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ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-1 (edit) closed Replace current public account request form with "merged" Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2012-09-07 Redesign 2012
ACTION-2 (edit) closed Indicate clearly address is HQ address in affiliation update form Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2012-09-07 Redesign 2012
ACTION-3 (edit) closed Fix photo links to not scroll to top of page (until we have profile pages) Sorin Stefan 2012-09-07 Redesign 2012
ACTION-4 (edit) closed Separate "add new org" from dropdown list in affiliation update page Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2013-03-11 Redesign 2012
ACTION-5 (edit) closed Review secure user data practices Ted Guild 2012-12-01 Redesign 2012
ACTION-8 (edit) closed Allow groups to register 1 or more twitter hash tags associated with group Ted Guild 2012-09-30 hashTags
ACTION-9 (edit) closed Allow chairs to modify group service information Ted Guild 2013-10-30 Redesign 2012
ACTION-10 (edit) closed Allow some HTML in group description Ted Guild 2013-06-30 richDesc
ACTION-12 (edit) closed Fix slash issue in group descriptions Ted Guild 2012-09-07 Redesign 2012
ACTION-13 (edit) closed Do we clear participants list when we close a group (using the services UI)? Ted Guild 2012-09-07 groupClosure
ACTION-14 (edit) closed Will WP "widget_logic" allow us to hide widget when a group is closed? Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2012-09-07 groupClosure
ACTION-15 (edit) closed Close public group list to new posts after closure Ted Guild 2013-05-01 groupClosure
ACTION-16 (edit) closed Empty queue of pending individual join requests on closure Dominique Hazaël-Massieux 2012-09-07 groupClosure
ACTION-17 (edit) closed Add a "comment on this proposal" button for proposed group Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2013-04-22 Redesign 2012
ACTION-18 (edit) closed Inform person who proposed a group that the group is proposed, and to follow comments Ted Guild 2012-09-30
ACTION-19 (edit) closed Include "sort by organization" on participants page Sorin Stefan 2012-09-13 Redesign 2012
ACTION-20 (edit) closed Review handling of nofollow on cg site Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2013-03-11 Redesign 2012
ACTION-21 (edit) closed Customized email for unsubscribe attempt on dbwg-backed list Gerald Oskoboiny 2013-02-01 betterMail
ACTION-22 (edit) closed Add "leave" link for CGs and WGs in userprofile page Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2012-09-07 Redesign 2012
ACTION-24 (edit) closed Create list of key events (for activity metrics) Ian Jacobs 2012-09-07 activityData
ACTION-25 (edit) closed Determine format we can use for syndication and aggregation of event information Dominique Hazaël-Massieux 2012-09-07 activityData
ACTION-26 (edit) closed List common scenarios for consumption of activity data Ian Jacobs 2012-09-07 activityData
ACTION-27 (edit) closed Create a per group feed of join/leave activity Dominique Hazaël-Massieux 2012-09-07 activityData
ACTION-29 (edit) closed Write deployment plan for new styles Sorin Stefan 2012-09-07 style2012
ACTION-30 (edit) closed Ask team legal about use of analytics Ted Guild 2012-09-08 siteAnalytics
ACTION-31 (edit) closed Make clearer role of publishing reports Ian Jacobs 2013-02-06 Redesign 2012
ACTION-33 (edit) closed Create a function that for a proposed group gives back URI to blog post announcing it Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2012-09-08 Redesign 2012
ACTION-34 (edit) closed Figure out how to allow user to create new account, log in, and be redirected from modal dialog Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2012-10-05 newAccountIntegration
ACTION-35 (edit) closed Create design pattern as indicator of how to manage a component Sorin Stefan 2012-09-21 Redesign 2012
ACTION-36 (edit) closed Create design pattern as indicator that something may be missing Sorin Stefan 2012-09-21 Redesign 2012
ACTION-37 (edit) closed Provide URIs to associate tool documentation with tool in service API Ian Jacobs 2013-06-30 Redesign 2012
ACTION-38 (edit) closed Update list display design so titles are links; open more tab at bottom of block Sorin Stefan 2012-09-21 Redesign 2012
ACTION-39 (edit) closed Update join page design to include visual clue for changing affiliation if incorrect Sorin Stefan 2012-09-21 Redesign 2012
ACTION-40 (edit) closed Shrink weight of background image Sorin Stefan 2012-09-09 Redesign 2012
ACTION-41 (edit) closed Add FAQ entry: What can I use to edit my spec? Ian Jacobs 2012-09-21
ACTION-43 (edit) closed Add "No commitment" option to FSA commitment form Ian Jacobs 2012-09-10
ACTION-44 (edit) closed Design a kick-ass 404 page Sorin Stefan 2012-09-21 Redesign 2012
ACTION-45 (edit) closed Create a plan for a unified filtering and sorting approach (people, groups, reports) Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2013-03-04 Redesign 2012
