IndieUI Requirements Review

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IndieUI Requirements First Public Working Draft (e-mail announcement)


  • by 6 May - draft comments available for EOWG review
  • through 8 May - EOWG review comments
  • 9 May - EOWG discuss
  • revise comments to submit
  • 16 May - EOWG approve
  • by 23 May - submit comments

Comments to submit

Please make these clear and polished.

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  • Typos and minor copyediting:
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Comments for EOWG Discussion

  • (Liam) Just trying to review standard UI widgets available in Jquery UI and Kendo... here's my list so far.
    • Accordion / Panel Bar
    • Action Sheet / To Do List
    • Autocomplete
    • Barcode
    • Button
    • Button Group
    • Calendar
    • Captcha
    • Chart
    • Color Picker
    • Combo Box (select)
    • Date Picker
    • Dialog
    • Diagram
    • Dockable Panel
    • Drawer / Peek Menu
    • Editor
    • Expand / Collapse Panel
    • Gauges
    • Grid
    • List View
    • Map
    • Menu
    • Multi Select
    • Nest Panel
    • Numeric Text Box
    • Popover
    • Progress Bar
    • QR Code
    • Resizable Panel
    • Scheduler
    • Scroller
    • Scroller infinite / lazy load
    • Slider
    • Spinner (for numbers/dates)
    • Split Panel
    • Stock Chart
    • Tabs / Tab Strip
    • Time Picker
    • Tooltip
    • Treeview
    • Upload

    And same again for interactions:

    • Drag
    • Drop
    • Resize
    • Select
    • Sort

    And again same for effects

    • Add/remove class
    • Colour animation
    • Animation effect
    • Show/Hide
    • Switch class
    • Toggle class

    Can we match which are dealt with in IndieUI? Do we think that IndieUI needs to provide for all of these use cases/scenarios? Any more UI libs that people can think of offhand? I guess that this may be a bigger deal for IndieUI UserContext than for IndieUI Events.

"use cases" versus "scenarios"

Proposed EOWG comment:

EOWG suggests calling these "use cases" throughout, and not "scenarios". We can provide rationale if needed.

previous question & comment

The draft document uses both terms. Would you consider these one or the other? Is there reason to use just one term?

  • (Wayne) I was thinking very technically. Use case is a term from the UML design process. This process generally is viewed from the point of view of an "actor", who is presented with a given situation. This abstract actor has choices and these are analyzed. Scenarios tend to me more story like. I don't know if the distinction is essential, but use case is more exact.