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EOWG Deliverables Planning

The most recent information on EOWG deliverables is on the EOWG home page.

Outdated info

This page lists planned and potential deliverables of the Education and Outreach Working Group (EOWG). Completed EOWG deliverables and other WAI deliverables are listed on the WAI Resources page. Please note:

Active Projects:

  1. Easy Checks - A First Review of Web Accessibility (wiki for Easy Checks)
  2. Tutorials (Application Notes/Tutorials Analysis developing under WAI-ACT Project)
  3. Polishing and promoting ATAG, promoting Components & ATAG wiki page
  4. Promotions listed in EOWG wiki
  5. Engaging folks in WAI work

Contributing to:


  1. Policies Relating to Web Accessibility update, Planning Updates to Policies
    Status: on hold pending Director action.
  2. Using BAD (Before-After Demo) for Training
    Status: on hold pending WG availability.
  3. Education and training big picture
    Status: on hold pending Editor and WG availability.
  4. Start with Accessibility
    Status: on hold pending coordination with Shadi & WAI-ACT project.
  5. Web Accessibility and Older People - consider revising to clarify age-related disabilities directly addressed by 'accessibility' (other issues, such as inexperience & old technology, in broader consideration)
    Status: will consider in 2013 Q4
  6. WAI-AGE project:
  7. Presentation material:
  8. New QuickTips, WAI Flyer, and other physical/hardcopy material (Analysis/Requirements for physical materials)

Planned and Potential Deliverables for 2014-2016

Current and recent EOWG work:

Notes for this list:

Additional Work for Consideration

Existing Deliverables to be Updated or Expanded

  1. How to Meet WCAG 2.0 (Quick Reference) revision
  2. Business Case - [done?: update to more thoroughly include mobile issues.] add more pointers to Appendix.
  3. Update coverage of IndieUI and WAI-ARIA in relevant documents, including perhaps Essential Components of Web Accessibility
  4. WAI Web site redesign - add translations. update to align with W3C redesign.
  5. About WAI info (mission and organization, overview slides)
  6. Participating in WAI
  7. Handouts
  8. Essential Components of Web Accessibility (Requirements and changelog for components)
  9. old WART along with Contacting Organizations about Inaccessible Websites

Possible New Deliverables

  1. New doors to WAI resources
  2. Material for newbies and SMEs (small-to-medium enterprises), such as:
    • WCAG 2.0 Basic/101?/on-the-street (consider relationship with Quick Reference/How to Meet, Quick Tips/WCAG 2.0 at a Glance)
  3. Usability-Accessibility document (Analysis/Requirements) Status: completed draft. on hold pending editor availability.
  4. What you can expect from an [accessible | WCAG-compliant] website (working title)
  5. Mini-tutorials / presentation materials
    1. ? standards harmonization
    2. ? implementing WAI-ARIA
    3. ? developing a business case for web accessibility for your organization
    4. ? how to respond to organizations with inaccessible Web sites
    5. ? how to promote Web accessibility in your organization or community
    6. ? how to retrofit Web sites for accessibility
    7. ? how to evaluate and monitor Web sites for accessibility
  6. Web Accessibility FAQ &/or WAI General FAQ
  7. Personas
Update quarterly or as needed

Items in this section should be reviewed and updated quarterly or when new information is available.

Wishlist / Parking Lot

EOWG would also like to address the following deliverables, however they are much lower priority. They may be taken up by EOWG based on editor and Working Group availability.

  1. Myth Busting
    1. Guidelines not sufficient for Accessibility [brainstorm, prioritize; possibly develop, review and revise, copyedit]
    2. Why text-only is not a good solution for accessibility [brainstorm, prioritize; possibly develop, review and revise, copyedit]
    3. Possibly add to Developing a Web Accessibility Business Case for Your Organization
  2. Business Case for Authoring Tool Accessibility [complete edits, copyedit]
  3. Glossary [TF] [coordinate with other WAI groups] (+ coordination)
  4. Submitting sites that meet WCAG 2.0
  5. Curriculum for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 [brainstorm, start development]
  6. Selecting Accessibility Consultants (working title only) [prioritize; possibly develop, review and revise, copyedit]
  7. Promoting Web Accessibility [UMTF] and other education and outreach materials for people with disabilities
  8. Alternative Web Browsing [revise, update, integrate into evaluation resource suite] - potential wiki content
  9. How WAI guidelines relate to other standards, e.g., ISO, CEN, Section 508
  10. Web accessibility for kids

Completed Deliverables

WAI Resources provides a categorized, annotated list of current WAI resources, many of which were developed by EOWG.

Deliverables that EOWG has completed are listed below — most are current, some require ongoing maintenance, some need significant updating, and a few have been superseded. Deliverables that EOWG is currently working on are listed on the EOWG home page under "Current Work". The list below is roughly in chronological order with the most recently-completed or significantly-updated near the top of the list.