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The work on this deliverable has primarily moved to Github. If you can, leave your comments as issues there. This wiki page is still monitored.


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Concepts page

  • [DONE {Eric, 2014-October-17}] Suggest adding a sentence about enabling the user to pause/stop the rotation of items (yes it is covered under 'why it is important', but should probably be drawn out at this level too). {Andrew, 2014-09-26}
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Structure page

  • [DONE {Eric, 2014-October-17}] In the Note - consider changing "so that a heading" to "so that an appropriate level of heading" {Andrew, 2014-09-26}
  • [DONE {Eric, 2014-October-17}] Under Carousel Styling - reconsider the user of the term 'colour contrast ratio' - in the Easy Checks we used Contrast ratio ("color contrast") {Andrew, 2014-09-26}
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Functionality page

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Animations page

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Tips page

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