Join experts, innovators and inventors at the inaugural W3C Executive Forum

Our mission is to lead the Web to its full potential. For decades W3C, with our members, have had a leadership role in driving strategic conversations about emerging technologies and their impact on business. On November 8 2017, in the heart of Silicon Valley,  W3C will host the inaugural W3C Executive Forum with industry leaders, thought leaders and futurists to engage with senior executives about the technologies and innovations which will harness and transform the power of the Web.

The day will feature sessions on Payments on the Web, Connected Cars and Connected Cities, and WebVR and will end with a conversation between Brad Stone of Bloomberg and our Director and Inventor of the Web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee.

Session 1: “The Future of Payments on the Web

The Web continues to transform our world, the way we communicate and share the things we value. How we get to where we need to go; the meals we order, the gifts we buy; experiences we share – all these purchases are part of our modern lives and they frequently happen via the Web.

Nick Telford Reed  Souheil Badran  Sang Anh

Nick Telford-Reed, Director of Technology Innovation, Worldpay will moderate the Future of Payments on the Web panel with global Executives Souheil Badran, President, Alipay North America; Karen Czack Vice President, Industry Engagement & Regulation of American Express and Sang Ahn, VP & GM, Samsung Pay.

Session 2: “Connected Cars, Cities and the Web

A new wave of transformation is already under way as cars and city infrastructures are being connected. The impacts on physical and digital infrastructure, automation, data management, lifestyle and new business models are enormous. Connected cars in connected cities can revolutionize the way we drive with: greater safety, increased mobility, fewer cars and roads and hence, more green space.

The Open Web Platform offers unprecedented opportunities to serve as the nexus of solutions and services for a whole new multi-industry ecosystem. Business Insider reports that 381 million connected cars are expected to be on the road by 2020, and 82% of all cars shipped in that year to be connected, generating $8.1 trillion between 2015 and 2020.

Steve Crumb Tina Quigley Steve Surhigh Patti Robb Scott Steedman

The session on Connected Cars, Cities and the Web will be moderated by Steve Crumb, Executive Director, GENIVI Alliance with speakers: Tina Quigley, Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada; Steve Surhigh, Harman Connected Services, Patricia (Patti) Robb, Head of the Silicon Valley Innovation Center and Scott Steedman, Director of Standards, BSI Group.

Session 3: “WebVR, Emerging Trends: Seeing, Interacting and Securing the Future Web

By the mid 2020s, the Web will come to us in many new forms, such as virtual and mixed reality and voice interfaces. How will that change our expectations and experience – and how do we ensure that experience is a safe and secure one? Futurist and 3D Web pioneer Mark Pesce will be joined by a panel of experts on VR, user experience and security – for an immersive tour of a future that we can begin to plan for today.

Mark Pesce Stina Ehrensvard Sean White Megan Lindsay

Mark Pesce, who created the original Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) will moderate the “WebVR, Emerging Trends: Seeing, Interacting and Securing the Future Web“session with speakers: Stina Ehrensvard, CEO & Founder, Yubico and expert on authentication; Sean White, SVP, Emerging Technologies at Mozilla and Megan Lindsay of Google.

Session 4: The Future Impact of the Web

The final session of the day will be a conversation with our Director Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the Web and with Brad Stone of Bloomberg on The Future Impact of the Web.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee Brad Stone

We invite you to join us at this event with top-tier cutting-edge speakers to learn about the newest innovations in tech and the work of the W3C to imagine together, build and implement new technologies for the future of the Web.

Registration for the W3C Web Executive Forum on 8 November 2017 is open to all. For more information see the W3C Media Advisory.