Open Web Platform Weekly Summary - 2012-02-06 - 2012-03-11

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A long overdue Open Web Platform weekly summary, check also Anne's blog post about http+aes and control Referer as well as the new API canvas features.


There is a joint meeting in the Silicon Valley (California) on May 1-4, 2012. If you are around at this time, you may want to join the discussions. This meeting would be in addition to the TPAC 2012 in November (Lyon, France).

Quirks Mode had never really been documented in the past. Simon Pieters (Opera) decided to write a specification for it.

The big thread these last few weeks was about Encryption mechanism for media in HTML (or what people summarize with DRM). Google, Microsoft and Netflix proposed a document on Encrypted Media Extensions v0.1 that generated a series of thread. Some companies and organizations are worried about the possibility for opensource software to implement a reasonable and performant solutions.

Web Apps

Should Web Apps be installable? The same way you download an application on your system? You might want to be able to download an app and install it on your machine as an individual package.

MS2ger is writing a specification about DOM Parsing and Serialization. It is not clear yet where it would be published in the HTMLWG or WebApps WG.


http+aes is a proposal for a new scheme in HTML specification with the intent of giving another layer of security when connecting through HTTP. The HTTP Working Group discussed the issues around http+aes.

A first draft of SPDY has been published by Belshe (Twist) and Peon (Google). SPDY is a protocol which was initially created by Google and implemented on their servers and Chrome and has the intent of removing some of the roundtrips of HTTP connections. It also tries to compress the headers across connections. There is a prototype implementation in Firefox and it is being deployed in twitter.

Julian Reschke maintains a list of issues about Encoding Parameter for HTTP Basic Authentication


Manu Sporny proposed to have href, src, rev and rel attributes to all elements in HTML5. rel and rev are accepted on all elements, but not href and src as mentioned in the bug report.

Web Architecture

Why the tag is publishing Findings, musing documents about Web Architecture? Noah Mendelsohn found in the archives a message from Tim Bray giving context about TAG Findings.

This column is written by Karl Dubost, working in the Developer Relations team at Opera Software.

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