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Active between 2015 and 2024, the Automotive Working Group and later a Business Group developed specifications for exposing information services for in-vehicle and cloud based uses, in coordination with the Connected Vehicle Systems Alliance (COVESA). Further development of those deliverables was expected to continue in COVESA.

The web provides a rich ecosystem for vehicles and transportation.

Technology advances in sensors, communications, cloud and data analytics infrastructure, geophysical mapping, machine learning, mobile devices, user interfaces, etc., create tremendous opportunity to offer enhanced information, entertainment, efficiency, maintenance, safety, and convenience.

The work in automotive and transportation addresses the need for standards in a connected vehicle ecosystem, modes of transportation and related services.

§ Why automotive standards matter?

  • Need for a robust, common application ecosystem
  • Reduce fragmentation into competing proprietary solutions
  • Future of transportation will require interoperability
  • More developers for the web than any other platform
  • The web has proven itself and transformed industries
  • Connected vehicles are relying on web services

§ Common Vehicle Interface Initiative

Common Vehicle Interface Initiative (CVII), launched with COVESA to address the need for industry-standards to more efficiently collect and manage vehicle data and define vehicle services invoked remotely from the cloud.

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