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RDWG Symposium Design

Design Specs

Goal: One Symposium publication package that is integrated, yet documents need to have different looks.

  1. Symposium main page (example symposium page)
    • goal: probably want to keep WAI 'look & feel'
    • design: lots of flexibility for design
    • note: before the conference, the Call of Paper (CfP) page will get the most attention - after the symposium, the main page will get the most attention and the CfP just left there for archive purposes
  2. W3C Working Group Note (editors' draft of first one)
    • goal: want it to look like W3C Note
    • design:
      • has very strict design parameters, we can cannot change much (will clarify more as needed)
      • probably fine to put something under the title, but maybe not above the title
  3. Papers (example - all have similar structure and ≈1,000 words)
    • goal: want to look integrated into the Symposium publication, and very stable, referenceable, etc. — yet *not like authored or approved by W3C or WAI*
    • design: lots of flexibility for design
    • notes:
      • new: include the BibTex info near the top of the pages, see examples in proceedings section
      • might have some format requirements for picking up in things like Google Scholar - these will mostly be code-level, but might have minor design implications
        open: Shadi is managing getting that figured out through WAI-ACT collaborators
  4. Transcripts (metrics one, designless)
    • design: lots of flexibility for design
  5. Paper submission page (e.g., OpenConf)
    • design: tools have significant limiations, assume we can add a banner, but maybe that's all

Also, we might want:


Note: some people really like the W3C Community Group look & feel

version B: starting from home page

version A - very rough idea of a common banner across the different pages: