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Changelog for Online Overview of WAI

This page records change requests and changes made to the Online Overview of WAI. Please send additions or corrections to w3c-wai-eo @w3.org.  Last updated 9 July 2004, by Judy Brewer (jbrewer @w3.org).

Changes requested 9 July 2004

Changes requested 31 January 2003

  1. Plug in new "description of Web accessibility" slide and shop for comments to WAI CG & WAI team
  2. Fix title to "Online Overview of Web Accessibility Initiative"
  3. Set better context for w.a. then wai in first slide
  4. Style sheet comments: 

Changes requested 17 January 2003

  1. Explain the "unprecedented" bit; tie it back to impact issue
  2. add def of web accessibility: "Web accessibility is the ability to use Web content even when functioning under limiting conditions -- functional limitations, - situational limitations." "The conceptual understanding gained from each piece of information is the same for anyone" "Designing so that more people can use your Web site effectively in more situations" "Provide access for people with disabilities" "W A is the way to access the Web regardless of the technology used" "W A means that everyone can use the functions of a Web site, regardless of operating system or user agent" "implementing accessibility formating features for w pages facilitates more efficient connectivity to msu's info and svcs for all computer users, it also allows us to reach the broadest possible audience.. and facilitate access for pwd's." "web accessibility is making sites more perceivable, operable, navigable, understandable, by people with disabilities"... "...(talk about web accessibility in the context of universal design, physical environment, tie together, and then show people)
  3. on slide 1, first qu should be "what is Web accessibility"
  4. try adding something about when & how it started, just do something simple, then link to more info

Changes requested, 3 January 2003

  1. DONE keep it updated regularly -- check it quarterly - link all.htm file from our deliverables list
  2. DONE get slidemaker tool info more up-to-date
  3. check accessibility of new slidemaker mode
  4. DONE s6 - remove first three sub-bullets, substitute basic list
  5. DONE s8 - fix "educations" typo
  6. DONE s9 - ERCIM/ Europe not France
  7. DONE s10 - "work together at design stage of key Web technologies"
  8. DONE s11 - revise & re-org slide to define stakeholder concept before using term
  9. DONE s12 - review WAI participation, make more inclusive
  10. DONE s13 - developing materials for
  11. DONE s15 - check markup
  12. DONE s20 - fix slide header
  13. DONE s21 - re-add link to EO-Deliverables
  14. NOT NOW s21 - group & re-organize EOWG resources
  15. ?NOT s22 - contact RDIG folks about CFP for new group
  16. DONE s22 - explain more what group will do
  17. DONE s23 - fix WAI groups link, and phrasing throughout the bullets
  18. DONE s23 - add link to a generic place to comment to
  19. NOT NOW revisit - name of getting started document
  20. DONE s24 - for now, add in full name of getting started document
  21. DONE s24 - review link titles for more consistency with document names
  22. WILL general - talk with style sheet owners about cut-off of numbers & nav bar gone in netscape four (table & div)

Changes done, 2-3 January 2003

  1. [done] slide1 - update date
  2. [done] s1 - add doc use info
  3. [done] s3 - update v tenses
  4. [done] s4 - trim words
  5. [done] s5 - replace "signposts"
  6. [done] s6 - remove "20%"
  7. [done] s8 - remove countries
  8. [done] s9 - replace INRIA with ERCIM
  9. [done] s9 - update domains
  10. [done] s10 - update sponsors
  11. [done] s11 - revise to clarify process, opportunities for public comment, etc
  12. [done] s12 - update descriptions of five activities
  13. [done] s13 - update technologies addressed
  14. [done] s14 - update guidelines as rec's
  15. [done] s14 - add xag
  16. [done] s14 - add "conformance" before "logos"
  17. [done] s15 - add something about wcag 2.0 work underway
  18. [done] s16 - add note about supporting resources available on the next page
  19. [done] s16 - remove "browser support" 
  20. [done] s16 - fix FAQ link
  21. [done] s16 - remove "AERT" doc
  22. [done] s18 - update all UAAG references; add all supporting links
  23. [done] s19 - remove ERT IG ref's
  24. [done] s19 - remove bobby ref's 
  25. [done] s19 - remove WART link
  26. [done] s19 - add EARL ref
  27. [done] s19 - further update up all ERT WG links & references
  28. [done] s20 - update EOWG description and all links and references
  29. [done] s21 - link to active RDIG 
  30. [done] s22 - replace WAI IG link with link to WAI Site Map "groups"
  31. [done] s22 - emphasize open invitation to comment
  32. [done] s23 - add link to "how to evaluate"
  33. [done] file info: add space in mailto link

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