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Charter evolution


Current Work

Defining features for the next framework. Organized through these upcoming topics.

Previous work

Note this was an earlier WebIDL effort that is being replaced with a service based approach. See task forces below for more contemporary work.

Vehicle API Creation Guidelines

Github Conventions

  • technical issues and feature suggestions for spec should be raised as issue in github for offline discussion and will be brought to WG calls for regular review
  • use appropriate tags in gh issue such as Gen2 or VISS
  • anyone in the group can make a commit and create a pull request. be sure to associate issues with commits and pull requests
  • if you want to get an individual to respond to an issue or review pull request explicitly, raise their awareness by using @git_username convention, eg @tguild and if not responsive try by email addressed to them cc with link to github
  • allow for seven days to review a pull request and endeavor to get reaction from stakeholders when known
  • do not merge your own pull requests, those with permission to handle pull requests in this repo is limited to chairs (including past esp for VISS), myself and editors

Publication Schedule


Vehicle API
Vehicle Data
Q2 2016 Q4 2016 Q4 2016

Task Forces


Incubator for the Automotive Working Group is the Automotive and Transportation Business Group,charter


Use Cases

Use Cases



Daylight savings note. With the exception of GENIVI calls which were scheduled under CET, the calls are tied to EST. Different timezones switch to/from daylight savings on different weekends, this causes confusion. The calendar invites should provide you with correct times and accommodate these shifts.

GENIVI / W3C Common Vehicle Interface Initiative (CVII) calls:

GENIVI has additional calls for related groups (eg Android Automotive)

Upcoming F2F Meetings

  • 23-26 March 2020, Remote Meeting

Draft Agenda Limited observer space available, please check with Ted first

  • Possibly GENIVI AMM in May
  • 26-30 October 2020, Vancouver, Canada at W3C TPAC

Past Meetings


Regular WG Call on Tuesdays

The W3C Automotive Working Group meets weekly.

CEST: 8pm

EST: 2pm

PST: 11am

BST: 7pm

JST & KST: 3am


Those with W3C Member access or are part of either the Auto WG or BG can access the calendar which contains the call coordinates. Invited participants who are not part of the WG or BG should contact Ted