Call for Implementations: Org and Data-Cube Vocabularies

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The W3C Government Linked Data (GLD) Working Group today published two Candidate Recommendations:

  • The Organization Ontology (org) defines a vocabulary for describing the structure of an organization, such as a government agency or a corporation.
  • The RDF Data Cube Vocabulary (data-cube) allows multi-dimensional data, such as statistics or environmental data, to be published on the Web in a standard way.

Each of these vocabularies is stable and has already been used in a variety of applications (see org implementations and data cube implementations). The group is now encouraging everyone who wants to provide or consume this kind of data to begin using these vocabularies, and it asks people to please send in reports of implementation experience, as explained in the documents. These reports will help us be sure the vocabularies are ready to become W3C Recommendations and generally help build global interoperability.

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