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Automotive Working Group and Automotive and Transportation Business Group meetings





Observers welcome after confirming with Ted


This is a tentative agenda and will be finalized with the group in the run up to the meeting. Agenda suggestions welcome by email and as part of your registration.


Remote meeting

23-26 March, four days

There will be a four hour schedule to be set based on survey sent to mailing list

Multiple WebEx and IRC channels for parallel meetings for some sessions.

WebEx calendar invites with call coordinates sent to internal list and registrants.

If you do not have call information you can reach Ted on IRC


Track 1 will either be combined interests or automotive centric, track 2 transportation ontology and additional tracks possible throughout if requested.

Please consider preparing a lightning talk or two. One can be directly related to automotive/transportation and other can be a random, unrelated interest.

If you prepare a lightning talk let Ted know so he can sprinkle them where best suited through the meeting.

As we will be lacking hallway, coffee, meal or beer conversations please consider microphone open for idle chat during breaks.

23 March

15-19 GMT

08am - noon PST / 11am - 3pm EST / 4pm - 8pm CET


Time Track 1 Track 2 Track 3
NN GMT Welcome / Intros - -
NN GMT Agenda review - -
NN GMT Business Group relaunch - -
NN GMT Gen2 roadmap update TOCC TBD
NN GMT Gen2 issues and pull requests Design decisions TBD
NN GMT Open source project: Status and Demos. A11y & review process TBD
  • Welcome
    • conventions, minuting
  • Introductions
  • Finalize proposed agenda
  • Business Group relaunch
    • review charter and finalize initial scope. see also SDWIG recharter
    • announce chairs (Adnan and Glenn)
    • Ontology 101
    • TOCC overview
    • determine additional task force[s], means to coordinate them eg mailing list, calls, github
    • review of public materials for input
  • Gen2 roadmap update
  • Gen2 issues and pull requests
  • Open source project: Status and Demos.
  • Transportation Ontology Coordination Committee (TOCC)
    • areas on interests represented
  • Design decisions
    • Spatial Data on the Web Best Practices
    • Accessibility at design outset
      • VSS aftermarket a11y equipment, coordinate private branches (on 24th)
    • review/input process

24 March

18-22 GMT

11am - 3pm PST / 2pm - 6pm EST / 7pm - 11pm CET


Time Track 1 Track 2 Track 3
NN GMT Architectures - -
NN GMT VSS & a11y equip, additional sensors - -
NN GMT OGC Route API and Ontology - -
NN GMT VSS update, VISS CfC Route ontology continued TBD
NN GMT VSS layering Prioritized ontologies TBD
  • Architectures
    • Edge and cloud computing perspectives - GENIVI CCS, OEM, ITS, SmartCities
  • Transportation Ontology Coordination Committee (TOCC)
    • Scope, organization
    • SDWIG recharter
  • Route API and ontology
  • Prioritized list of ontologies
    • OGC Route API overview
  • VSS update
    • layering
    • signal wishlist (EV, ADAS, diagnostic)
  • VISS update and call for concensus, advance to PR on W3C REC track

25 March

18-22 GMT

11am - 3pm PST / 2pm - 6pm EST / 7pm - 11pm CET


Time Track 1 Track 2 Track 3
NN GMT Observations (intro) - -
20 GMT VSSo slides - -
NN GMT Access Control - TBD
NN GMT Gen2 demos - TBD
  • Vehicle Signal Specification Ontology (VSSo) update
    • assessment of work
    • identify editors
    • SSN SOSA usage input from SDWIG participants
  • Observations
    • road weather (+sidewalk, bike lane)
    • hazard, construction...
    • how VSS can handle additional sensors (covered on 24th)
  • Cataloging catalogs
    • for core, compound where?
    • City Data slides
    • additional transportation ontologies
  • RPC
    • Dynamic Service registration
  • Access Control
  • Breakout groups as described below

26 March

16-20 GMT

10am - 2pm PST / 1pm - 5pm EST / 6pm - 10pm CET


Time Track 1 Track 2 Track 3
17 GMT Privacy - -
18 GMT App Best Practices Homework TBD
  • Privacy policy
    • draft Graph project policy
  • In-vehicle app best practices
  • Breakout groups as described below

Breakout groups

  • Gen2 spec
    • issue review
    • co-authoring sessions on outstanding chapters
    • editorial review
  • Gen2 implementation code review
    • issues and remaining function review
    • test public server instance[s]
    • demo client ideas and prototype
  • Best Practices
    • create outline of areas BP document to cover
    • research and collect links to potential existing relevant best practices and standards relevant to cataloging with annotations potential ones to cite
  • Transportation Ontology Steering Committee
  • Graph project