W3C Publishing Business Group Charter


The mission of the Publishing Business Group (“Publishing BG”) is to foster ongoing participation by members of the publishing industry and overall ecosystem[1] in the development of the Web for publishing, and to serve as a conduit for feedback between the publishing ecosystem and W3C. The Publishing BG also collaborates with W3C staff to sponsor and advance additional activities  that help lead the Web to its full potential for publishing (events, webinars,training, marketing and promotion, etc.).


The Publishing BG shall seek to foster ongoing participation by members of the publishing ecosystem, including W3C Transitional Publishing Industry Members (TPI Members)[2], and serve as a conduit for feedback between the publishing industry and W3C.

The Publishing BG shall help assure that W3C is actively involved with publishing activities, and provide requirements and review comments and proposed changes to publishing-related specifications developed in W3C WGs and/or CGs.

Close coordination between the Publishing BG, the Digital Publishing Interest Group, the EPUB 3 Community Group (EPUB 3 CG), and the prospective (Digital) Publishing Working Group (WG) is critical.  The EPUB 3 Community Group requests approval from the Publishing Business Group for publication of all CG specifications other than Editor's Drafts. In the case of the prospective (Digital) Publishing WG, it is expected that the Publishing BG will take a lead role in the process of developing its charter (primarily focusing on business and requirements aspects of the charter), in collaboration with the Digital Publishing Interest Group (primarily focusing on technical aspects of the charter).


The Publishing BG will elect a Steering Committee. Its Steering Committee will meet on a more frequent basis  (initially monthly) than is expected for the entire Publishing BG, in order to facilitate the work of the Publishing BG, including advising W3C on the direction of current and future publishing activity work carried out through W3C; and ensuring that the interests of the publishing industry are appropriately reflected in such publishing activity work. The BG or its Steering Committee will designate one or more Steering Committee members to serve as Co-Chair(s) of the Publishing BG. The Steering Committee will also advise the W3C Director on individuals to serve as Co-Chairs of the anticipated Publishing Working Group.

The initial members of the Steering Committee shall be the individuals who served on IDPF’s Board of Directors immediately prior to the effective date of the Combination of IDPF with W3C (the “Combination”), provided that the companies or organizations with whom these Directors are affiliated are either Members of W3C or TPI Members within 30 days of the effective date of the Combination. The Steering Committee shall be divided into two equal classes, each to be elected by the Publishing BG. Initially, both classes shall serve through 2017. Steering Committee  Elections for all seats whose terms are expiring shall take place near the end of each calendar year, starting in 2017, via a remote vote process. In the initial elections, one class shall be elected for one-year terms and the other class for two-year terms. Thereafter each class shall be elected to two-year terms.  The Steering Committee may have a maximum of 16 members. In case there are fewer serving members than the maximum, the BG may hold a special election to elect additional Steering Committee member(s) to one or the other class, or the W3C Director may appoint interim Steering Committee members based on guidance from the BG and its Steering Committee.

The Steering Committee is empowered to take any action on behalf of the BG; provided, however, that any such action may be rescinded by a simple majority vote of BG members at any meeting (or by a remote vote, to be called by the Steering Committee or W3C Staff if presented with a petition, which may be in counterparts, of BG members equal in number to the Steering Committee.

The Publishing BG will adhere as much as practical to the W3C Process Document section 3.3 and W3C tradition by seeking to make decisions that reflect a consensus.


The Publishing BG will operate via the mailing list public-publishingbg@w3.org [archive], wiki, @@github, etc.@@

All Github repositories attached to the Business Group must contain a copy of the CONTRIBUTING and LICENSE files.

This charter may be amended at any time by a simple majority vote of BG members.

Community and Business Group Process and Patent Policy

The group operates under the Community and Business Group Process. Terms of this charter that conflict with those of the Community and Business Group Process are void.

[1]  In the context of this charter “Publishing Ecosystem” means all segments of commercial and non-commercial creation and dissemination of publications including books, learning content, academic, professional, and scientific articles and reports, and corporate and consumer-created ad hoc documents.

[2] These are former members of the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF), participating on a special basis agreed in the combination of IDPF with W3C effective January, 2017

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