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This is the wiki for discussions for the Automotive and Web Platform BG. Please see the charter and the mailing list.

The aim is to enable Automotive Web applications.

How to get involved

Please join the Automotive and Web Platform BG to participate in this effort. To get a W3C account, fill out the account request form.

In case of further questions, please contact the following:

  • Adam Abramski <>
  • Paul Boyes <>


The chairs for the group are: Adam Abramski (Intel) and Paul Boyes (OpenCar)


The charter is available here

Potential Work Areas

Potential Work Areas


‎ Conference Calls are held on the second Tuesday of every month.

Teleconf Minutes

F2F Meeting Minutes


Upcoming events can be found here

Current Status/Approach/Timeline

  • Starting December 2013: Work in integrated draft proposal (Intel, LG)
    • Kevron and Justin are the editors, and will pull these initial core contributions into a draft proposal.
    • Current Unofficial Draft
  • March 17/18: Face2face meeting to go over draft proposal - Intel, Santa Clara

Vehicle Data API draft proposals

See also editor's announcement of spec in particular:

"What it's not: It is not a complete API. 99% of the vehicle data types we are working on are not yet defined."

Examples of Web and Auto Specs from outside the Business Group


Tizen IVI/Intel project




Excel spreadsheets of comparisons of vehicle web API specs and OBD-II

New Automotive Web APIs -- Existing W3C Standards/Drafts plus some non-W3C draft specs

Please find on this wiki page a collection of auto-relevant W3C standards and drafts (as well as other non-W3C draft specs) as a working document: /CollectionOfApis

Sub Task Teams

Media Tuner Task Force /MediaTunerTaskForce

  • How to start a Task force @@@believe this was discussed, please add link/description

LBS Task Force /LBSTaskForce

Automotive Security & Privacy Task Force