ACTION-46 (edit) closed Plan for use of SVG for images Sorin Stefan 2012-09-21 Redesign 2012
ACTION-47 (edit) closed Review analysis of survey results (for actions). Ian Jacobs 2012-09-30
ACTION-48 (edit) closed Create a plugin to display in WP for closed groups Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2013-03-11
ACTION-49 (edit) closed Provide Jean-Gui with mockup for closed group WP widget Sorin Stefan 2012-09-20 Redesign 2012
ACTION-50 (edit) closed Store group close date in database Ted Guild 2012-09-19
ACTION-51 (edit) closed Draft email announcing proposed group to proponent Ian Jacobs 2012-09-13
ACTION-52 (edit) closed Correct front page graphic for better contrast with background Sorin Stefan 2012-09-21 Redesign 2012
ACTION-53 (edit) closed Review static templates for bugs/simple optimization Dominique Hazaël-Massieux 2013-03-01
ACTION-54 (edit) closed Write up scenarios for testing period Ian Jacobs 2013-03-15 Redesign 2012
ACTION-55 (edit) closed Review resource allocation to CGs, other systems projects Ted Guild 2012-09-30
ACTION-56 (edit) closed Write 1-page high-level description of activityTracker and Dashboard Dominique Hazaël-Massieux 2013-01-31 activityData
ACTION-57 (edit) closed Update timeline for policy review cycle Ian Jacobs 2012-09-23 Policy
ACTION-58 (edit) closed Create a mockup of what a basic WG home page would look like using CG tooling Ian Jacobs 2012-10-05
ACTION-59 (edit) closed Review deployment of updated documentation Ian Jacobs 2013-04-01
ACTION-60 (edit) closed Chair selection email Ian Jacobs 2013-03-01 betterMail
ACTION-62 (edit) closed Revisit welcome message (first blog post) Ian Jacobs 2012-09-25 betterMail
ACTION-63 (edit) closed Slide decks for specific topics? Coralie Mercier 2013-04-01
ACTION-64 (edit) closed Encourage people to promote group (in various messages) Ian Jacobs 2012-10-15 betterMail
ACTION-65 (edit) closed When Member resigns, terminate representative participation in (IPP) groups Ted Guild 2012-10-16
ACTION-66 (edit) closed Review amount of explanatory text on new CG home page Ian Jacobs 2013-02-15
ACTION-69 (edit) closed Review simple algorithm for chair selection Ian Jacobs 2013-03-01
ACTION-72 (edit) closed Replace FAQ plugin with static FAQ using new FAQ tabs Sorin Stefan 2013-03-21
ACTION-73 (edit) closed Create a modal window for login Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2013-02-07
ACTION-74 (edit) closed Ask Sorin for a template for the group services page Ian Jacobs 2013-02-15
ACTION-75 (edit) closed Propose a getting to beta schedule for new UI Ian Jacobs 2013-03-30
ACTION-76 (edit) closed Review "read more" handler js with Jean-Gui Sorin Stefan 2013-03-03 Redesign 2012
ACTION-77 (edit) closed Done - (Add UI to select chairs to participants page). TODO - Functionality (see notes) Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2013-03-27 Redesign 2012
ACTION-78 (edit) closed Tabs (content) - in FAQ / About and other pages where it's used Sorin Stefan 2013-04-22 Redesign 2012
ACTION-79 (edit) closed Fix title overlap Sorin Stefan 2013-02-17
ACTION-80 (edit) closed Style WordPress "Leave a reply" etc. forms + links below the post Sorin Stefan 2013-02-17 Redesign 2012
ACTION-81 (edit) closed Re-arrange the buttons in an expanded group (buttons) Sorin Stefan 2013-02-17 Redesign 2012
ACTION-82 (edit) closed Different highlight under Recent Posts on too long titles Sorin Stefan 2013-02-17
ACTION-83 (edit) closed Responsive design. Sorin Stefan 2013-04-29 Redesign 2012
ACTION-84 (edit) closed Cross-browser re-check + Color/Brightness/Contrast Sorin Stefan 2013-04-29 Redesign 2012
ACTION-85 (edit) closed The propose groups forms and validation messages needs styling. Sorin Stefan 2013-02-17 Redesign 2012
ACTION-86 (edit) closed Make "Tools for this group" section sticky when scrolling beyond it + "Back to top" button Sorin Stefan 2013-04-22 Redesign 2012
ACTION-87 (edit) closed Groups without any blog posts bug. Sorin Stefan 2013-02-17 Redesign 2012
ACTION-88 (edit) closed Join form for unaffiliated users Sorin Stefan 2013-02-07 Redesign 2012
ACTION-89 (edit) closed Join form needs to be very clear that users have to make sure their affiliation is correct Sorin Stefan 2013-02-07 Redesign 2012
ACTION-90 (edit) closed Style the "Congratulations!..." page after creating a CG or BG group Sorin Stefan 2013-02-17 Redesign 2012
ACTION-91 (edit) closed Add UI to join page to ensure user confirms affiliation (with link to do so); disable remainder of form until confirmation Sorin Stefan 2013-02-13
ACTION-92 (edit) closed Create a 1-column join page (for all joins except non-member rep); remove arrows Sorin Stefan 2013-02-13
ACTION-93 (edit) closed Remove align="left" globall from templates Sorin Stefan 2013-02-13
ACTION-94 (edit) closed Before deployment, move images and js to /community/src (instead of wordpress template space) and set up symlink Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2013-03-21
