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Do you remember a time when people around you broke out in laughter, but you didn't hear the joke?
You could be doing a similar thing to your audience — leaving some people out. For example, if you say "you can read it on the slide", you're probably excluding people who can't see the slide.

We've updated How to Make Presentations Accessible to All to help you make presentations, talks, meetings, training, conferences, etc. accessible to all of your potential audience, including people with disabilities and others. It covers planning, preparing slides, considerations during your presentation, providing accessible material, and more. It also mentions additional benefits of inclusive presentations, for example, improving podcasts of presentations for everyone.

We welcome your help telling conference organizers, presenters, trainers, and others about How to Make Presentations Accessible to All. Sample wording that you can use for your own blog posts, newsletter articles, etc. is available in a Promoting Make Presentations Accessible wiki page. (If you post or publish about it, please let us know by sending e-mail to so we can add it to our list.)

We also welcome comments on how we might improve this resource in future versions. You can comment on this blog post or send e-mail to the publicly archived list

Thanks! ~Shawn for WAI's Education and Outreach Working Group (EOWG)

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