MathML Test Suite

Version: March 2010

Table of Contents

0. Introduction

The MathML specification is intended to be used by a wide variety of systems which need to be able to exchange MathML information. This group of tests is there to encourage interoperability by allowing developers to test the features of MathML markup and to see what features others are already successfully supporting. We all need MathML to be implemented correctly and consistently so as to convey scientific and technical information efficiently.

The MathML Test Suites has long remained under development, but now covers all of the language features that will be in the MathML 3 specification. To become a full W3C Recommendation, MathML 3 will show at least two different implementations of each aspect specified. The W3C Math WG solicited both good new tests of MathML conformance in its various application realms and reports of the results of systematic testing of products.

A tabulation of results is being compiled, marked with a scoring system showing how much of MathML 3 has been systematically tested and how far particular implementations comply with the specification as it is (an earlier round can still be seen). There is also a table of results relevant to just the profile for MathML for CSS. There is already a similar document that pertains to MathML 2 results.


Unless otherwise stated, all tests are copyright © W3C and are licensed for use under the W3C Document License. To contribute test cases you will have to grant W3C a license to publish and modify the tests.


The W3C Math working group has developed a format for test suite items. It is described in the test suite documentation. If you want to contribute tests, we advise you to read the authoring guidelines.

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