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We @W3C are constantly working with our Members and Liaison partners to find opportunities to spread the work that W3C is doing. We are excited to have such an opportunity with #nabshowny!

One of the newest areas of our work is Web Advertising which is currently being discussed in the W3C Improving Web Advertising Business Group.  Advertising is an essential and critical part of the Web ecosystem, and plays an instrumental role in helping realize our vision of One Web for Everyone Everywhere. Advertising revenues help support a huge proportion of the content and services available to people on the Web, by covering day-to-day operational costs while allowing usage and access to all visitors.

Since the core Web platform was not designed with advertising use cases in mind, most current Web facing advertising technology has been built on top of application-level hacks which, too often, result in a substantially degraded end-user experience with ample opportunities for tampering and exploitation by malicious agents.

We are pleased to have Wendy Seltzer speaking about what does it mean to “improve” Web advertising?, at NAB Show NY this coming Thursday, 18 Oct 2018 at 1330 EDT. That will be followed by a meeting of the Business Group from 1430 - 1630 EDT in 2D10/11 of the Javitz Center.

If you want to register for the event we have a discount code (EP02) you can use to get a free Core Package! If you want to meet with W3C during the show please email Karen Myers (or call +1.617.253.5509) and she'll put something in place as she will be at the event with Wendy. We look forward to seeing you in NYC!

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