ACTION-95 (edit) closed Add missing text box for more info to section of join page for request as individual Sorin Stefan 2013-02-13
ACTION-96 (edit) closed Add call for action to modal dialog(s) in cartoon on home page (for create a group, learn more about report requirements) Sorin Stefan 2013-02-13
ACTION-97 (edit) closed Remove the stray "edit" links from WP in templates (e.g., propose_cg_response.tpl) Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2013-02-13
ACTION-98 (edit) closed Create a new template for the join page when a person is already in a group (replacing cla block with status information when they joined) Sorin Stefan 2013-02-27
ACTION-99 (edit) closed Review template requirements related to commitments Ian Jacobs 2013-03-06
ACTION-100 (edit) closed Add arrows to buttons to reflect sort order Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2013-03-27
ACTION-101 (edit) closed Investigate a new reports page structure that is report-based Ian Jacobs 2013-03-29
ACTION-102 (edit) closed Implement single block for expand/collapse Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2013-03-24
ACTION-103 (edit) closed Create CSS for truncated presentation of collapsed block of content Sorin Stefan 2013-03-24
ACTION-104 (edit) closed For groups with no chairs, style the chairs section of the participants page like a group that does have a chair, but with blank photo Sorin Stefan 2013-03-24
ACTION-105 (edit) closed On participants page, sort block near participants list Sorin Stefan 2013-03-24
ACTION-106 (edit) closed Refactor groups and reports pages to use grid layout (single list, 2 column) Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2013-04-22
ACTION-107 (edit) closed Refactor account request form Sorin Stefan 2013-04-22
ACTION-108 (edit) closed Figure out what symfony giving 500 response at bottom of many pages Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2013-03-24
ACTION-109 (edit) closed Write a script to update configuration of all blogs Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2013-03-24
ACTION-110 (edit) closed Review style of intro text below story graphic on home page (now that there are 2 paragraphs). Sorin Stefan 2013-04-22
ACTION-111 (edit) closed Review behavior of links in paragraphs on home page intro text below graphic and reports page (inside tables). Sorin Stefan 2013-03-24
ACTION-112 (edit) closed Complete modal dialog boxes on home page with instructions Ian Jacobs 2013-03-24
ACTION-113 (edit) closed Review style of publish form Sorin Stefan 2013-04-22
ACTION-114 (edit) closed Give sorin chair access to testgroup201203 on test server Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2013-03-24
ACTION-115 (edit) closed Review style of FSA commitments page Sorin Stefan 2013-04-22
ACTION-116 (edit) closed Restyle the "make a commitment" widget (smarty/commitment_widget.tpl) Sorin Stefan 2013-04-22
ACTION-117 (edit) closed Review style of make an FSA commitment form Sorin Stefan 2013-04-22
ACTION-118 (edit) closed Ensure make an FSA commitment form works in new style. Sorin Stefan 2013-03-24 Redesign 2012
ACTION-119 (edit) closed Talk with Ted about need for coypright-only join infrastructure Ian Jacobs 2013-12-01 groupsWithoutPatents
ACTION-120 (edit) closed "Issue tracking" list item needs a new icon in the sprite image Sorin Stefan 2013-04-22 Redesign 2012
ACTION-121 (edit) closed <h4> titles seem that are not styled Sorin Stefan 2013-05-25 Redesign 2012
ACTION-122 (edit) closed set tabindex on faq-test page Sorin Stefan 2013-06-02 Redesign 2012
ACTION-123 (edit) closed Determine what permissions should chairs have Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2013-06-11
ACTION-124 (edit) closed Make another icon in the sprite for "version control" see this page as ex.: Sorin Stefan 2013-06-05 Redesign 2012
ACTION-125 (edit) closed This page ( needs to be styled like this one ( Sorin Stefan 2013-06-05 Redesign 2012
ACTION-126 (edit) closed clean up and re-arrange a bit the scss files Sorin Stefan 2013-06-09 Redesign 2012
ACTION-127 (edit) closed Make one column list - Formating issue on the groups page list. When expanding a group the one below goes to the right Sorin Stefan 2013-06-12 Redesign 2012
ACTION-128 (edit) closed Accordion should stay open when openning multiple rows Sorin Stefan 2013-06-12 Redesign 2012
ACTION-129 (edit) closed Close modal dialogs before leaving page (e.g., join, create) Sorin Stefan 2013-06-26
ACTION-130 (edit) closed Store URI to proposed group blog post in database associated with a group Ted Guild 2013-06-26
ACTION-131 (edit) closed Implement blog history in new templates Sorin Stefan 2013-06-26 Redesign 2012
ACTION-132 (edit) closed Underlined links on the the orange buttons on home Sorin Stefan 2013-06-25 Redesign 2012
ACTION-133 (edit) closed Join modal does not show up - home. logged in. Plz test with other browsers too. Sorin Stefan 2013-06-25 Redesign 2012
