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[DRAFT] Analysis of physical materials for WAI outreach

Note: updated Quick Tips are addressed in Requirements/Analysis and changelog for updated Quick Tips

Flyer 2012 update 2

See Flyer Notes wiki page

Flyer 2012 Update 1

2012 Update 1 content.

High resulution file for printing (PDF, large file). IMPORTANT: You must get written permission to print the WAI flyer.


Note: Review a proof before running a full job. Double-check that the ® is in the top right corner of the W3C logo as the logo file we are using has proven to drop the ® at times.

2012-1 Analysis

Primary audience: People who think they know WAI, but really only know a small bit of what we do and how we work.

From this flyer we want people to:

  1. Get an idea of the broad range of materials available from WAI,
    expect that WAI has resources that they would find incredibly useful,
    and be enticed to go poking around the WAI website to see what's there
  2. See WAI as a place where they are welcome to get involved,
    a community they want to participate in
  3. Understand WAI is the place for international web accessibility standards,
    and a definitive source for support material

The goal of this flyer is not to sell accessibility itself, e.g., it's not the business case.

Example use cases:


Related material: back side: At a Glance stable content, At a Glance old pdf; new IA; W3C-Accessibility page; an old conference session handout

Page Contents

Purpose [old draft]

[more specific analysis matching material, purpose, audience coming...]

Audience and Document Use [old draft]

[more specific analysis matching material, purpose, audience coming...]


Brainstorms on slogans

Links below go to rough sketches, which are described in the linked text.

  1. Are you Accessible? Are you WAI Accessible? www.w3c.org/WAI/intro - depending on how you read it. Could also do "I am Accessible!" (nod to Knowbility for the idea!)
  2. Shaped like a bumper sticker:
  3. "I'm perceivable, operable, understandable and robust" + an explanation - would be good on a t-shirt front & back
  4. Levels:
  5. WAI in sign language
  6. tag cloud - of WCAG 2.0, of essential components, or other
  7. Crossword 2&3: WCAG, WAI-ARIA, ATAG, UAAG, intersecting WEB ACCESSIBILITY,
    Crossword 1: WCAG, WAI-ARIA, ATAG, UAAG, intersecting
  8. Bottle labeled "WCAG 2.0" & "100% W3C WAI" pouring out: Perceivable, Operable, Understandable, Robust

Brainstorms on materials

Understanding that there are multiple items needed for multiple audiences, EOWG members have suggested the following several options for consideration in the development of the next generation of outreach materials:

Notes and Requirements

Open Issues:


Current resources:

Current discussions:

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