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W3C is pleased to announce that we've been accepted as a mentoring organization for the Google Summer of Code 2013. We work on standards and we have always known that code is king, which is why W3C worked for a long time on a browser/editor (Amaya), server (Jigsaw), and other tools (validators, etc.)

If you're a student interested in working on Open Source projects at W3C, check out our GSoC page and our initial list of ideas. It spans several W3C technologies (from HTML to RDF) and includes many languages such as Java, Scala, Python and Node.js. This list is not definitive and we invite students to amend them or propose their own. The prefered way to discuss with the team and the potential mentors is to use IRC (irc:// or the web interface). You can also send an email to

What is Google Summer of Code

Google Summer of Code offers student developers stipends to write open source software code over a three month period. Paired with a mentor or mentors in our staff or the W3C community, accepted student applicants will do work related to their academic pursuits, gain exposure to real-world software development, and best of all, create and release open source code for the benefit of all. The program which kicked off in 2005 has brought together nearly 6,000 successful student participants and over 3000 mentors from over 100 countries worldwide, all for the love of code.

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