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Work for this week - Oct surveys

For important notes, please see EOWG e-mail from 14 October, Subject: {Important} EOWG - Draft posting review needed.

Planning and managing accessibility documents

Survey: Planning documents survey


Survey: Tools survey


Survey: Tutorials survey



[July 2014] Who else: Everyone:

  1. Review EOWG's replies to WCAG comments
    • [done] Shawn 4 July 2014 - added one comment that needs addressing. other than that, I approve.
    • [done] Sharron 16 July 2014 - Yes, I approve.
    • [done] Howard, 17 July 2014, I made some comments but I approve
    • [done] Name, date, comment
  2. Review the Tutorials Overview page and put your comments in github, e-mail, or wiki for Cover Page comments

[May 2014]: Who else: Everyone:

Who else: Everyone Review Tables tutorial at all levels, including copyediting. We plan to ask for EOWG approval to publish it soon. Comments & suggestions can go to any of:

Done some:

  • [done some] Liam, 25-April-2014
  • [done some] Vicki, 24-April-2014
  • [done some] Bim, 23-April-2014
  • [done some] Shawn, 23-April-2014

Anyone Visit new Tutorials Feedback wiki page to prepare for discussion on usefulness and organization on 11 April

  • [done] Andrew, 10-April-2014
  • [done] Liam, 11-April-2014

Anyone If you want to use GitHub for commenting on the Tutorials, review new file to prepare for discussion on 11 April.

Review cover page and comment in Tutorials wiki page or through Github Tutorials - for discussion on 4 April

  • [done] Paul, 10-April-2014
  • [done] Bim, 4-April-2014
  • [done] Howard, 4-April-2014
  • [done] Anna Belle, 3-April-2014
  • [done] Sharron, 3-April-2014
  • [done] Vicki, 3-April-2014
  • [done] Shawn, 1-April-2014
  • [done] Andrew, 28-March-2014
  • [done] Liam, 11-April-2014

Who else: Everyone...

  • Review Tutorials Images content and overall user interface. (Open issues for your input are marked with [EOWG?].) Add comments to Feedback 4 March
    • [done] Vicki - 5 March
    • ? [done] Sharron - 5 March
    • ? [done] Andrew - 5 March
    • did some - Shawn - 6 March
    • [done] name - date

Easy Checks


  • [done?] Everyone - review updates and comment on things marked (square bracket) "[EOWG]":
    1. Ctrl for Windows, cmd for Mac,
    2. Basic Structure Check,
    3. Other.
    • [done] - Sylvie, 25-Feb-2014
    • [done] - Vicki, 26-Feb-2014
    • [done] - Anna Belle, 26-Feb-2014
    • [done] Sharron 28-February-2014
  • [done] Shawn - update from edits
  • [done] Shawn - update [@@ explain images more]

Usability testing Easy Checks - by Wed 26 Feb

Who else: Anyone with perspectives on usability testing and Easy Checks please comment.

Add thoughts on what to test, who to recruit as users, etc.

  • [Done] Vicki, 26 February
  • [Abstain] not sure what needs to be done here. Sylvie, 25 February
  • [Done] Sharron, 5 March
  • [Done] Name, 00 Month

Evaluation tool guidance

Who else: Anyone review and comment on overall approach, wording, etc. Add thoughts on titles.

Evaluation tool guidance wiki page for comments

  • [done] - Vicki, 03-month-2014
  • [done] - Sharron, 02-month-2014
  • [done] - Bim, 04-April-2014
  • [done] - Liam, 04-April-2014
  • [done] - name, 00-month-2014

ATAG Promo

Who else: Anyone Based on Jeanne's report at the April 11 meeting, continue to send interested parties to Info about How to Help Move ATAG forward on ATAG Overview page.

  • Paul - prompt Sue Collins of CSU system to participate
  • Wayne - follow up with Sue

Review Promoting ATAG Analysis/Requirements. Add suggestions, comments, progress on EO wiki ATAG Outreach planning support page.

Participants: Andrew, Paul, Wayne, Sharron. Everyone else welcome!

  • Sharron - update Update outreach plan for ATAG target date: Feb 21
  • [done] Sharron - set up ATAG outreach wiki page, brainstormed targets, messaging etc.
  • [done] Paul - brainstormed targets, messaging, writing up verbiage for business card handouts at CSUN. They will not be haikus as suggested by Wayne.