ACTION-134 (edit) closed Add a title attribute to the skip link Sorin Stefan 2013-06-25 Redesign 2012
ACTION-135 (edit) closed Performance: The site seems slow on FF. Investigate and optimize cross-browser Sorin Stefan 2013-06-27 Redesign 2012
ACTION-136 (edit) closed When I do "back" from join after log-in, I find modal dialog. The modal should be killed when you do either login or request an account Sorin Stefan 2013-06-25 Redesign 2012
ACTION-137 (edit) closed Propose group CSS bug Sorin Stefan 2013-06-28 Redesign 2012
ACTION-138 (edit) closed Support group/Join group buttons need to be <input type button> because we're submitting a link Sorin Stefan 2013-06-27 Redesign 2012
ACTION-139 (edit) closed On the proposed groups page, for each group show: * Support the group button * Comment on the proposal [09:52] <Ian> * Report a problem (Therefore, delete the "email team-community-rpocess" button…although report a problem is exactly sending email to that Sorin Stefan 2013-06-25 Redesign 2012
ACTION-140 (edit) closed Past and proposed group buttons don't go anywhere take the same url from the current site. Sorin Stefan 2013-06-27 Redesign 2012
ACTION-141 (edit) closed comment on the proposal button is cut out overflow: hidden Sorin Stefan 2013-06-27 Redesign 2012
ACTION-142 (edit) closed when added a short comment the text is not aligned properly Sorin Stefan 2013-06-27 Redesign 2012
ACTION-143 (edit) closed Add more space between the columns of the home using the grid on the homepage Sorin Stefan 2013-06-27 Redesign 2012
ACTION-144 (edit) closed Move sorting and filtering UI to right column; make sticky Sorin Stefan 2013-07-04
ACTION-145 (edit) closed Disable participants widget (rhs) when on the participants page Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2013-07-04
ACTION-146 (edit) closed Change default image for participants (proposed page, paticipants page, etc.) to match user outline image Sorin Stefan 2013-07-04
ACTION-147 (edit) closed On group paticipants page, implement same UI as on reports, groups pages Sorin Stefan 2013-07-04
ACTION-148 (edit) closed Mailing lists (icon) pop up showing below Sorin Stefan 2013-07-04 Redesign 2012
ACTION-149 (edit) closed Don't show show the read more handler if there's no additional text below it. Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2013-07-04
ACTION-150 (edit) closed Add link to patent summary page from join pages (in addition to link to CLA) Ian Jacobs 2013-07-06
ACTION-151 (edit) closed Remove the current FAQ plugin and rename /faq-test to /faq Sorin Stefan 2013-07-21 Redesign 2012
ACTION-152 (edit) closed Propose chairs message on the participants page needs to be different when anonymous Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2013-07-23 Redesign 2012
ACTION-153 (edit) closed Make it easier for people to find approve group given proposed group uri Ted Guild 2013-07-26
ACTION-155 (edit) closed Join page should allow person to "go back" after choosing "continue" (in order to change affilliation) Sorin Stefan 2013-08-01
ACTION-156 (edit) closed On join page at confirm affiliation stage, clarify two options Sorin Stefan 2013-08-01
ACTION-157 (edit) closed Change layout of participants page Sorin Stefan 2013-08-01
ACTION-158 (edit) closed Add css to highlight current page in various menus (e.g., policies, about pages) -see current_page_item Sorin Stefan 2013-08-01
ACTION-160 (edit) closed Write up a prioritized list Ian Jacobs 2013-08-09
ACTION-161 (edit) closed Write up concrete prioritized todo list for cg systems after beta Ian Jacobs 2013-09-07
ACTION-162 (edit) closed Redo participants page using a widget Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2013-08-12 Redesign 2012
ACTION-163 (edit) closed Wire "support group" button to an action Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2013-08-12 Redesign 2012
ACTION-164 (edit) closed Do not display modal login window when already logged in Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2013-08-13 Redesign 2012
ACTION-165 (edit) closed Style "Support this group" buttons as "Join group" ones Sorin Stefan 2013-08-13 Redesign 2012
ACTION-166 (edit) closed When you support a group, the comment button then moves below the text Sorin Stefan 2013-08-13 Redesign 2012
ACTION-167 (edit) closed Ensure participants widget does not show on group home page Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2013-08-31
ACTION-168 (edit) closed Optimize large pages (current groups) to load smoothly Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2013-09-15
ACTION-169 (edit) closed One more comment, on the join pages, can you left-justify the group descriptions rather than center justify? We are about to enable mark for things like lists, in which case center alignment would be undesirable. Sorin Stefan 2013-08-29 Redesign 2012
ACTION-170 (edit) closed preload components on /groups and /reports page. find a way to make re-usable on other pages. Sorin Stefan 2013-08-29 Redesign 2012
