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VISS v1 and v2 provide for reading and writing raw signals. It is also desired to define a similar specification to invoke functions on automotive systems via web protocol and that is the purpose of the Remote Procedure Call activity.


  • Broad platform support including iOS/Android
    • wide language support (C++, Python at a minimum)
  • Existing RPC protocol preferred instead of from scratch
  • Store and forward (if vehicle out of cell/other range)
  • Some push capability - eg SMS wake
  • Consider multiple protocols if vehicle/cloud and vehicle/phone warrant
  • Avoid competition with VSS, use it for any named signals
  • VSC will be created in YAML with a model compatible to Franca IDL.
  • VSC will align with and use VSS signals


Call coordinates, meets biweekly Proposal slides


JLR RPC repo GENIVI Service Catalog


2020-09-07 2020-09-14


Evaluating existing RPC protocols to base on. Desire for binary format support, similarities with Gen2 as we expect RPC and Gen2 to both used together. It should be a widely used and supported protocol.

RPC implementations

Early considerations:

WoT example

Use Cases

Free flow text for now, may convert to a table later once we see what we collect. Please contribute additional and elaborate on existing.

See also SAE document Glenn relayed

Fleet Management

Interests include a number defined down below


  • carshare
  • lease
  • short term rental
  • family/personal
  • heavy vehicle

Climate control

  • get temperature - simple read VSS
  • scheduled pre/heat or cool
  • dog mode (maintain a temperature within range)

Media control

  • preset playlist
  • set media type

EV charging

Ted reached out to CharIN, series of meetings including joint with this task force in January. Common data model from charging station.

Identify gaps from existing EV standards that would belong in Vehicle Service Catalog

By communicating to vehicle over the air instead of customer interacting with charging infrastructure

  • Wake vehicle, prepare to receive charge
  • Set charge limit
  • Discontinue charging
  • Unlock charge port (free for other vehicle use, avoid idle charge)
  • Payment options (likely out of scope, auto/payments task force shelved)
  • vehicle 2 grid, buying and selling electricity and factoring in wear on battery from cycling

Suggested Readings:

Combined Charging System (CCS), ISO 15118 covers all charging-related use cases across the globe.

The Open Charge Alliance (OCA), a group of European industries. Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP)

People to involve:

  • OEM EV engineers
  • CharinEV (NJ)
  • Electrify America (VW)

Digital Key

Enable authorizing a driver with a digital key, delivered electronically with duration and possibly other restrictions. Key generation could be managed on vehicle and shared directly with device, sent to the cloud; or generation may be done in cloud and sent to vehicle and device. Key authentication should assume no internet connection, Bluetooth, NFC or Wifi for device->vehicle communication.

Consideration: CCC solution already deployed and seeing uptake, we do not necessarily want to compete against it but may to have a complete service catalog.

  • Carsharing - ZipCar, AirBnB style or similar
  • Speed and other behavior limitation
  • Monitor curb strikes, other bumps
  • Notify parking destination - predefined or report back spot left at

OEM perspective, net positive sales? Expect established players to be reluctant


see also Best Practices location handling

  • immobilize
  • zero emission zone compliance for hybrids
  • generate alert (to driver and owner/provider)
  • block from entering restricted zones
    • prevent types of vehicles from certain areas. not for individual owned vehicles but fleets, short term rentals
    • block certain data points, internal/external cameras in sensitive zones cf Chinese military Tesla concerns, privacy considerations (eg home, neighborhood, hometown)
  • rental use case, ensure vehicle adheres to agreed area
  • insurance discounts

Vehicle Delivery

Allow a vehicle to take unattended delivery to trunk or passenger area by approved party. Provide location or intended location at designated time.

Vehicle be able to report to cloud intent to remain parked at given location for period of time to schedule delivery to trunk.

Ask eg a FedEx or Amazon** Ted to Patrick and Ned

Remote Diagnostics

Consideration about adding to VSS

VSS has it already, old school via OBD2. Desire to have something contemporary but feel it would come from a different industry standards body. @@MagnusF knows of attempt?

Simpler scenario would only need to be able to read through VSS and a function call to reset. History would be useful as well

ISO 14229

Wipe data from IVI

Remove any data stored on IVI, previous navigation destinations, address book imported from phone, Bluetooth pairings etc


Likely handled by other standards (SAE?)

Esync Alliance worth coordinating with, Gunnar

Dynamic platooning

More of a heavy vehicle use case and existing work in progress SAE among others