Closed Business Groups

W3C has created Community and Business Groups to meet the needs of a growing community of Web stakeholders. Community Groups enable anyone to socialize their ideas for the Web at the W3C for possible future standardization. Business Groups provide companies anywhere in the world with access to the expertise and community needed to develop open Web technology. New W3C Working Groups can then build mature Web standards on top of best of the experimental work, and businesses and other organizations can make the most out of W3C's Open Web Platform in their domain of interest.

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Graph Standardization Business Group

The Graph Standardization Business Group sought to take output from the 2019 W3C Graph Data Workshop and develop a strategy for how the work should move ahead. Topics in scope were:

  • What Use Cases are organizations trying to solve? What are the business needs that need to be addressed?
  • What are the possible areas of technical work that needs to be done in W3C and what organizations will support it?
  • Which other organizations does W3C need to work with to insure interoperability?

Web and Broadcasting Business Group

The aim of the Web and Broadcasting Business Group was to study and clarify the influence of Open Web Platform on the professional world of broadcasting, and to help stakeholders within the broadcasting industry to build good and practical understanding on the standardization processes in W3C with the chair-to-chair communication mechanism built into business groups.

Web-based Signage Business Group

The goal of the group was to identify use cases and system image/model for expansion of web browser based digital signage and smarter integration of existing Web standards.

Web5G Based Communications Accessibility Business Group

Discussion communications accessibility based on Web5G and AI.The purpose of this group was to collect information on accessibility issues and implement the communications accessibility between normal people and disabled people, natives and foreigners, people and robots.


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