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What is MathML?

MathML is a low-level specification for mathematical and scientific content on the Web and beyond.

These pages provide you with information on how to learn and use MathML, on available software, and news from the MathML community.

Here is an example of Presentation MathML: a b c d x y = e f and another: ax + by = e cx + dy = f

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XML Entity Definitions REC WD
MathML 2 REC
Units in MathML NOTE
Arabic mathematical notation NOTE
Structured Types in MathML 2.0 NOTE
Bound Variables in MathML NOTE
Revising Current Next
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Unmaintained Current Next
A MathML for CSS Profile REC

MathML3 is an ISO/IEC International Standard


What is MathML teaches you how to create your first equation and to understand the base constructs of MathML.

For a quick intro, try Mozilla's tutorial, Daniel Scully's Beginner's Guide, Ryan Hodson's tutorial, or the Connexions Guide to MathML.

For a thorough resource on all tags and attributes, dive into the excellent documentation at Mozilla and you can also simply check out some pretty examples of MathML.


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Many browsers support MathML and support in math&science applications is ubiquitous. To write MathML, you don't need more than a text editor, but there are many tools available that make it even easier. The MathWG keeps a non-exhaustive list on its public wiki, including browser support, JavaScript polyfills, authoring&conversion tools and more general MathML-enabled software.

Of course, nearly all software has bugs. And some programs are further ahead implementing MathML 3 than others.


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Joining the discussion

The ‘MathML Refresh’ Community Group is collecting ideas and requirements for a possible version 4 of MathML. Interested people are encouraged to join this group.

You can also join the ‘Getting math on Web pages’ Community Group. Its work is to look for gaps in the OWP (i.e., CSS, HTML, SVG, etc.) and propose fixes to improve the display of math in Web pages.

The Math Working Group

The Math Working Group is one of the oldest W3C Working Groups. During its first period of activity (1996–2004), it created and maintained versions 1 and 2 of MathML. During its second period (2006–2016), it created, among other things, MathML version 3 and saw it become an ISO standard.

The Working Group is currently closed. It will re-open when a new revision of MathML (MathML version 4) is needed or another standard related to mathematics on the Web.

Bert Bos, math activity lead
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