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The W3C Automotive and Web Platform Business Group held its first face to face meeting in Barcelona on the 22 April.

A lot of ideas were discussed during this meeting between BMW, VW, PSA, Visteon, Continental, Intel, KDDI, LG, Magneti Marelli, QNX, Ford, Strategy Analytics, Genivi and W3C with agreement on next steps to prepare the next face to face meeting in Tokyo (29 May).

In particular:

  • A first round of proposals for a Web Vehicle API was discussed, with proposals from Intel, QNX, Genivi (LG) and Webinos.
  • The group decided to first focus on an API that would provide read access.

Decision on next steps include:

  • Creating an overview of the superset of the proposed Vehicle APIs to look for overlaps and gaps.
  • Considering whether the mandatory dataset provided in OBDII could serve as a starting point for a common dataset to be shared by different OEMs via a Vehicle API.
  • Creating a document that maps current W3C work onto the requirements of the automotive sector (e.g. geolocation, packaging, ...).

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