ACTION-171 (edit) closed Can u plz change the breadcrumbs? they are ugly! Sorin Stefan 2013-08-29 Redesign 2012
ACTION-172 (edit) closed Verify that modal dialog to log in does not pop up when user is already logged in. Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2013-09-11
ACTION-173 (edit) closed Verify that modal dialog to log in is used after user enters incorrect name/password Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2013-09-11
ACTION-174 (edit) closed tabs are not in place - Sorin Stefan 2013-09-11 Redesign 2012
ACTION-175 (edit) closed Design (with Sorin) front end for modifying group description Ian Jacobs 2013-09-11
ACTION-177 (edit) closed change default avatar icon (retina too) check the jon templates for the final version of the icon Sorin Stefan 2013-09-22 Redesign 2012
ACTION-178 (edit) closed Missing resource (404) jquery.table.sorter.js - see notes below Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2013-10-01 Redesign 2012
ACTION-179 (edit) closed Can we create a style for WP login page (e.g., when incorrect password used) Sorin Stefan 2013-10-02
ACTION-180 (edit) closed How to distinguish fake and real groups in beta Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2013-10-31
ACTION-181 (edit) closed How to manage short/long description toggle via javascript; smooth scrolling Sorin Stefan 2013-12-15
ACTION-182 (edit) closed Implement new join/leave/change designs Ian Jacobs 2013-10-02
ACTION-183 (edit) closed Ensure that "report a problem" buttons give coherent message draft with sufficient context. Ian Jacobs 2013-10-14
ACTION-184 (edit) closed Improve style for <code> in the posts Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2013-10-15 Redesign 2012
ACTION-185 (edit) closed No Reports Yet Published - section in each group homepage: add more white space top/bottom, "i" icon move next to the title Sorin Stefan 2013-10-15 Redesign 2012
ACTION-186 (edit) closed Style the "Note: ... " on homepage, group home and other places where it appears Sorin Stefan 2013-10-24 Redesign 2012
ACTION-187 (edit) closed Add the static join pages to WP Sorin Stefan 2013-10-24 Redesign 2012
ACTION-188 (edit) closed Change participants - join page - fix the layout issue with multiple users (see Ian's email) Sorin Stefan 2013-10-24 Redesign 2012
ACTION-189 (edit) closed Add the js code that you and Ian discussed for the less/more group description Sorin Stefan 2013-10-24 Redesign 2012
ACTION-190 (edit) closed Join Group from homepage - modal login - jon page - browser Back -> user is logged out now Sorin Stefan 2013-10-24 Redesign 2012
ACTION-191 (edit) closed After joining a group: "The operation succeeded, and you are now part of the ..." needs styling Sorin Stefan 2013-10-24 Redesign 2012
ACTION-192 (edit) closed Choose another free font for the main logo title and the group names (see email to Ian) Sorin Stefan 2013-11-01 Redesign 2012
ACTION-193 (edit) closed The new logo cgbg style bug on the join pages ... Sorin Stefan 2013-11-11 Redesign 2012
ACTION-194 (edit) closed Put join/leave templates in cvs Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2013-11-13
ACTION-195 (edit) closed Redirect to http (not https) after logging in Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2013-11-13
ACTION-196 (edit) closed Escape issue in group titles (at least) (e.g., Ian's group) Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2013-11-14
ACTION-197 (edit) closed Hide "readmore" toggles when javascript is turned off Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2013-11-14
ACTION-198 (edit) closed Filter widget cut off at bottom when vertical height shrinks to a certain point Sorin Stefan 2013-11-14
ACTION-199 (edit) closed Adjust filter labels for past, proposed groups pages Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2013-11-14
ACTION-200 (edit) closed When opening a faq question (or any similar UI) we want an anchor Sorin Stefan 2013-11-14
ACTION-201 (edit) closed Use the same description widget on participants page as on group home page Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2013-11-14
ACTION-202 (edit) closed Align the height of the “join-not in group-affiliation” page - see email from Ian Sorin Stefan 2013-12-06 Redesign 2012
ACTION-203 (edit) closed Make the image sprite icons flat (i, comments, etc.) Sorin Stefan 2013-12-06 Redesign 2012
ACTION-204 (edit) closed When a URI points to a collapsed item, open that item. Sorin Stefan 2013-12-10
ACTION-205 (edit) closed When user supports group, in POST response update URI to be URI to specific group on proposed page Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2013-12-10
ACTION-206 (edit) closed When scrolling to a URI with an anchor, scroll a bit more to ensure that the wordpress top bar does not obscure information Sorin Stefan 2013-12-10
ACTION-207 (edit) closed Modal login does not work when first tried Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2013-12-10
