Web both personal and privacy-preserving.
  • Richard Ishida, W3C Internationalization activity lead, will remind us of what it takes the make the Web truly world-wide, catering for the needs of the many languages and cultures around the globe.

Register now!

Participation in the meetup is open to everyone at no cost - so please register and reserve your seat asap because space is limited.

Thanks to our sponsors!

This event would not have been possible without the support from our sponsors Qwant, Microsoft, Mozilla, NTT Communications, StickerMule, Webcastor and WithYou. Many thanks to them!

Collage of Lyon's devmeetup sponsors logos

Sponsorship opportunities are still available for companies who want to showcase their commitment to the Web Platform to an expected crowd of 350+ attendees.

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