How do we test a Web browser? (one year after)

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Almost one year ago, I wrote about browser testing in How do we test a Web browser?. Since then, the situation improved a bit but we're still far from reaching an appropriate comfort level.

There is now a new mercurial server and youl'll find tests related to HTML5 or Web Applications. All of those tests are automatically mirrored on The Mobile tests are also linked from there. The CSS and MathML test suites are still in a separate space. The SVG Group and Internationalization effort are in a transition phase.

A few of our Groups have documented how to contribute tests:

The Internationalization effort has been reporting on test results for while, such as for language declarations.

The HTML Working Group, working on HTML5, also started to publish ongoing test results. Thanks to a few contributions, we started to test a some features, including video and canvas:

HTML5 Test Suite results
Feature Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview 4 Chrome 5.0.375.125 Firefox 4 Beta 2 Opera 10.60 Safari 5.0.7533.16
attributes 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
audio 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
canvas 85% 86.67% 76.67% 85% 88.33%
foreigncontent 100% 10% 100% 10% 10%
video 84.62% 69.23% 61.54% 61.54% 61.54%
xhtml5 100% 22.22% 66.67% 100% 33.33%

The HTML test suite only contains 97 approved tests for the moment so don't draw too many conclusion from the result table. The number of tests needs to increase significantly if we want to test HTML5 properly. Around 900 tests are waiting to be approved within the task force but we're lacking participants. Help in identifying more test sets and submitting them to the group would also be appreciated.

The Web browsers of tomorrow are being developed and tested today, so don't wait and help us make the Web a better place! So pick your favorite HTML, CSS, SVG, MathML, or API feature, write as many tests as you can on it, and submit those tests to us. Before sending bug reports to various browser vendors, that's your best chance to get your favorite feature properly implemented and the browser developers will even thank you.

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