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Help with the WAI Web Site

Page Contents

Some pages have "Page Contents" lists with in-page (or "anchor") links. Selecting these links jumps down to that section within the current page.

WAI Site Navigation

The primary WAI site navigation is displayed in most graphical browsers in a light blue bar along the left of the page. If you are using a screen reader or have style sheets turned off, the navigation is under heading 2 "Site Navigation".

When you click an item in the navigation area, that page is loaded in your browser. Related pages are shown in the navigation area as an outline (with nested lists). The current page is indicated in the navigation with:
»Current page

The WAI Site Map shows the site navigation outline expanded with all pages listed.

Navigating with Headings

The WAI site is designed for navigation using headings. Most pages include:

Most assistive technologies and some browsers facilitatenavigation by headings.

Access Keys

The WAI site does not include access keys for several reasons, including:

Skip to Content

The "Skip to content" link at the beginning of the page (usually displayed in the gray bar) moves the focus to the start of the main content (for example, for screen readers to skip the navigation).

(Internet Explorer 6.0 moves the visual focus, but not the input focus.)

Change Text Size or Colors

Instructions for How to Change Text Size or Colors is on another Web page.


The following icons are used on the WAI site:

About the Picture at the Top of the Page

At the top of most pages in the WAI site is an image of a bridge. On one side of the image is the strong, concrete base of the bridge. Water is flowing under the bridge, around the bridge supports. The sun is shining and on the other side of the image are green trees.

Note: No Software Endorsement

W3C WAI does not endorse specific Web browsers, assistive technologies, or other products, and does not recommend one over another. While some common products are included in this page, mention of a specific product does not imply endorsement or recommendation.

WAI Site Comments

Comments and questions on the design and interaction of the WAI Web site are welcome at wai-site-comments@w3.org.

For other comments and questions, please see Contacting WAI.