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The work on this deliverable has primarily moved to Github. If you can, leave your comments as issues there. This wiki page is still monitored.

This is the general Feedback page. For Feedback on different Tutorials, see the Tutorial sections section below.



Tutorials Sections

General Feedback

  • [DONE {Eric, 2014-May-05}] colors - it looks like the attributes and elements are different colors. I find this distracting in the narrative text. I would prefer for them to be the same color as the other text. (although I don't feel super strongly and if others in EO feel differently, I'd go with majority) Also, the elements are a blue that has "clickable" affordance, but they aren't clickable, which is not good.
    I *do* like the different colors in the code samples.{Shawn, 23-April-2014}