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Greenwich Mean Time
every 7 days, starting from 2023-01-26, until 2023-02-16
Location: https://www.w3.org/2017/09/i18n-meeting-info.html
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NOTE WELL This meeting is scheduled in the Europe/London time zone. That time zone observes Daylight Savings/Summer Time. Your local time for this call may vary due to differences in your local time zone's observation of DST/ST from that of the UK.



Things to do before the meeting:


Topic: Agenda Review
Send agenda+ requests to the public-i18n-core@ list in advance of the meeting!

Topic: Action Items
Review of open action items from previous meetings

Topic: Info Share
Share information of interest to the working group or pertaining to internationalization in general.

Topic: RADAR Review
Time to review new and on-going requests for specification review. Incoming requests are assigned to shepherds in this part of the call.
In addition, we review the status of specifications that have received comments. Please review your issues and owned items in advance of the call

Topic: Pending Issue Review
Review of new and pending issues raised by working group members or via the various bots.

Topic: Baggage and their non-Unicode keys
Addison submitted a comment in reply to their pushing back against non-ASCII values in keys. We should review

Topic: UAX#31 and file-naming text contribution
We asked Unicode how to submit our text and they (finally) replied. Let's discuss how to proceed.

Topic: Specdev PR review
Addison submitted a PR that addresses four open issues. Please review this PR before our call.

The issues addressed are:

  • Addresses #88
    ** Add guidance for generating bidirectional labels/descriptions
    ** Caused by w3c/i18n-activity#1638
  • Addresses #83
    ** Add guidance on Unicode code point order
  • Addresses #69
    ** Add information about constituent parts of BCP47 (specifically 4647)
  • Addresses #14
    ** Add guidance on using the ILSTR instead of making your own list of subtags

Topic: String-Meta explainer changes
Review changes to the explainer

Topic: AOB?


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If you are set to scribe and cannot make it, please send regrets to the chair. Volunteers to act as scribe cheerfully accepted.

Bert [2022-06-30]
Fuqiao [2022-07-14]
Felix [2022-10-20]
Atsushi [2023-01-26]

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