Business Groups

W3C has created Community and Business Groups to meet the needs of a growing community of Web stakeholders. Community Groups enable anyone to socialize their ideas for the Web at the W3C for possible future standardization. Business Groups provide companies anywhere in the world with access to the expertise and community needed to develop open Web technology. New W3C Working Groups can then build mature Web standards on top of best of the experimental work, and businesses and other organizations can make the most out of W3C's Open Web Platform in their domain of interest.

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Improving Web Advertising Business Group

The mission of the Improving Web Advertising Business Group is to identify areas where standards and changes in the Web itself can improve the ecosystem and experience for users, advertisers, publishers, distributors, ad networks, agencies and others, and to oversee liaison with existing Working Groups and to create new Working Groups as needed

Web Advertising

Publishing Business Group

The Publishing Business Group fosters ongoing participation by members of the publishing industry and overall publishing ecosystem in the development of the Web for publishing, and serves as a conduit for feedback between the publishing ecosystem and W3C. See the Publishing Business Group Charter for details.

The Business Group maintains a separate “Working” Web site, which includes documents, like information on meetings, index for meeting minutes, and other working documents. There is also a separate wiki for BG members. Finally, if necessary or convenient, Google Documents can also be used; these are collected in a separate Google Drive folder.

(The Working Web site’s content is actually served from a dedicated Github repository.)



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