Web Payments Current Status

This page summarizes the relationships among specifications, whether they are finished standards or drafts. Below, each title links to the most recent version of a document.

Completed Work

W3C Recommendations have been reviewed by W3C Members, by software developers, and by other W3C groups and interested parties, and are endorsed by the Director as Web Standards. Learn more about the W3C Recommendation Track.

Group Notes are not standards and do not have the same level of W3C endorsement.

Group Notes


Web Payments Overview 1.0

This document outlines the W3C Web Payments ecosystem by introducing readers to the goals of the ecosystem, messages, roles, and information flow in the system.


Below are draft documents: Candidate Recommendations, other Working Drafts . Some of these may become Web Standards through the W3C Recommendation Track process. Others may be published as Group Notes or become obsolete specifications.

Candidate Recommendations


Payment Request API

This specification describes a web API to allow merchants (i.e. web sites selling physical or digital goods) to easily accept payments from different payment methods with minimal integration. User agents (e.g. browsers) will facilitate the payment flow between merchant and user.


Payment Method Identifiers

The Payment Request API requires that merchants supply a list of identifiers for supported payment methods. This document defines those identifier strings and how they are created.

Other Working Drafts


Payment Method: Basic Card

The Basic Card Payment specification describes the data formats used by the PaymentRequest API to support payment by payment cards such as credit or debit cards.


Payment Handler API

The Payment Request API provides a standard way to initiate payment requests from Web pages and applications. User agents implementing that API prompt the user to select a way to handle the payment request, after which the user agent returns a payment response to the originating site. This specification defines capabilities that enable Web applications to handle payment requests.


Payment Method Manifest

This specification defines the machine-readable manifest file, known as a payment method manifest, describing how a payment method participates in the Web Payments ecosystem, and how such files are to be used.


Web Payments HTTP Messages 1.0

This document specifies the Web Payments messages that are used to initiate and acknowledge a payment request via the HTTP protocol. The messages are typically passed between the software ecosystem that inititates, executes, and finalizes Web Payments.

Obsolete Specifications

These specifications have either been superseded by others, or have been abandoned. They remain available for archival purposes, but are not intended to be used.



Web Payments Use Cases 1.0

This document is a prioritized list of Web payments use cases. Guided by these use cases, the W3C Web Payments Interest Group plans to derive architecture and associated technology requirements to integrate payments into the Open Web Platform. That work will form the basis of conversations with W3C groups and the broader payments industry about what standards (from W3C or other organizations) will be necessary to fulfill the use cases and make payments over the Web easier and more secure.


Web Payments HTTP API 1.0

This document outlines how to register payment applications, create payment requests, and reply with payment responses using a standard HTTP API.