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ACTION-6 (edit) pending review Describe the work flow for a new way of handling non-Member org commitments. Ian Jacobs 2012-09-21 nonMemberCommitments
ACTION-7 (edit) pending review What would a copyright-only agreement look like for CGs? Ian Jacobs 2012-09-21 groupsWithoutPatents
ACTION-28 (edit) pending review Make charter generator public Ian Jacobs 2012-10-07
ACTION-67 (edit) pending review Suggest wording on the list for a warning that a group doesn't have additional procedures beyond the policy's Milan Young 2012-12-06
ACTION-68 (edit) pending review Work with Coralie on a draft charter template Ian Jacobs 2012-12-06
ACTION-159 (edit) pending review Write down proposed new non-member join flow for join/leave (including impact on those who wish to join in the future and those already in group as individuals) Ian Jacobs 2013-08-09

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