ACTION-208 (edit) closed Make layout fluid Sorin Stefan 2013-12-10
ACTION-209 (edit) closed Re-style this page: Sorin Stefan 2013-12-10 Redesign 2012
ACTION-210 (edit) closed re-style this also: Sorin Stefan 2013-12-10 Redesign 2012
ACTION-211 (edit) closed style a bit the login/error page: Sorin Stefan 2013-12-10 Redesign 2012
ACTION-212 (edit) closed this needs styling and the Continue doesnt work anymore - Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2013-12-17 Redesign 2012
ACTION-213 (edit) closed Make sure group description is fully visible if JS is deactivated. Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2013-12-17 Redesign 2012
ACTION-214 (edit) closed remove the guy from the closed group list descs and add it to the right...see notes Sorin Stefan 2013-12-24 Redesign 2012
ACTION-215 (edit) closed See whether we can make first CG blog post the creation announcement (instead of to the main blog) Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2013-12-24
ACTION-216 (edit) closed Enable Chairs to configure snap plugin in WP Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2013-12-24
ACTION-217 (edit) closed What happened to the pre-loader on /groups /reports etc? Check emails Sorin Stefan 2014-01-02 Redesign 2012
ACTION-218 (edit) closed Fix the messages on this type of pages: Sorin Stefan 2014-01-16 Redesign 2012
ACTION-219 (edit) closed Fix UI on participants page remove update avatar message; add link to user profile page for avatar of person who is logged in Sorin Stefan 2014-01-16
ACTION-220 (edit) closed On participant page, don't make empty avatar image disappear on hover Sorin Stefan 2014-01-16
ACTION-221 (edit) closed Left side disappears when shrinking page - check other pages too - Sorin Stefan 2014-01-16 Redesign 2012
ACTION-222 (edit) closed /participants page - on :hover empty avatar dissapears Sorin Stefan 2014-01-16 Redesign 2012
ACTION-223 (edit) closed <strong> doesnt look strong enough :) Sorin Stefan 2014-01-16 Redesign 2012
ACTION-224 (edit) closed When leaving a group the message says "Congratulations! The operation succeeded, and your organization has officially resigned from.." It should be changed... Ian Jacobs 2014-01-23 Redesign 2012
ACTION-225 (edit) closed Responsive version - Come up with a quick mock-up for main homepage, groups and group homepage Sorin Stefan 2014-02-20 Redesign 2012
ACTION-226 (edit) closed During beta, redirect messages to jean-gui and ian Gerald Oskoboiny 2014-03-07
ACTION-227 (edit) closed Add backlink from join page to group's home page Sorin Stefan 2014-03-07
ACTION-228 (edit) closed Make join pages link to beta not main site (e.g., top right links) Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2014-03-07
ACTION-229 (edit) closed When in group, no "leave" option from group home page (widget is missing) Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2014-03-07
ACTION-230 (edit) closed Stop table cells from flicker on hover Sorin Stefan 2014-03-07
ACTION-231 (edit) closed Todos on commitments page to be removed Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2014-03-07
ACTION-232 (edit) closed On reports page, unchecking "community groups" causes widget to disappear completely Sorin Stefan 2014-03-07
ACTION-233 (edit) closed Make Ian AC rep for all members during beta Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2014-03-07
ACTION-234 (edit) closed Enable Team to join groups without their HOst affiliation (as we do regularly) Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2014-03-07
ACTION-235 (edit) closed Chair selection does not seem to work Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2014-03-07
ACTION-236 (edit) closed Test publication and commitment functionality Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2014-03-07
ACTION-237 (edit) closed Replace checkbox with button (see mockup) on join pages - "I confirm" agreement Sorin Stefan 2014-04-02 Redesign 2012
ACTION-238 (edit) closed Chair bit must be reset when person leaves group Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2014-04-02
ACTION-239 (edit) closed Remove the Charis arrow and improve the background color of the boxes here: Sorin Stefan 2014-04-02 Redesign 2012
ACTION-240 (edit) closed Tooltip is too narrow for i icon next to Tools here: Sorin Stefan 2014-04-02 Redesign 2012
ACTION-241 (edit) closed Remove partiicpants and chairs from commitments page Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2014-04-02
ACTION-242 (edit) closed Add expand all checkbox to reports page UI Sorin Stefan 2014-04-02
ACTION-243 (edit) closed Remove date of draft specification from table (on both reports and group home page) Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2014-04-29
ACTION-244 (edit) closed jean-gui Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2014-09-11 Redesign 2012
ACTION-245 (edit) closed Assign Ian AC Rep for all Members in the beta Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2014-08-08
