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Current Work

Defining features for the next framework. Organized through these upcoming topics.

Previous work

Note this was an earlier WebIDL effort that is being replaced with a service based approach. See task forces below for more contemporary work.

Vehicle API Creation Guidelines

Publication Schedule

Vehicle API
Vehicle Data
Q2 2016 Q4 2016 Q4 2016

Task Forces

Use Cases

Use Cases


Upcoming F2F Meetings

9, 10 September in Mountain View, California preceding Transportation Data Workshop. Tentative Agenda

F2F Registration

Workshop Registration 12, 13 September in Palo Alto

Limited observer space available, please check with Ted first

Past Meetings


Regular WG Call on Tuesdays

The W3C Automotive Working Group meets weekly on an alternating schedule.

CEST: 3pm / 11pm

EDT: 9am / 5pm

PDT: 6am / 2pm

BST: 2pm / 10pm

JST & KST: 10pm / 6am

Those with W3C Member access or are part of either the Auto WG or BG can access the calendar which contains the call coordinates. Invited participants who are not part of the WG or BG should contact Ted

Call coordinates are also in the W3C 1400GMT 2200GMT