IndieUI Requirements Review - May

Document: IndieUI Requirements,
Background: e-mail announcement,
Comments go here: IndieUI Requirements Review comments wiki page

Ideal schedule:

  • by 6 May - draft comments available for EOWG review
  • through 8 May - EOWG review comments
  • 9 May - EOWG discuss
  • revise comments to submit
  • 16 May - EOWG approve
  • by 23 May - submit comments

Who else: Anyone with thoughts on use cases/scenarios and other aspects of the doc

    • Wayne to do

WAI-ARIA Overview - by early March

Who else: Anyone please comment on the WAI-ARIA Overview page by 4 March.

  • [done] Anna Belle 20-Feb-2014
  • [done] Sylvie, 25-Feb-2014
  • [done] Paul 27-Feb-2014. Overall, this is very well-written.
    • To my eye, the use of bold text creates a "noisy page" and is not necessary. That said, the bold text, if combined, would actually make a great TL;DR summary of this page.
    • In "The WAI-ARIA Documents" section, what exactly does "...completed and published in 2011" mean? Following the link "How WAI Develops Accessibility Guidelines through the W3C Process" does not reveal which milestone "completed and published" actually is.
  • [done] Sharron 28-Feb-2014
  • [done] name 00-month-2014

WCAG-EM Review - in Feb

Who else: Everyone review comments by Sylvie & Anthony in WCAG-EM Review wiki page - by 26 February.

Who else: Anyone please comment on the WCAG-EM Overview page by 20 March.

(final comment deadline: Friday 28 February 2014)

Review WCAG-EM and put comments on the WCAG-EM Review wiki page. (See Notes under Technical Document Review for info on reviewing and commenting.)

  • [done]Shawn - polish & submit EOWG comments
  • Everyone - review comments and comment or OK for submission
    • [done] Bim 28-Feb-2014
    • [done] Eric 27-Feb-2014
    • [mostly done] Shawn 20-Feb-2014
    • [done] Vicki 20-Feb-2014
    • [abstain] Anna Belle 21-Feb-2014
  • [done] Shawn - review comments and prepare for EOWG discussion. 20-Feb-2014
  • [Done] Sylvie - Finished reviewing WCAG-EM and added comments to the wiki on 20 February. Reviewed Overview page as well but no additional comments to Vicki's comments.
  • [done] Vicki - commented on Overview page 13-Feb-2014
  • [Done] Anthony - reviewed doc and commented 12-Feb-2014

WCAG Techniques & Understanding Feb 2014

Everyone: In Techniques for Specific Technologies, read Background and Notes. Comment under "Additional Discussion on Wording" and "Location". (+1 is enough of a comment)

  • [done] - Vicki, 3-April-2014
  • [done] - Eric, 2014-04-03
  • [done] - Andrew, 2-April-2014
  • [done] - Bim, 2-April-2014
  • [done] - Shawn, 28-March-2014
  • [done] - Liam, 4-April-2014
  • [done] - Sharron, 4-April-2014

Who else: Everyone with perspectives on the EO position on the alt attribute & WAI-ARIA solution please comment.

Review and put comments in WCAG review wiki page. (See Notes under Technical Document Review for info on reviewing and commenting.)

  • [Done] Shawn - submit comment
  • [Done] Sharron - draft EOWG comment to submit
  • [after others done] All - review comments and comment or OK for submission
  • [Passed the deadline, did not have time] - Vicki
  • [missed deadline] Anna Belle - will comment on alt issue
  • [Done] Bim - commented on alt issue on 14 February 2014
  • [Done] Eric - 14 February 2014
  • [Done] Paul - commented on alt issue February 13
  • [Done] Howard - commented on alt issue on 13 February 2014
  • [Done] Andrew - commented on alt issue on 13 February 201
  • [Done] Sylvie - commented on alt issue on 10 February 2014
  • [done] Shawn - commented on just 'cause techniques not necessary accessible
  • [done] Shawn - to our wiki page, add links for background issue & headings for proposal and discussion

Zoomed wiki

Who else: Everyone: Wayne has requested that everyone try to experience the wiki the way he does and see what impact it has on your ability to contribute. He asks that everyone to go to the wiki, enlarge the text to 200% and try to do your homework for this week. Wayne says "I would really like for everyone to try this this week." if you have comments, please add them to Using the wiki page. Indicate below that you have completed Wayne's request.

  • [done] - Shawn
  • [done] - Vicki
  • [done] - Eric