HTML 5 Publications

Three documents have been published for HTML 5 by the HTML Working Group.

In addition of these 3 documents, the HTML Working Group has also published a W3C Note on May 30, 2008 about Offline Web Applications. The abstract is quite clear:

HTML 5 contains several features that address the challenge of building Web applications that work while offline. This document highlights these features (SQL, offline application caching APIs as well as online/offline events, status, and the localStorage API) from HTML 5 and provides brief tutorials on how these features might be used to create Web applications that work offline.

If you had any particular questions about these documents, just leave a comment here. If you want to comment on the technologies, send a comment to the appropriate mailing-list public-html-comments@w3.org.

2 thoughts on “HTML 5 Publications

  1. Hello,

    I would like to ask a question.

    In the HTML 5 specification I’ve seen that many new properties will take the values of true/false.

    What I’m missing there is an update for the old properties (for example option tag’s selected property that takes “selected” as its value) to take true/false values as well.

    Did I miss it in the specification, or is there a reason that it’s not there ?

    Thanks in advance, Itay

    1. HTML 5 is meant to not break previous implementations for tags which are already largely deployed and implemented. The previous tags keep their attributes/values.

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