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We just announced the establishment of a fourth Host location for W3C, at Beihang University in Beijing.

The Host locations house the W3C Team that facilitates the creation of standards for the Web. The W3C Team acts as a single global body, and has been strategically located in North America (MIT), Europe (ERCIM), and Japan (Keio) to assure that we are close to the centers of Web innovation.

In the last several years, the growth of Web usage in China, the growth of Web related industry in China, and the growth of the developer community in China have clearly established China as a center of Web innovation. We have seen that through the activity and energy of the HTML5 Chinese Interest Group, through the rapid growth of W3C Membership in China, and through the activity of the developer community in China in conferences and other events such as the Test The Web Forward hackathon. We see huge participation from developers in Chinese companies, as well as developers who work in China branches of global companies. Much of this was facilitated by the Office we established in Beihang several years ago, leading to today's announcement that Beihang will now be a Host location.

The timing is propitious. We have recently announced a milestone of "feature complete" for our flagship HTML5 specification. As we complete the work to bring HTML5 to recommendation, it is simultaneously spurring innovation on extension specifications. Developers in China are at the ground level as we introduce the next set of important directions for the Web. Many of these directions are from new use cases and requirements we are hearing from industries that are dramatically impacted by the Open Web Platform such as entertainment, automotive, and digital publishing.

I welcome our Chinese colleagues to greater involvement in the process of Web standardization. There will be a greater partnership in establishing standard Web technology as the core technological platform for the benefit of mankind.

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