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Changelog for Using the WAI Web Site pages

This page records change requests and changes made to the Help with the WAI Web Site and Change Text or Colors. Please send additions or corrections to wai-eo-editors@w3.org.

Last updated on $Date: 2005/07/31 18:10:31 $ by $Author: shawn $

Revision Notes

[later] Note: If we implement CSS picker options and then this will be changed to something like "Customize Design"...

Changes not yet implemented

  1. fix win firefox rendering
  2. add other screen grabs

Changes from July 2005

sitehelp & changedesign updated

Changes from 15 April 2004

  1. [mostly DONE] changes from http://www.w3.org/2005/04/15-eo-minutes.html#item02
  2. [mostly DONE] changes from http://www.w3.org/2005/04/15-eo-minutes.html#item03
  3. LATER - consider encouragin others to provide such information

Changes from 19 November 2004

  1. [DONE] change titles
  2. [DONE] update based on revised navigation interaction
  3. [DONE] add different screen grabs, including from Mac

Changes from 12 November 2004

  1. [DONE] separate into 2 pages: general using site, and change text & color
  2. [DONE] for change text and colours: these are not just for our site, also will work on other sites, IF (all overrise absolute sizes except IE?)...
  3. [DONE] incorporate in here the IE override...
  4. [DONE] add disclaimer about tools (perhaps can copy from madrid bpe)

Document Information

Last updated $Date: 2005/07/31 18:10:31 $ by $Author: shawn $

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