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Yes, W3C is redesigning (most of) its website!

W3C and Studio 24 have started working together on redesigning the W3C Website; this work will be conducted as much as possible in the open.I will be coordinating and managing this ambitious project.

We plan to expose more of the ongoing work, via a small project site that Studio 24 will set up, such as:

  • Public reports on progress, around 1-3 times a month
  • Surveys to gather feedback from the wider W3C user base
  • Project outputs (e.g. documents such as reports, design approach, IA, etc. or project work such as HTML prototypes, designs, beta site, etc.)
  • Demo videos that show progress or proposals

And dedicated spaces are available (or in the process to be) to solicit and accept feedback from the broader W3C community:

  • A public wiki where work in progress is identified and open to comments/edits from the broader W3C community
  • Project documentation is important to retain for the future and can be added into version control (e.g. markdown files)
  • Production code to be shared in a public GitHub repo on the W3C account

What happened in March?

After an actual work contract was finalised, we started the Discovery phase, explaining our systems infrastructure, identified roles and contacts at W3C and Studio 24, lined-up the "deliverables" of the Discovery phase, and started some content design work. And we could use your help, if you have moments to invest!

You can help with Brand and identity

Please, take a 4-question survey that will help Studio 24 get an initial understanding before broaching the design approach in depth.
Responses welcome by Monday, April 13, 2020.

You can help with User stories

If Studio 24 can understand our users, their motivations and needs, then they’ll have a really strong platform on which they can design a successful site!

Please, help us write strong user-stories!
Responses welcome by Monday, April 13, 2020 (possibly a bit beyond that date).


I am getting invaluable help from Vivien Lacourba, Jean-Guilhem Rouel and Gerald Oskoboiny (W3C Systems team), from Bert Bos and Tanya Mandal (W3C MarComm team), from Léonie Watson and fantasai (W3C Advisory Board but also long-time participants in other W3C work groups), and more or less directly from Véronique Lapierre, Rachel Andrew and Jen Simmons (from the Web and W3C community and W3C work groups).

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