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User Materials Task Force Work Statement

Status: Approved by EOWG in 7 July 2006 teleconference.

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The User Materials Task Force is a task force of the Education and Outreach Working Group (EOWG) and operates under the EOWG charter. The Task Force takes a lead role in developing  deliverables within the scope of this task force; but EOWG has sole authority to review and approve the deliverables.

The objective of the task force is to plan and develop different types of materials, including some non-technical materials, on topics of particular interest to potential and current Web users with disabilities and/or with accessibility needs due to ageing. Note that the task force focuses on "end users," not "developer users."

Potential topics to be addressed:
  1. approaches for promoting and advocating for Web accessibility
  2. opportunities for participating in W3C/WAI
  3. what kinds of accessibility support users should be able to expect from Web sites that are accessible, and what accessibility logos actually mean (what kind of conformance statements do they represent?) 
  4. where to find information on how to use existing accessibility supports in mainstream software
  5. where to find information on assistive technologies that can be used with browsers and media players
  6. how to develop expertise in designing, developing, and/or evaluating Web sites
  7. background on current standards or policy efforts that can affect Web accessibility
Potential deliverables which might address the topics listed above:


WAI User Materials Task Force communications are publicly visible. Communication mechanisms for the Task Force include:


Task Force participants must be participants of the EOWG, and must actively contribute to the work of the Task Force, including:

Task Force Leadership

Facilitator: Wayne Dick
W3C Team support: Shawn Henry and Judy Brewer


User Materials Task Force participants are:

  1. Doyle Saylor
  2. Helle Bjarnø
  3. Judy Brewer
  4. Liam McGee
  5. Shawn Henry
  6. Wayne Dick
  7. William Loughborough
  8. (Pasquale Popolizio)