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Last Update: October 9, 2003 by Jim Allan
Send submissions to wai-events@w3.org.

The following is a list of upcoming conferences that may be appropriate outlets for Web accessibility outreach efforts. Individuals involved in WAI activities are encouraged to participate in these conferences, by submitting proposals for presentations or by disseminating WAI materials. Opportunities for participation may include:

  1. plenary sessions, open to all conference attendees, which can provide an opportunity to increase accessibility awareness among people previously unfamiliar with the topic;
  2. workshops or tutorials, which can provide attendees with in-depth knowledge on accessible design;
  3. panel sessions, which can provide an opportunity for a group of individuals to present multiple perspectives on accessible design;
  4. paper sessions, which can provide an opportunity for presenters to describe on-going research, practice or policy activities related to accessibility;
  5. exhibit booths, which can provide opportunities for one-on-one interactions, and information dissemination;
  6. "Birds of a Feather" sessions ("BOF's"), which can provide an informal setting for discussions on accessible design;
  7. literature bags and literature tables, which can provide opportunities to disseminate Quick Tips or WAI literature stuffers.

Updating Conference and Presentation Information

Please help us keep the conference listings up to date. Relevant conferences include Internet & Web industry; assistive technology; government information technology conferences; disability conferences; accessibility research conferences; etc. We are interested in information from all countries. We're also interested in tracking presentations and literature dissemination related to Web accessibility. Here's how to submit information:

This reference list was developed by the WAI Education and Outreach Working Group, with special thanks to Kitch Barnicle and Jim Allan. Information on other activities and resources of W3C's Web Accessibility Initiative is available on the WAI home page.

Novenber 2003

Conference: 6th Annual Accessing Higher Ground Conference:Assistive Technology and Accessible Media in Higher Education
Location: University of Colorado - Boulder Campus
Date: November 11 - 14, 2003
URL: http://www.colorado.edu/ATconference/
Submission Deadlines: closed
Web Access Presentations:


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