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This page provided additional info for the 2015 Charter.
For recent info, see EOWG Current Projects, which includes milestone status.
This page provided additional info for the 2015 Charter.
For recent info, see EOWG Current Projects, which includes milestone status.


The mission of the Education and Outreach Working Group (EOWG) is to develop strategies and resources to promote awareness, understanding, and implementation of web accessibility; and to support the work of other Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) Working Groups.

EOWG is chartered to work collaboratively with other WAI Working Groups to support public awareness, understanding, and successful implementation of WAI guidelines, specifications, Notes, and other resources.


Improve deliverables of WAI Working Groups

Collaborate with other WAI Working Groups to help make WAI guidelines, specifications, Notes, and other resources more readable, understandable, navigable, and usable.

2015 Charter deliverables - reviews

Review other Working Groups' deliverables, including:

  • WCAG 2.0 Extentions - review
  • ARIA 1.1 materials - review
  • SVG Accessibility materials - review
  • Other WAI Working Group deliverables - review

Examples of reviews done previously

Introduce technical documents

EOWG produces introductory materials for WAI technical guidelines, specifications, and Notes provide overviews that are useful both:

  1. people who do not need the details in the technical document (such as managers and policy makers), and
  2. those who will use the technical document.

2015 Charter deliverables - intros

Examples of intros done previously

Promote international adoption of W3C accessibility standards

EOWG leads several initiatives to increase understanding, implementation, and harmonization of standards. Resources provide guidance to policy makers, organizational leaders, project managers, and others on integration of WAI standards in their organization to encourage and enable international harmonization of web accessibility standards.

2015 Charter deliverables - standards harmonization

Examples of standards harmonization supporting material done previously

Improve understanding and implementation of WAI standards

Material to help developers, designers, authors and others understand, use, and implement WAI standards in their web projects. In collaboration with other WAI Working Groups, EOWG develops material to help developers, designers, and authors understand, use, and implement WAI's standards in their web projects. An important aspect of the work is to make accessibility comprehensible for those new to the field.

2015 Charter deliverables - implementation

Examples of implementation support material done previously

Support effective web accessibility evaluation

To enable a range of effective accessibility assessment, EOWG provides guidance for beginners to do preliminary evaluations, support for WCAG conformance assessment, a database of evaluation tools, and other evaluation resources.

2015 Charter deliverables - evaluation

During the next charter period EOWG plans to update the following:

and create new resources as identified.

Examples of evaluation support material done previously

Facilitate community engagement

Engaging with broad web communities and disability communities to advance web accessibility, communicate about WAI work, and encourage participation in W3C.

2015 Charter deliverables - engagement

Examples of engagement efforts done previously