ACTION-246 (edit) closed Remove unused smarty "sidebar*" templates Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2014-08-08
ACTION-247 (edit) closed Add functionality to join.tpl to let users (1) leave (2) change reps if AC rep Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2014-08-08
ACTION-248 (edit) closed Ensure smarty template mirroring working on cgbeta Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2014-08-08
ACTION-249 (edit) closed Update URL bar to include anchor when someone clicks on a FAQ entry Sorin Stefan 2014-08-08
ACTION-250 (edit) closed Not receiving "proposal" or "launch" messages for beta groups Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2014-08-08
ACTION-251 (edit) closed Create a new icon for "Post to w3c forum" tools item Sorin Stefan 2014-08-08 Redesign 2012
ACTION-252 (edit) closed Horizontal scrollbar Sorin Stefan 2014-08-08 Redesign 2012
ACTION-253 (edit) closed Test and fix bugs on IE11 Sorin Stefan 2014-08-08 Redesign 2012
ACTION-254 (edit) closed Homepage design and readability improvements (see Ian's notes/email) Sorin Stefan 2014-08-08 Redesign 2012
ACTION-255 (edit) closed Proposed groups page - show all groups expanded first Sorin Stefan 2014-08-08 Redesign 2012
ACTION-256 (edit) closed Participants page - remove darker bg/gradient and fix the layout Sorin Stefan 2014-08-08 Redesign 2012
ACTION-257 (edit) closed Remove participants widget and tools widget from final commitments pages Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2014-08-08
ACTION-258 (edit) closed Add style to error/warning messages (which are formatted in highlight.tpl); see css from production site Sorin Stefan 2014-08-08
ACTION-259 (edit) closed Fix line height in paragraphs of blog posts Sorin Stefan 2014-08-08
ACTION-260 (edit) closed Make sidebars in top pages same position on screen Sorin Stefan 2014-08-08
ACTION-261 (edit) closed Last things to do before launching beta Ian Jacobs 2014-08-08
ACTION-262 (edit) closed Remove chairs from list of participants on participants page of a group Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2014-08-11
ACTION-263 (edit) closed Left margin not quite right in lists of reports, groups Sorin Stefan 2014-08-14
ACTION-264 (edit) closed Add an "idea guy" next to "Thinking of proposing a group?" sidebar on Current groups page etc. Sorin Stefan 2014-08-21 Redesign 2012
ACTION-265 (edit) closed Tooltip "i" next to "Chairs" is cut off in /participants page Sorin Stefan 2014-08-21 Redesign 2012
ACTION-266 (edit) closed Remove Chairs and Participants titles when not logged in: Sorin Stefan 2014-08-21 Redesign 2012
ACTION-267 (edit) closed There are a lot of different fonts (and different sizes). Sorin Stefan 2014-08-21 Redesign 2012
ACTION-268 (edit) closed Remove the button w/ checkbox and add the checkbox next to the label like before Sorin Stefan 2014-08-21 Redesign 2012
ACTION-269 (edit) closed Increase font-size of the legal text: Sorin Stefan 2014-08-21 Redesign 2012
ACTION-270 (edit) closed Change red color of the title "Sign the contributor agreement" and instead of "Accept" replace with "Accept the Contributor Agreement'" Sorin Stefan 2014-08-21 Redesign 2012
ACTION-271 (edit) closed Liam - Some paragraphs in a sans font and some in a serif font? Is this necessary? Sorin Stefan 2014-08-21 Redesign 2012
ACTION-272 (edit) closed Remove the handwriting font from title and headlines. Keep it just when it's close to the arrow Sorin Stefan 2014-08-21 Redesign 2012
ACTION-274 (edit) closed Fold/Expand on proposed groups page doesn't work as expected Sorin Stefan 2014-10-13 Beta 2014
ACTION-275 (edit) closed Modal logging window suggest using email address, which doesn't work. Remove that mention Sorin Stefan 2014-10-13 Beta 2014
ACTION-276 (edit) closed On Firefox Desktop, when reducing window width, text near icons in the top bar disappears except for one letter (usually M or H) Sorin Stefan 2014-10-13 Beta 2014
ACTION-277 (edit) closed Chairs without an avatar get default icon not center and "Update avatar" can be read on participants pages Sorin Stefan 2014-10-13 Beta 2014
ACTION-278 (edit) closed Chairs are not taken into account in the number of participants on participants pages. You can't filter them neither Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2014-10-13 Beta 2014
ACTION-279 (edit) closed On participants page, there is no live search per affiliation Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2014-10-13 Beta 2014
ACTION-280 (edit) closed On participants page, name of participants is in blue, much like links, which is confusing. Same on reports table headings Sorin Stefan 2014-10-13 Beta 2014
ACTION-281 (edit) closed Add draft dates in reports tables Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2014-10-13 Beta 2014
ACTION-282 (edit) closed -> 404 for reports Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2014-10-13 Beta 2014
