Open Web Platform Weekly Summary - 2013-02-18 - 2013-02-24

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weekly Openweb Platform Summary from February 17 to 24, 2013. You can read again last week version. Your comments are helpful.

CSS Animations Updates

A new Working Draft for CSS Animations has been announced

  • Adding the pseudoElement property to animation events
  • animation-play-state can be set by the animation shorthand
  • Better definition of error conditions e.g. keyframe selectors outside [0-100%] are ignored

IndexedDB: Error Type for key generator maximum value

The key generator maximum value in IndexedDB is 9007199254740992. When reached, an error is generated but it was not specified which type of errors.

store = db.createObjectStore('store', {autoIncrement: true});
store.put('a', 9007199254740992);
r = store.put('b');
r.onerror = function(e) { alert(; };

It is now: ConstraintError

Variables in CSS and Syntax

The discussion about syntaxes for variables in CSS has been restarted by Jens Meiert. See also this thread

Testing the Open Web Platform

Robin Berjon checked which areas of the Open Web Platform needed more tests. Here there is an opportunity for you to help.

Styling everything

Henrik Andersson has mentionned how impossible is it to style many elements in the browser.

  • Scrollbars, both the main viewport ones, overflow caused ones and the ones belonging to frames
  • The audio and video elements, when set to show playback controls
  • Date and time input elements
  • File upload elements
  • The progress element
  • The meter element
  • The details element
  • The drop down menu of size one select elements

In the thread, Tab Atkins has mentionned that it is not a lack of will, but it is a very hard issue to address with a lot of work to do. We have a tendency to forget that it would be indeed cool to have this, but it also means that people need to dedicate time for it, and there are not that many talented people to write specifications and implementers to test them in parallels.

format() for images in CSS? Maybe.

How do you give hints to the browser that it is not necessary to load an image before it actually tries to download it. Let's say there is

background-image: image("whatever.webp", "whatever.jpg");

but the browser is not supporting webp. There should be a way to tell the browser that this is a webp image. Add a pinch of mime-type, mix slightly with explicit metadata and you get a long thread

HTTP 2 is on GitHub

It has been decided that the work about HTTP2 would be done on W3C Mailing-List and the work edited on GitHub. You can follow the commits to the specification and the issues. Finally, youcan also read the most current editor's draft.

XHR and user cancel requests

When an XHR request is going on and the user is aborting it, through esc for example. What should happen? Currently there is a difference in between the "natural" network abort and the ones cancelled by the users. Anne van Kesteren is proposing to remove the user specific ones.

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