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EOWG review reminder:

  • See Notes under Technical Document Review for info on reviewing and commenting.
  • EOWG will focus on the types of questions below under [Comments submitted on 22 October 2012]. If you have comments on specific technical points in the document, you can submit them directly yourself -- that is, e-mail them to public-wai-evaltf@w3.org 22
    If you're not sure, feel free to put your comments here and the Group will decide if they are ones you should send yourself.

Comments on the Overview page

WCAG-EM Overview page

  • Should we do more to set expectations that this is an overall approach, rather than detailed procedure to evaluate each SC? {EOWG 31 Jan teleconference}
    If so, please suggest wording:
    • WCAG-EM provides for an overall approach to evaluate web sites rather than a detailed procedure to evaluate each Success Criteria {Vicki - February 13}
  • Introduction: Second paragraph: I would inverse the sentences in order to continue the focus on WCAG-EM {Vicki - February 13}
  • last sentence needs to be modified to past tense if it was published as a W3C WG Note in 2013 {Vicki - February 13}
    It's still a draft so it needs to be changed from 2013 to 2014. :-)
  • last sentence: is it supposed to be "investing time and resources" or just "investing in" {Vicki - February 13}
  • Scope: 3rd paragraph: Simplify the first sentence, remove the extra noise by removing "in related pages of the" so as to read "Other aspects of evaluation are addressed in the Evaluating Web Accessibility resource suite". {Vicki - February 13}
  • Second sentence: last part of the sententce. Suggestion: "and evaluate if accessibility solutions are effective by Involving Users in Evaluating Web Accessibility." {Vicki - February 13}