ACTION-283 (edit) closed should note porte 6667 instead of 6665 for IRC Ian Jacobs 2014-10-13 Beta 2014
ACTION-284 (edit) closed should mention Web IRC Ian Jacobs 2014-10-13 Beta 2014
ACTION-285 (edit) closed should have a tab for tracker since it is mentionned in other places on that page Ian Jacobs 2014-10-13 Redesign 2012
ACTION-286 (edit) closed Mailing list tooltips: set it to something like " mailing list" Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2014-10-13 Beta 2014
ACTION-287 (edit) closed ODRL lists internal-odrl twice Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2014-10-13 Beta 2014
ACTION-288 (edit) closed On the groups list page, create a BG is wrong Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2014-10-13 Beta 2014
ACTION-289 (edit) closed Missing a tooltip on nb of supporters icons "2 supporters / 5 needed" Ian Jacobs 2014-10-13 Beta 2014
ACTION-290 (edit) closed Focus on information links needs to activate popups (i.e., accessible interactions) Sorin Stefan 2014-11-12 Beta 2014
ACTION-291 (edit) closed Font size of "view all participants" in button on group page too small Sorin Stefan 2014-11-12 Beta 2014
ACTION-292 (edit) closed When no publications, "i" next to No Reports Yet Published should be a popup Sorin Stefan 2014-11-12 Beta 2014
ACTION-293 (edit) closed Replace tool tip text "Read more and take action" with "Read more..." on group home pages Sorin Stefan 2014-11-12 Beta 2014
ACTION-294 (edit) closed Menus (lists) need styling so that when they wrap (e.g,. narrow window) one can still discern each list item Sorin Stefan 2014-11-12 Beta 2014
ACTION-295 (edit) closed "Read more" buttons are "too close to invisible to be helpful." Sorin Stefan 2014-11-12 Beta 2014
ACTION-296 (edit) closed Add labels to form controls Sorin Stefan 2014-11-12 Beta 2014
ACTION-297 (edit) closed Fix keyboard focus of lightbox functionality Sorin Stefan 2014-11-12 Beta 2014
ACTION-298 (edit) closed Greater visibility for keyboard focus Sorin Stefan 2014-11-12 Beta 2014
ACTION-299 (edit) closed Add alt text to image atop footer Sorin Stefan 2014-11-12 Beta 2014
ACTION-300 (edit) closed Clarify link text in headers Sorin Stefan 2014-11-12 Beta 2014
ACTION-301 (edit) closed Move tool bar in DOM to beginning of body Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2014-11-12 Beta 2014
ACTION-302 (edit) closed Reorder the toolbar links in the DOM to match the visually presented order Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2014-11-12 Beta 2014
ACTION-303 (edit) closed Consider not using H1 for community link image in footer Sorin Stefan 2014-11-12 Beta 2014
ACTION-304 (edit) closed Use <footer> markup Sorin Stefan 2014-11-12 Beta 2014
ACTION-305 (edit) closed Consider positioning of labels for the comment form (when user not logged in) Sorin Stefan 2014-11-12 Beta 2014
ACTION-306 (edit) closed Chair photos and alt text Ian Jacobs 2014-11-12 Beta 2014
ACTION-307 (edit) closed Sort/filter UI suggestions Sorin Stefan 2014-11-12 Beta 2014
ACTION-308 (edit) closed Behavior of proposed group list after "support" action Sorin Stefan 2014-11-12 Beta 2014
ACTION-309 (edit) closed Horizontal scroll bar appears between 1058 and 1140 (responsive design) Sorin Stefan 2014-11-12 Beta 2014
ACTION-310 (edit) closed Responsive design - use of columns in wide views Sorin Stefan 2014-11-12 Beta 2014
ACTION-311 (edit) closed Preference for order of RHS menus Ian Jacobs 2014-11-12 Beta 2014
ACTION-312 (edit) closed Remove recent posts from ODRL page Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2014-11-12 Beta 2014
ACTION-313 (edit) closed Rendering issue (Opera 12.16 / Windows) on zoom Sorin Stefan 2014-11-12 Beta 2014
ACTION-314 (edit) closed Female figure in animation Sorin Stefan 2014-11-12 Beta 2014
ACTION-315 (edit) closed On CG home page, give tooltips to the "more groups" (under both New and Proposed sections) Sorin Stefan 2014-11-20 Beta 2014
ACTION-316 (edit) closed FIx bug regarding generation of <p class="desc"> in descriptions Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2014-12-10 Beta 2014
ACTION-317 (edit) closed In RHS menus, indent second level lists Sorin Stefan 2014-12-10 Beta 2014
ACTION-318 (edit) closed Firefox: Fix text indent on "i" information buttons (due to text: -9000px) Sorin Stefan 2014-12-10 Beta 2014
ACTION-319 (edit) closed Make sure all main action buttons are ok after taking out the line-height Sorin Stefan 2014-12-10 Beta 2014
ACTION-320 (edit) closed Expand all checkbox should expand or collapse all (rather than toggle) Sorin Stefan 2014-12-18 Beta 2014
ACTION-321 (edit) closed Fix -9000 on tooltip text to avoid large focus box Sorin Stefan 2014-12-26
ACTION-323 (edit) closed Ensure submenus can be reached through the keyboard Sorin Stefan 2015-01-19
ACTION-324 (edit) closed Merge cgbg2012 sources into main tree Jean-Guilhem Rouel 2015-04-01
ACTION-327 (edit) closed Improve usability of join page Ian Jacobs 2015-03-27

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