W3C Strategic Highlights: Introduction

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Over the next few weeks and months we'll be exploring the latest W3C Strategic Highlights document here in the W3C blog in a bit more depth in order to give a deeper overview of the work W3C does to consolidate, optimize and enhance the existing landscape, which includes innovation, incubation, and research for the growth and strength of the Web (see also Jeff Jaffe's blog post "Looking Back at TPAC 2018; Public Release of W3C Strategic Highlights" from November 2018).

graphic showing the pipeline of Web innovation [Lightbulb design credit: Freepik]

W3C Strategic Highlights

The W3C Strategic Highlights outlines an exciting pipeline of innovations that W3C is working on to enable the Web to scale to meet new challenges and opportunities. Over the next weeks and months, we will focus on progress in many areas which demonstrates the vitality of the W3C and the Web community as well as the maturation and further development of an incredible number of new technologies coming to the Web.

These technologies include:

Please check back here to read more about this new work!

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