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Automotive Working Group and Automotive and Transportation Business Group meetings



Observers welcome after confirming with Ted


This is a tentative agenda and will be finalized with the group in the run up to the meeting. Agenda suggestions welcome by email and as part of your registration.


Geotab offices, Toronto, ON


hotel suggestions


23 March

24 March

  • VSS update
    • layering
    • signal wishlist (EV, ADAS, diagnostic)
  • VSSo update, assessment of work, identify editors
  • Access Control
  • Dynamic Service registration

25 March

  • Breakout groups as described below

26 March

  • Breakout groups as described below
  • Gen2 issues and pull requests

Breakout groups

  • Gen2 spec
    • issue review
    • co-authoring sessions on outstanding chapters
    • editorial review
  • Gen2 implementation code review
    • issues and remaining function review
    • test public server instance[s]
    • demo client ideas and prototype
  • Best Practices
    • create outline of areas BP document to cover
    • research and collect links to potential existing relevant best practices and standards relevant to cataloging with annotations potential ones to cite
  • Transportation Ontology Steering Committee
  • Graph project